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After that, the doctor took Zeng Kais mother away to deal with her wounds.

Zhou Weifan immediately let Gu Ning know about what had happened.

Gu Ning told Zhou Weifan to deal with it first.

If he couldnt handle it, he could turn to her for help later.

Besides, given what had happened, they had to change wards and Gu Ning told the receptionist to keep it a secret from other people.

If their friends came to visit them, they would contact them in private.

After that, Zhou Weifan told Peng Xinghaos doctor that they needed to move to another ward.

The doctor didnt know anything about Gu Nings background, but he knew that she wasnt simple.

He was also respectful because of her unbelievable medicine, so he agreed with alacrity.

However, he needed to check whether there were more available wards in the hospital.

Before long, he came back and told Zhou Weifan that only VIP wards were available now.

It cost much to stay in a VIP ward, but Peng Xiaoman accepted it without hesitation, because they had enough money to afford it.

In addition, Peng Xinghao would leave the hospital in a few days.

About half an hour later, the police arrived.

After hearing the whole story, the police made the judgment that Zhou Weifan was defending himself, which was legal so he wouldnt be punished.

The police didnt side with Zeng Kais mother this time, because they knew that there was a more important figure behind Peng Xinghao.

It wasnt a secret that the Zeng family failed to help Zeng Kai out after the case went public.

Zeng Lichang had no intention to sue Zhou Weifan either, because he knew that it was his stupid wifes fault.

Besides, he was aware that there was a more influential figure behind Peng Xinghao, so he didnt dare to mess with them.

Therefore, they had to accept the result.

Although he was reluctant to see his wife disfigured, his wife asked for it after all.

The problem was easily solved, and Peng Xinghao was moved to another ward.

He had almost made a full recovery now, but still needed to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Peng Xiaoman repeatedly thanked Zhou Weifan.


Zhou, I honestly dont know how to thank you.

Youve saved our lives!” She was scared in retrospect.

“My pleasure, its my job,” Zhou Weifan said.

“I know, but its the undeniable truth that youve rescued us,” Peng Xiaoman said with sincerity.

Zhou Weifan felt a little shy under her look, then remained silent.

“Well, I wish I had a brother-in-law like you,” Peng Xinghao sighed all of a sudden.

Peng Xiaoman flushed at once.

“Xinghao, dont say that!”

In fact, it was very normal for Peng Xinghao to say something like that, but Peng Xiaoman felt shy.

“What Why cant I say that I do wish that I can have such a strong, reliable brother-in-law like Weifan,” Peng Xinghao said, feeling aggrieved.

In fact, he said it on purpose too.

As Peng Xiaomans younger brother, he could see the change of Peng Xiaomans attitude towards Zhou Weifan.

He often chatted with Zhou Weifan, and he knew that Zhou Weifan was single.

In that case, if Zhou Weifan also liked Peng Xiaoman, he wouldnt mind setting them up and have Zhou Weifan as his brother-in-law.

Zhou Weifan and Peng Xiaoman looked like they would be a great couple from their appearances.

As for their personalities, he thought that Zhou Weifan was a good man after getting along with him these days.

Although his older sister didnt have a high-degree academic certificate, she would be a very good wife and mother.

Peng Xinghao wasnt aware of Zhou Weifans economic condition, but it didnt matter as long as Zhou Weifan and his older sister liked each other.

Nevertheless, that was only Peng Xinghaos idea, and he wasnt sure whether Zhou Weifan liked his older sister.

If Zhou Weifan didnt think his older sister was a good choice, he couldnt do anything about it.

“You…” Peng Xiaoman flushed red, but didnt know what to say now.

As a result, she turned around and ignored him.

Zhou Weifan was a professional killer, and he knew nothing about love or romance, so he couldnt tell the difference between how Peng Xiaoman looked at him and how other people did, so he didnt understand why Peng Xinghao said that either.

Zeng Kais mother was admitted to the hospital as well, and given the Zeng familys wealth, she undoubtedly stayed in a VIP ward.

Zeng Lichang was very angry at what she had done, but he couldnt criticize her right now because she was seriously injured.

Besides, her face was burned and disfigured, so he was unwilling to even look at her.

After making arrangements for his wife, Zeng Lichang left without hesitation.


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