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Leng Yuanjin felt happy for Leng Shaoting when she heard that Gu Ning loved him deeply.

Everyone enjoyed the meal in harmony.

After finishing the meal, Leng Yuanjin and Yu Yin left together.

Before they left, they asked Leng Shaoting whether he wanted to go back to the Leng familys house with them, but he declined.

He needed to go back to work tomorrow, so they didnt insist.

Tomorrow was Monday, and Leng Shaoting had to go back to the military base, so he wanted to spend more time with Gu Ning.

Later Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to the hospital to visit Peng Xinghao.

Because Peng Xinghao would get the compensation today, she needed to go with his lawyer to deal with it.

Although they could handle it tomorrow, Gu Ning was unwilling to postpone it since they could deal with it right now.

The lawyer told Gu Ning the result, but Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao werent aware of it yet, so Gu Ning planned to tell them when she went to visit Peng Xinghao today.

Because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were closer to the hospital, the lawyer was still absent when they arrived.

Once they arived, Gu Ning told Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao the result of the case.

After hearing about the punishment imposed on Zeng Kai, they were both excited.

Finally, the bad people were punished.

As for the compensation, Peng Xiaoman didnt know whether they should take it.

Without Gu Nings help, they wouldnt have a cent, so it was Gu Nings effort that allowed them to get such a huge amount of money.

However, Peng Xinghao was indeed seriously injured by Zeng Kai, so it was reasonable for them to accept the money.

Gu Ning understood Peng Xiaomans feelings, but she already had an idea.

“I paid two hundred thousand yuan for Peng Xinghaos medical and surgery fee, so Ill deduct it from the compensation, and the rest should be yours.”

“If youre still willing to work for me, I can give you a chance to choose again.

If you work for me, you can have the same benefits as every other staff member, but Ill deduct your salary, three hundred thousand yuan, from the compensation.

Therefore, Ill take away five hundred thousand yuan in all.”

Gu Ning said that to see whether they had changed their mind, and also to give them a second chance to make a choice.

If they regretted it, she wouldnt force them to work for her, but she would be angry, because they kicked her to the curb when she outlived her usefulness.

However, she wouldnt do anything to hurt them either, and would only take three hundred thousand yuan from their compensation as remuneration.

It was also a great chance for her to select loyal workers.

Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao understood what Gu Ning meant, and they showed their attitude right away.

“Miss Gu, we wont change our mind, and well never regret it.

In fact, were honored to work for you.”

“Right, Miss Gu, even if you take away all the compensation, we wont complain about it at all.

We are clearly aware of your kindness and help.”

Peng Xinghao had survived because of Gu Nings help.

As long as he was alive, he was able to make enough money for himself.

“Great, Ill make some arrangements for you.

If you have your dream jobs, you can fight for them, otherwise youll obey my orders,” Gu Ning said.

She was very satisfied with their response.

“Sure.” Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao agreed.

A while later, the lawyer came to deal with the compensation and transferred a large amount of money to Peng Xiaoman.

“Alright, we can talk about other things when Peng Xinghao has made a full recovery.

Zhou Weifan will stay here for a few more days in case the Zeng family causes you trouble,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” they said.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

Gu Ning had that worry for a reason, because Zeng Kais mother came to take revenge on Peng Xinghao at 10 pm that night.

She couldnt accept the result that her only son would be in jail for a few years, so she lost her reason.

Once she arrived outside of Peng Xinghaos ward, she knocked on its door and Zhou Weifan opened it.

Without hesitation, she threw a bottle of sulfuric acid at Zhou Weifan.

Actually, Zhou Weifan wasnt her target, but she didnt care about that now.

Zhou Weifan was startled and avoided it right away, but some sulfuric acid fell on the bed and ruined the quilt.

Seeing that, Zhou Weifan realized what was in the bottle and he was furious.

Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao were also frightened, but they moved to the side of the bed at once.

Zeng Kais mother kept cursing them.

“Damn you! Go to hell! Go to hell!”

Zhou Weifan was well-prepared this time, and he wouldnt allow her to throw the sulfuric acid again.

Once she moved, Zhou Weifan grabbed the quilt on the bed to cover the sulfuric acid and her whole body.


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