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If Qin Haozhi was really guilty, she would be punished as well if she got involved in this crime.

Anyway, Gu Ning tended to believe that the Qin family was innocent.

Since Gu Ning agreed to help, the Qin family was cheered up.

They knew that Gu Ning was kind and helpful, but they didnt feel relieved until they heard her actually saying that she would help.

At the same time, they understood Gu Nings thoughts, and they also believed that Qin Haozhi was innocent.

“If the file holder showed up in the drawer, someone must have put it inside.

If the person isnt Uncle Qin, then it must be someone else.

Cant we check the surveillance cameras” Gu Ning asked.

“My uncles secretary took it on behalf of him and put it into his office.

It was my uncles order, but I dont think he knew what was in the folder,” Qin Yifan said.

It became tricky when Qin Haozhi had indeed taken the file holder.

“Whats the name of Uncle Qins secretary” Gu Ning asked.

Since Qin Haozhis secretary had touched the file holder, he could be a suspect.

If Qin Haozhi didnt know what was in the file folder, his secretary could be aware of it.

“Zhou Yang,” Qin Yifan said.

After knowing the basic details, Gu Ning walked away to call K.

There was nothing Gu Ning needed to hide from K, so she told him everything about Qin Haozhi in order to help him find the truth.

Nobody knew the exact time that Qin Haozhi had supposedly taken the bribes, but Qin Yifan said it could be three days ago.

Because many people were involved in this case, it would take some time to find out the truth.

Luckily, K had a team himself, and there were about five people in his team, so it wouldnt take him much time.

Before K got any useful information, Gu Ning stayed in the Qin familys house, waiting for his reply.

During this time, Gu Ning asked the members of the Qin family about recent visitors.

“One of Haozhis friends came to see him five days ago,” Qin Zixuns mother said.

“Whats his relationship with Uncle Qin” Gu Ning asked again.

“He was Haozhis schoolmate in college, and his name is Shen Guangli.

Hes the deputy director of the National Railway Administration and was transferred here from another city not too long ago,” Qin Zixuns mother said.

“Did he stay in the living room the entire time” Gu Ning asked.

It was obvious that she was suspicious of Shen Guangli.

Anyone who had recently visited Qin Haozhi could be guilty.

Hearing that, the Qin family understood Gu Nings meaning at once.

They didnt think of that before, but now began to think that Qin Haozhis friend might be guilty.

“They went to talk about something in the study,” Qin Zixuns mother said in a serious tone.

“Great, I think we should look around in the study.

After all, one can never be too careful,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem!” Qin Zixuns mother agreed right away.

After that, Gu Ning, Qin Zixuns mother, and Qin Yifan went to Qin Haozhis study, while the others waited in the living room.

Once they walked into Qin Haozhis study, they started to search every corner to see whether there was anything hidden somewhere.

Gu Ning didnt miss the safe, but she used her Jade Eyes so the others didnt know what she was doing.

When Gu NIng used her Jade Eyes to see what was in the safe, she found something strange.

It was a wooden box the size of a tablet.

Its height was about 10 centimeters, and it had two layers.

There were three gold bars placed on the first layer, but an ownership certificate, a key, and a check for two hundred thousand yuan were put on the second layer.

The Qin family was very rich, so it wasnt strange that it had gold bars.

It was also normal if Qin Zixuns father bought a house for him, but why did he put them in such a secret place

When they were searching in those drawers, she saw the ownership certificate of Qin Zixuns family.

Besides, Qin Zixuns name was also left on the check, and the date showed it happened about a month ago.

Gu Ning felt like it was very abnormal.

Was it possible that Qin Haozhi was really guilty of accepting bribes


Qin, do you have the key to this safe May I have a look inside” Gu Ning turned to ask Qin Zixuns mother.

“Sure.” Mrs.

Qin nodded and opened the safe at once.

“Would you please take the box out” Gu Ning said again.

“No problem,” Mrs.

Qin said and took the box out, then put it on the table.

“Do you have a key” Gu Ning asked, because the box was locked.

“Im sorry I dont, because the key is in Zixuns fathers hands,” Mrs.

Qin said.

“If you dont mind, I can directly break it open,” Gu Ning said.

The things inside were very important, so she had to open it.


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