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Gu Ning, however, was different from other students because she was too outstanding so she could make the decision on her own.

Nevertheless, it would be the last time that she was able to see her classmates, so she decided to meet with them the next day.

She wouldnt forget her classmates even though she was very successful.

Before Gu Ning came back to City F, she told Hao Ran and her other friends the news.

So after she arrived at City F, she directly went to meet them at the appointed restaurant.

At 5:30 pm, she arrived and her friends were all present.

Mu Ke, Hao Ran, Chu Peihan, Yu Mixi, Su Anya, An Yi, and Zhang Tianping were all waiting for her, but they didnt begin to order the dishes until Gu Ning came, because it was still early.

Before the dishes were placed on the table, they chatted with each other casually.

“The scores will be out at 12 am, and Im so nervous right now,” Su Anya said.

Although she was an excellent student, she wanted to major in law, which had a high score requirement.

Actually, her family wanted her to study abroad, but she convinced them to listen to her, so she had the absolute right to choose now.

“Im nervous too!” Yu Mixi agreed.

She was determined to study in the capital.

She knew that she wouldnt be accepted into the Capital University, but she made up her mind to follow Gu Ning.

Even if she couldnt get into a prestigious college, she could study in a qualified university at least.

“I dont care about it at all,” Chu Peihan said, because she was going to study acting.

“Of course you dont! Youre good at studying, and the major you chose doesnt have a high requirement for your scores,” Hao Ran said.

“I think we dont need to expect to be enrolled in good colleges.

As long as there is a school which wants us, were fine.”

Hao Ran gave a glance to Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping.

In fact, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun were smart boys too, but they spent little time and energy on studying.

Luckily, they met Gu Ning last semester, so it wouldnt be a problem for them to get into a university.

Mu Ke was an excellent student, so he could definitely get into a good university.

In addition, he already had the idea to study in the same university as Yu Mixi.

Shortly after the National College Entrance Examination was over, he confessed his love to Yu Mixi without anyone else knowing.

Yu Mixi hadnt known that Mu Ke liked her too, so she was surprised and felt excited.

However, she hesitated to accept him at the same time, because she wasnt sure where Mu Ke was going to study in the future.

She didnt want to have a long-distance relationship, but she didnt want to force Mu Ke to go to the capital with her.

Besides, even though they liked each other, neither of them knew what would happen in the future.

She definitely wanted a good result, but she was afraid of possible difficulties ahead of them.

Mu Ke understood her feelings very well, so he directly told Yu Mixi that he would follow her to the capital.

Since Mu Ke decided to study in the capital as well, Yu Mixi thought that there wouldnt be any serious problems.

Yu Mixi said that she would consider it, and that she would give him her answer when their scores were out.

Although they werent boyfriend and girlfriend yet, they sometimes hung out together and maintained a close relationship with each other.

Because Yu Mixi was an intern in Shenghua Real Estate now, and was busy during the week, they mostly met each other on weekends.

Their friends werent aware of it, because Yu Mixi hadnt made her decision yet.

Hao Ran and An Yi were destined to inherit their families business, so they chose to major in management like Gu Ning.

And if no accidents happened, they would study in the capital city, City G, in Province G.

City G was a first-tier city after all, and wasnt a bad choice.

Qin Zixun would major in politics because he was going to serve in the government, and would stay in City G too.

Zhang Tianping, Hao Ran, and Qin Zixun always had fun together, and they were close brothers for years.

As a result, Zhang Tianping would go where Hao Ran and Qin Zixun went to study.

After talking about scores, Gu Ning asked Yu Mixi, “Mixi, hows your internship in Shenghua Real Estate Are you used to it Is there anyone who treats you unkindly”

“It took me some time to get used to it, because its my first internship, but I feel much better now.

Nobody treats me unkindly, and theyre very friendly to me,” Yu Mixi said.

Actually, some staff members bullied Yu Mixi once in a while at the very beginning, because they thought that she was a newcomer.

It wasnt uncommon that old staff members bullied newcomers in a company.

Luckily, the bullying wasnt serious, and they simply told her to help them print things and buy coffee.

The financial manager noticed and criticized them.

He told them that Yu Mixi was only an intern, not a newcomer.

In that case, it couldnt be simple.

Ordinary people couldnt get an internship in the finance department, because it was a very important department in a company, especially a big company.

Therefore, everyone began to believe that Yu Mixi must have powerful support, and nobody dared to take advantage of her afterwards.

They also tried to find out who recommended Yu Mixi to work there, but Yu Mixi didnt tell them.

They were afraid to annoy the person supporting Yu Mixi, so they changed their attitude towards her.

It was an unspoken rule in the workplace that nobody wanted to offend a person of power.


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