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Luckily, they didnt suffer any loss, and it was just a warning.

Windwheel Technology felt more scared than relieved.

It was obvious that High-speed Tech was at a higher level than Windwheel Technology.

During lunch, Gu Ning received a call from Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng.

Both of them shared a piece of exciting news with her that Gu Man was pregnant.

Gu Ning was also thrilled and decided to go see Gu Man right away.

She booked a ticket on the earliest flight and went back to City B without Gao Yi and Qiao Ya coming with her this time.

The plane would take off at 1: 50 pm, and she could arrive at City B at 3 pm.

Gu Ning didnt tell anyone to pick her up, and instead took a taxi heading straight to the Tang familys house.

It was already past 4 pm when she showed up.

Gu Man felt a little uncomfortable when she got up that morning, so she didnt go to work in her beauty salon.

She had a poor appetite at noon, and didnt eat much at lunch, so she went back to her room for a rest.

However, she suddenly passed out when she walked upstairs, which frightened everyone else in the Tang family.

Their family doctor came right away and gave Gu Man a check up.

And when the result was out, the Tang family was excited, because it turned out that Gu Man was pregnant.

Master Tang called Tang Yunfan at once, and Tang Yunfan canceled his meetings without hesitation and hurried back home.

Quan Mingkai drove the car, while Tang Yunfan called Gu Ning on his way.

Gu Man woke up soon after she lost consciousness for a short while, so she heard the good news as well.

She was excited, happy, and felt slightly embarrassed, because she wasnt young after all.

The Tang family cherished Gu Man very much, and she had become the most important figure now that everyone found out that she had a baby in her belly.

She definitely wouldnt work in the beauty salon any longer, so Tang Yunfan arranged for someone else to manage it.

Gu Man actually didnt mind working during her pregnancy.

This wasnt the first time that she had been pregnant, and she wasnt a weak woman after all, but the Tang family insisted, so she agreed.

The Tang family wouldnt allow Gu Man to do whatever she wanted until she had safely passed the first three months.

Luckly, the Tang familys house was very large and had a big garden, which was enough for Gu Man to take a walk in if she liked.

Tang Yunrong and her husband came to visit Gu Man once they heard the news, and although the Tang family didnt lack anything, they still came with many gifts.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, came with empty hands, because she was Gu Mans daughter and she didnt know what a pregnant woman needed.

The Tang family would hire an experienced nurse to take good care of Gu Man, and Gu Man could get whatever she wanted in the Tang family.

Only in a rich family could a pregnant woman be treated so well, because pregnant women in ordinary families had to work as usual.

With the help of Gu Nings pills, Gu Mans body was in a much better condition than before, so it wouldnt be very difficult for her to have a second pregnancy.

Ever since Gu Man and Gu Ning had joined the Tang family, the Tang family was filled with happiness and laughter, which seldom happened before.

Gu Ning stayed in the Tang family for three days before she went back to City F to see her scores from the National College Entrance Examination.

“Well, youre not a little girl anymore, and you have your own ideas.

There are many good universities in City B as well, but you still want to go to study in the capital.

Shaoting is more attractive than us!” Tang Haifeng complained and seemed sad.

Gu Ning was amused.

“Grandpa, Ive always wanted to go study in the capital, it has nothing to do with Shaoting.”

In fact, she was determined to take revenge the moment she was reincarnated, so she was sure that she was going to study in the capital.

When Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxins wedding began, her revenge would also start.

“I dont think so,” Tang Haifeng said.

However, he was just kidding, because Gu Ning had told him that she wanted to study in the Capital University when they first met each other in City Teng.

Therefore, Tang Haifeng only felt sad that he couldnt see Gu Ning as often in the future.

Gu Ning understood his worries and said with a smile, “Grandpa, dont worry, Ill visit you when Im free.”

“Really I dont see you often these days.

Could you make sure that you can visit me once youre free in the future” Tang Haifeng said.

“Im just busy dealing with my business now!” Gu Ning argued.

“Youre too ambitious at such a young age!” Tang Haifeng said.

Although Gu Ning was the pride of the Tang family, Tang Haifeng still hoped that she could live a happy life with less pressure.

After that, Tang Haifeng arranged for a chauffeur to drive Gu Ning to the airport.

Gu Ning arrived at City F at 5 pm.

The scores would be released at 12 am that night, then she could begin to apply for her dream university.

She could do it on the Internet, but the school hoped that they would make their decisions after they had a meeting the next day.

Some students didnt know which university they should apply for, and needed their teachers advice.


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