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“What The Zeng family The director told us to ignore this case” Zuo Anrong was surprised, then got angry.

“So what Dont forget that youre a policeman!”

The young policeman was scared when Zuo Anrong shouted at him.

“Captain Zuo, if youre not afraid of the director, you can deal with this case yourself, but I wont.” He was only a young policeman, and didnt dare to act against the director.

“I will!” Zuo Anrong said and walked out.

He was afraid of the director as well, but he hated it when the police chose to side with the evil powerful people against the innocent poor people.

It was a common phenomenon in todays society, and he was aware of that.

Once Zuo Anrong walked out, the young policeman called Chang Bingjian and reported it to him.

Zuo Anrong walked to Gu Ning later and said, “Miss, please wait for a while.

Ill deal with it myself.”

Gu Ning heard Zuo Anrongs argument with the young policeman in the duty room, and she was very satisfied with his behavior.

There were indeed good policemen.

Although Gu Ning didnt know Zuo Anrongs rank in the police system, his behavior proved that he was a good policeman.

“Are you sure that you can handle it I dont think your director will allow you to investigate it,” Gu Ning said.

“Im only an unimportant policeman, and Im no match for the director, but I can report it to the deputy director,” Zuo Anrong said.

It seemed that he wasnt worried about it at all.

There was always competition for power in any institution.

The director and the deputy director of this branch never got along with each other.

The deputy director had the ambition to replace the director, but he didnt have the ability to do it.

In fact, he just hadnt found anything on the director yet.

Chang Bingjian had the Chang familys support, and the deputy director also had support from a senior leader in the capital.

As long as the deputy director could find criminal evidence about Chang Bingjian, his supporters would help him unseat Chang Bingjian.

This case could be a great chance for them to do that.

Zuo Anrong was aware of the disagreement between the director and the deputy director.

He knew that they were scheming against each other, but he wasnt in their factions.

He simply hated evil people.

Since the director was unwilling to deal with this case, he would report it to the deputy director.

Gu Ning understood that Chang Bingjian must have a disagreement with the deputy director after hearing Zuo Anrongs explanation, so she thought that it wasnt a bad idea.

“Great.” Gu Ning nodded with satisfaction.

However, when she was about to say something else, a male voice interrupted her.

“Zuo Anrong…” Hearing the voice, everyone turned to have a look, and Chang Bingjian showed up.

Chang Bingjian came in a hurry to stop Zuo Anrong.

He was angry when he heard that Zuo Anrong was going to report this case to the deputy director.

The other policemen in the branch moved aside at once, in case the director vented his anger at them.

“Director Chang,” Zuo Anrong greeted Chang Bingjian as usual, but didnt show any respect this time.

After all, what Chang Bingjian had done was totally unacceptable in Zuo Anrongs eyes.

However, he was only a captain of a small police team, while Chang Bingjian was the director, so he had to curb his anger.

“I need you to deal with something right now,” Chang Bingjian said on purpose.

Zuo Anrong knew it very well, but he couldnt act against the director, so he said, “Yes, sir.”

Afterwards, Chang Bingjian turned to look at Gu Ning.

“Miss, can we have a private talk about it” He planned to threaten Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Zuo Anrong looked at Gu Ning with worries, but Gu Ning stayed as calm as always.

She didnt think that it was dangerous, because she could handle it herself.

In addition, Gu Ning was curious to know how Chang Bingjian would talk with her.

“No problem!”

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya then followed Chang Bingjian to his office.

Zuo Anrong was concerned, but he could say nothing at this moment.

The deputy director was on a business trip, and nobody knew when he would come back.

Therefore, he had to wait and see what would happen.

Chang Bingjian seated himself in the office, trying to take Gu Ning and Qiao Ya a notch down.

However, neither Gu Ning nor Qiao Ya was frightened by him.

Chang Bingjian focused on their reactions, and was surprised that neither of them were afraid of him.

“Tell me, what happened” Chang Bingjian purposely asked Gu Ning, although he already had the answer.

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