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However, Tang Qingyang still felt it was a little inappropriate, so he walked into the kitchen and asked Xu Qinyin, “May I help”

“No, thanks, youll only cause trouble here,” Xu Qinyin said.

Tang Qingyang didnt know what to say, because he was actually a good cook.

“Qingyang, dont worry, Qinxin can handle it herself.

Its a piece of cake for her,” Jiang Ruiqin said and pulled Tang Qingyang away.

Since Xu Qinyin didnt need his help, Tang Qingyang followed Jiang Ruiqin back to the living room.

Once in a while, Tang Qingyang would look towards the kitchen, but he didnt know why.

Jiang Ruiqin noticed and asked, “Qingyang, why are you always glancing at the kitchen Do you have a special feeling for Qinyin”

“Nonsense!” Tang Qingyang denied it at once.

“Really” Jiang Ruiqin cocked his eyebrow.

Tang Qingyang didnt know how to explain it, so he directly closed his mouth.

No woman had ever cooked for him before, and Tang Qingyang had a deep impression of Xu Qinyin.

However, Jiang Ruiqin thought that Tang Qingyang stayed silent because he had a guilty conscience.

“To be honest, I think you two would be a perfect couple.

Do you want me to help”

“Could you please stop talking about it There is a huge gap between Qinyin and me.” Tang Qingyang gave Jiang Ruiqin a glare.

Xu Qinyins family was much more influential than his, and he felt inferior to her.

In addition, even if he liked Xu Qinyin, they could only be together if Xu Qinyin also liked him.

Most importantly, he still needed to focus on his revenge.

“Come on, dont say that! I think youre a good quality man,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“Although Qinyins family is indeed more influential than yours, youre very outstanding among your peers.”

Tang Qingyang was a major shareholder of the Tang Organization after all, and he had over a billion yuan in wealth.

Compared with Tang Qingyang, Jiang Ruiqin was much poorer.

“Alright, can we drop this topic” Tang Qingyang said.

“Fine.” Jiang Ruiqin didnt want to embarrass him.

Even though he thought Xu Qinyin and Tang Qingyang would be a perfect couple, it was their personal affair.

After the little argument with Jiang Ruiqin, Tang Qingyang didnt dare to look at the kitchen anymore.

He didnt want Jiang Ruiqin to talk about it when Xu Qinyin walked out later.

Xu Qinyin made five dishes for the four of them.

She also cooked a nutritious soup for Tang Qingyang.

Gu Ning suddenly wanted to have seafood, so she decided to dine outside.

When she arrived at the restaurant, she ran into Baili Zongyang in the hall.

Baili Zongyang came with two of his friends.

“What a coincidence! Nice to see you, Miss Gu,” Baili Zongyang said.

He already had the result of the investigation on Gu Ning, and he was aware of Gu Nings changes before and after the car accident.

About a year ago, Gu Ning used to be a weak and unsociable girl, but she completely changed after the car accident.

It seemed as if there was a different soul in the same body.

Baili Zongyang was a man from the cultivation world, but he didnt believe in reincarnation.

Therefore, Baili Zongyang thought that Gu Ning probably pretended to be weak.

However, Gu Ning became a kung fu master after the car accident too, which was difficult for him to understand the reason for.

He knew nothing about Gu Nings life in the past, so he regarded it as her disguise.

Moreover, Gu Ning was unusually good at stone-gambling, and she started Jade Beauty Jewelry doing it, which was another big question in Baili Zongyangs mind.

He didnt understand why Gu Ning was so excellent at stone-gambling.

Cultivators needed magical power to practice their cultivation, and magical power from jade was one of their energy sources, so they began to learn stone-gambling at a very early age.

He knew stone-gambling wasnt easy at all.

Even a jade expert couldnt get jade every time when stone-gambling.

Baili Zongyang thought that Gu Ning could probably sense the magical power in the jade, but it was only a guess.

As a senior cultivator, Baili Zongyang couldnt sense the magical power in jade.

Therefore, he didnt think it was very likely.


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