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K had finally collected enough useful information at 6 pm that afternoon, and he immediately emailed Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was about to have dinner with the members of Qin Zixuns family, but they all stopped to read the email first.

Qin Haozhi had the file folder in his office, but he didnt open it.

However, even though he didnt open it, he still kept it in his office.

Unfortunately, they couldnt see Qin Haozhi right now, because he was under the control of the police.

Only he knew who gave the file folder to him.

When Gu Ning found out that Shen Guangli had something to do with this case, she had a feeling that Shen Guangli must be aware of the file folder.

If the file folder was given to Qin Haozhi by Shen Guangli, it was understandable that Qin Haozhi didnt open it at all.

He trusted Shen Guangli and it was Shen Guanglis stuff after all.

However, to his astonishment, Shen Guangli framed him.

Gu Ning was right.

K indeed saw that Shen Guangli told someone to give the file folder to Qin Haozhi in the surveillance videos.

Other than that, Shen Guanglis wife had several houses under her name, but neither Shen Guangli nor his wife were able to afford so many houses.

In addition, Shen Guanglis wife also bought her younger brother a house and a car.

It was obviously a bribe.

While there were other possibilities, it was highly likely that Shen Guangli and his wife had accepted bribes.

“Shen Guangli is a corrupt official himself! How dare he try to frame Haozhi Isnt he afraid that hell get in trouble” Qin Haozheng said.

Normally, common workers in a government agency couldnt afford a luxurious life, so they all believed that Shen Guangli and his wife must have accepted bribes.

They knew Shen Guanglis family very well, and his family wasnt rich.

Qin Haozhis family was angry at Shen Guangli now.

Although it was dangerous to be involved in politics, Qin Haozhi was an upright official.

He was innocent and he hated bribery and corruption the most.

Since Qin Haozhi was innocent, his family felt furious and hated Shen Guangli more than ever.

“I dont think hell succeed this time,” Qin Yifan said.

As long as they had clear evidence in their hands, it wouldnt be difficult for them to punish Shen Guangli.

“We must teach him an unforgettable lesson!” Qin Zixun clenched his teeth.

He actually hoped that Shen Guangli could be killed.

It might sound evil, but Qin Zixun wasnt weak at all.

His father could be put in jail because of being framed, so it was impossible for him to be kind to their enemies.

Shen Guangli was a corrupt worker in the government agency after all, and he should be punished according to the law.

Besides, there was other fatal evidence about Shen Guanglis crimes.

He paid for sex, and even took many photos of himself with different prostitutes.

With the above evidence, Shen Guangli was doomed to be thrown in jail.

When they saw those erotic photos, everyone felt embarrassed, especially Qin Yifans and Qin Zixuns mother.

Qin Zixuns mother pulled him away at once, because she thought that he was too young for it.

Gu Ning, however, was too mature to be regarded as a kid in their eyes.

Those erotic photos were critical evidence, so they had to look through them.

Luckily, they soon finished looking at them.

After that, they saw the surveillance video of Shen Guangli and a senior official of a certain province walking together into a clubhouse.

Qin Haozheng was greatly surprised when he saw the senior officials face.

“Its him!”

Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Qin Haozheng.

Qin Yifan asked him, “Father, who is he”

“Hes Zhao Hongwen, the deputy mayor of City G,” Qin Haozheng said and put on a serious expression.

“Master Qin, is there a grudge between Uncle Qin and Zhao Hongwen” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Ning called Qin Haozheng Master Qin and Qin Haozheng Uncle Qin, because there was an age gap between them.

Qin Haozheng was already in his sixties, but Qin Haozhi was only in his early forties.

Qin Haozheng knew it was unlikely to keep it a secret now, so he said, “Well, Haozhi indeed has a long-standing grudge against Zhao Hongwen.

Zhao Hongwen used to be an official in City F, and he never got along with Haozhi.

About three years ago, they competed against each other for the position of the secretary-general.

In order to get that position, Zhao Hongwen schemed against Haozhi but it was exposed later, so he had to quit.

However, because he had powerful support behind his back, he was later transferred to another city and became the deputy mayor last year.

It has been years, and we thought it was an old story, but… I think Zhao Hongwen must have a big effect on this case.

I dont believe that Shen Guangli is able to frame Haozhi alone.

Shen Guanglis transfer was probably a part of their scheme.”

Gu Ning nodded, and agreed with Qin Haozheng.

Shen Guangli must have been arranged by Zhao Hongwen to frame Qin Haozhi.

“It must be Zhao Hongwens idea!” Qin Yifan said with determination.

They couldnt think of another person!

Qin Haozhi had many other enemies in politics, because he was an upright official, which wasnt common.

However, all the evidence they had collected pointed to Shen Guangli, and Shen Guangli was Zhao Hongwens man.

Zhao Hongwen never liked Qin Haozhi, so he was very likely to be the mastermind!


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