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“Glad to know.” Gu Ning smiled.

“Oh, but if you encounter any trouble, dont hesitate to tell me, alright You have my support.”

Yu Mixi wasnt only her employee, but was also her close friend, and she was going to protect Yu Mixi if anyone dared to bully her.

“I understand.” Yu Mixi nodded, but she wouldnt turn to Gu Ning for help at any time if it wasnt necessary.

She understood that competition was everywhere, and she needed to get used to it.

In addition, she still needed to go to find a job on her own after she graduated from college without Gu Nings help.

So it wasnt a bad thing for her to confront difficulties in advance.

Nobody knew that Yu Mixi was able to work as an intern in Shenghua Real Estate because it was owned by Gu Ning.

The others all believed that Gu Ning must have a close relationship with An Yis father.

Actually, An Yi felt a little uneasy when he got along with Gu Ning right now, because Gu Ning and his father were friends in business.

When the dishes were finally placed on the table, they began to enjoy it with some wine.

They decided to have fun together till 12 am and wouldnt separate until they saw their scores.

Therefore, they went to have a walk after dinner, and decided to go to Dihao Clubhouse later.

After dinner, many people were enjoying themselves in the park, and it was full of activity.

However, accidents always happened where a lot of people gathered.

And shortly after Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the park, an accident happened.

Although there were many people on the square, there were only a few people walking by the lanes in the woods.

So because Gu Ning and her friends didnt want to be bothered by the crowd, they went to have a walk in the woods.

After which, they saw several hoodlums sexually harassing a woman.

Even though they didnt touch her, they were quite annoying, and the woman was angry, but she didnt dare to annoy them.

She only shouted that she would call the police.

Unfortunately, the bunch of hoodlums didnt care about it at all, and kept on harassing her.

“Dont do that! We wont eat you alive.”

“Leave me alone!” The woman almost cried from the fear.

She regretted walking alone today.

If she hadnt done that, she wouldnt have run into those hoodlums.

She felt helpless now.

In fact, some people around them witnessed the scene, but nobody stepped out to help her.

The woman understood that not everyone was kind and many onlookers were indifferent.

“Come on, lets have fun together.”

“Were not bad people; you should trust us.”


“Boss…” Hao Ran and the other boys were mad.

They wanted to take action, but asked for Gu Nings opinion first.

“Go ahead.

You can deal with it,” Gu Ning said, then sat down with other girls.

“Sure!” Once Gu Ning agreed, those boys walked towards the bunch of hoodlums.

“I thought you would go with them.” Gu Ning looked to Chu Peihan, because Chu Peihan was always excited about fights.

“Why” Chu Peihan laughed.

“Theyre simply a bunch of hoodlums, so I wont bother to fight with them.”

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing.

She agreed with Chu Peihan.

When Hao Ran and the other boys walked over, they shouted, “Hey, you, real men dont harass women.

I dare you to bully us!”

Hao Ran looked arrogant, because he disdained hoodlums.

In fact, they could easily beat them up.

The woman got excited when Hao Ran stepped out, and she hoped that they could rescue her, while those hoodlums were mad that they were interrupted.

One of them said, “Youre just a bunch of kids.

Stay away!”

Because Hao Ran and the other boys were very young, the bunch of hoodlums didnt take them seriously.

“Youre just cowards!” Hao Ran challenged them again.

The bunch of hoodlums were furious.

“Beat them!”

Without delay, four of them ran to Hao Ran and the other boys.

Although An Yi was comparatively weaker, the other boys were good and experienced at fighting, so they beat those hoodlums up within seconds.

The bunch of hoodlums were frightened and begged Hao Ran to let them go.

“Please let us go.

We wont do it again.”

“We wont do it again, please.”

To their surprise, these young boys were much stronger than them.

“Disappear, now!” Hao Ran said.

Hao Ran and the boys didnt injure them seriously, and they only had external injuries, so those hoodlums escaped at once.

“Thank you so much for your help!” The woman thanked Hao Ran when those hoodlums were gone.

“Youre welcome, and you should go back home now.

Its not safe for a woman to stay outside alone at night,” Mu Ke said.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” The woman still thanked them several times before she left.

When the woman walked away, Hao Ran and the other boys went back to Gu Ning.

“Just a bunch of hoodlums, and we beat them up within seconds!” Hao Ran sneered with disdain.

They often used to fight in their school, but they hadnt fought for a long time now.

They grew up over time, and they wouldnt cause others trouble when it wasnt necessary.

“Why dont you fight against each other if you want to enjoy it” Gu Ning joked.


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