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There were no players who could defeat Gu Ning in the game, so she won all the time.

Battle in the Sky was becoming more and more attractive now, and many players left positive comments on it.

Although not everyone liked it, it still became the most popular online game within a short time.

This caused many game developers to become jealous of High-speed Tech, and some of them began to scheme against it.

There were many online games nowadays, but only a few of them could gain popularity, and most of them would be replaced and ignored after several years.

Players had too many choices and they always wanted to try something new.

Accordingly, Battle in the Sky stole many players away from other online games.

Because the number of people who played games stayed stable, the competition among online games was cruel.

Some other popular online games might not mind it, because they still had a lot of loyal fans, but it was terrible news for those online games which struggled to gain attention from the players.

They didnt have loyal fans, so they were easily abandoned by the players.

Business was like a battlefield without smoke.

Commercial competition referred to the process in which commodity operators with independent economic interests competed with each other in order to obtain more market shares and higher economic benefits.

The company brand was the core element of commercial competition.

The main content of commercial competition: 1.

Product competition.


Competition for business elements.


Service competition.


Price competition.

These were all normal business competitions, and most businesses competed with each other legally.

On the other hand, abnormal commercial competition was the use of unfair competition methods, such as: 1.

Using counterfeiting to engage in market transactions and damaging competitors; 2.

Commercial bribery.


Misleading and false propaganda.


Acts that infringe on trade secrets.


Operators selling goods at prices below cost for the purpose of squeezing out competitors.


Conditional transactions.


Acts of rewarding sales that violated regulations.


Damage to the reputation of competitors.


Acts of unfair competition in bidding.


Acts of compulsory transactions by public companies or other operators who had a monopoly in accordance with the law.


Acts of the government and its subordinate departments abusing administrative power to restrict competition.

Abnormal commercial competition was definitely illegal, and as long as there was clear evidence, businesses which were involved in it would be punished according to the law.

If it wasnt serious, they only needed to pay a fine or compensation.

However, when it was serious, they could be sentenced to years in jail or even to death.

The richer a businessman was, the more he was afraid to be involved in trouble, because he could lose everything once he got in trouble.

Accordingly, smart businessmen were unwilling to compete illegally, unless they were confident that they would be safe.

However, some businessmen were good at making money, but didnt have moral standards.

After all, there were all kinds of men in this world.

Some were reasonable, while some werent.

Some had a good temper, while some had a bad temper.

Anyway, different businessmen had different ways of running their businesses.

For example, Battle in the Sky became the most popular online game, and the majority of other game developers were jealous of it.

Most of them were thinking to compete legally, a few of them directly gave up competing because they knew they couldnt win, while several of them decided to try to compete illegally.

Actually, if every businessman competed with his opponents illegally, the global business would be in chaos.

It wasnt easy to compete illegally either, and it was very complicated in reality.

Tianhe Technology used to have the idea of playing a dirty trick to defeat High-speed Tech, but it didnt think it could win, so it gave up in the end.

However, although Tianhe Technology gave up, there was another game company which tried to scheme against High-speed Tech.

It was Windwheel Technology

Windwheel Technology told a hacker to hack into the computer system of High-speed Tech, to try to destroy the programming of Battle in the Sky.

It was necessary to protect and maintain the system after a game was released.

Nobody wanted the game to have a problem when a considerable amount of game players were enjoying it.

The hacker of Windwheel Technology was very skillful, but he was still no match for K and his friends.

K and his friends were top hackers in the world after all.

With the help of Ks team, the computer system of the Shengning Organization had the strictest security in their country.

Even if a hacker might be able to hack into their computer system, K and his friends would soon find out.

Therefore, K found out that the hacker was from Windwheel Technology once he detected something abnormal.

Without hesitation, K installed a minor virus to Windwheel Technologys computer system, which made it useless for a whole hour.

K even left lines of words on the screens of their computers to warn them not to be so stupid.

All the staff of Windwheel Technology was scared and didnt dare to attack High-speed Tech again.

Although it was only a minor virus, they couldnt do anything to remove the warning off the screens of their computers.


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