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Gu Ning didnt think much about it.

They were Gu Nings subordinates in the company, but they were friends out of the company.

Gu Ning drove them back to where they lived, but they didnt live in a good environment and it was far from the city center.

Luckily, they were about to leave, so Gu Ning said nothing about it.

She told them to rest for three days at home.

During this time, Peng Xinghao could properly prepare his designs for the interview in Gu Nings company.

Her garment company was in City B, so they needed to fly to City B.

Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao agreed, because it wasnt bad for them to live in a new city and new environment.

However, Peng Xiaoman was a little reluctant to leave Zhou Weifan.

She knew that Zhou Weifan didnt have special feelings towards her, and she thought that she might gradually forget him after moving to another city.

Zhou Weifan wasnt aware that Peng Xiaoman liked him, but he somehow felt that something was missing when he heard the news that they were leaving for City B.

Nevertheless, he didnt know what was missing.

Since Peng Xinghao left the hospital, he had fulfilled his task, and whether they stayed in the capital or left for City B had nothing to do with him.

After making the arrangements, Gu Ning went back to her company with Zhou Weifan.

Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao watched them leaving, and Peng Xiaoman looked sad.

“Xiaoman, if you really like him, you can just tell him,” Peng Xinghao said.

“Nonsense!” Peng Xiaoman felt embarrassed and snapped at him.

“Youre my older sister, and I know you very well.

I can see that you like him.” Peng Xinghao frowned with dissatisfaction.

He disliked it when his older sister chose to carry everything on her own shoulders.

He wasnt a kid anymore, and he could help her if she needed.

Although his older sister didnt have a high-degree academic certificate, she was far more sophisticated than him.

Because of him, his older sister had remained single for 28 years.

Since he graduated from college now and he didnt need to rely on his older sister to live his life, he hoped that she could live her own life and be happy.

He knew that he had always been a burden to his older sister, so he felt guilty and studied very hard, hoping to protect her in the future.

“How should I tell him I dont think he likes me back,” Peng Xiaoman said with a wry smile.

She had a traditional view of romantic relationships, and thought that the man should take action to chase the woman.

“Why cant you tell him and chase him first Its different from the past now.

Its not a big deal!” Peng Xinghao expected better from his older sister.

What he said was true, but Peng Xiaoman still hesitated before she was sure that Zhou Weifan also had a good impression of her.

“Alright, its my own business; you should mind your work now,” Peng Xiaoman said and left.

“You…” Peng Xinghao was annoyed, but he couldnt force his older sister.

Anyway, it was their own personal affair.

Maybe they could be together one day in the future!

The next day, Gu Ning didnt go to her company in the morning, and she received Li Maosongs call at 9 am.

Every time she received a call from him, she subconsciously thought that he might have found another ancient grave, even though Li Maosong already quit grave-digging and was now working in the crew of An Empress of Military Blood.

Actually, Gu Ning had the right feeling, because Li Maosong called her because of something very strange.

They were filming at Phoenix Mountain last night, but some strange things happened.

Hearing Phoenix Mountain, Gu Ning got nervous, because it was where the man of the Evil Practice fell from the cliff.

Was it possible that the man wasnt dead

Gu Ning was confused, but she didnt interrupt Li Maosong.

Li Maosong continued, “We heard crows mooing once in a while, which was quite scary, and you know its a sign of misfortune in our history.

Although we dont believe in that nowadays, I still felt like it wasnt right.

After that, someone shouted in fear that she saw a black figure flashing by.

More and more people were getting terrified when the wild animals began to make all kinds of sounds too, so we ended the filming and went back to the capital.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was sure that there must be a problem, and it was highly likely that the black figure was the man of the Evil Practice.

Although it had been a few days since he fell from the cliff, it was possible that he didnt wake up until last night.

Gu Ning asked, “How many scenes are left to be shot”

“We stayed there for three days.

If those strange things hadnt happened last night, all the scenes might have been finished.

Were thinking about whether we should continue at the same place or shoot again from the beginning at another place,” Li Maosong said.

Filming was difficult work, and Li Maosong had experienced it for himself recently.


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