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Leng Shaojia and her friends also stayed.

It wasnt very late now, so there were vacant tables in the bar.

Gu Ning couldnt help but sigh that she could always encounter a chaotic fight when she came to Song Nans bar.

“Where is Qingyang and Qinyin” Gu Ning asked when she failed to see Tang Qingyang and Xu Qinyin.

“Qingyang was injured so Qinyin took him to the nearby clinic for treatment,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“Oh.” Gu Ning nodded.

Although Tang Qingyang would be fine after taking a power crystal, he still needed to care for and dress the wound.

Shortly after they moved to another clean table, Tang Qingyang and Xu Qinyin were back.

Because Tang Qingyang was injured, they were in no mood to have fun here, but they needed to wait for Ba Tianyang to send Tang Qingyang home.

Ba Tianyang walked inside later, and simply gave Gu Ning a glance of respect when he saw her, because Gu Ning had told him not to reveal their relationship outside.

“What happened” Ba Tianyang was surprised when his sight fell on the bandages around Tang Qingyangs head.

“Not a big deal.

A group of men just had a fight here, and I was injured by accident,” Tang Qingyang said.

Afterwards, Ba Tianyang drove Tang Qingyang home, and the others also left the bar.

Gu Ning didnt walk far, because she planned to pay Leng Shaojia back tonight.

However, before she did that, she needed to disguise herself as another person.

Therefore, she found a place without surveillance cameras and put on a suit of sportswear along with a baseball cap and mask.

She then went back to wait outside Song Nans bar in a dark corner with no surveillance cameras.

Although there were surveillance cameras everywhere, not every corner could be captured.

Gu Ning waited for 20 minutes before Leng Shaojia walked outside alone.

She was in a terrible mood right now, because Smith told her that he failed to get through to the killer.

Leng Shaojia went to the bar to drink, so she didnt drive, and instead took a taxi, so she needed to take a taxi back home too.

Gu Ning didnt follow her in another taxi.

Instead, she began to run.

There were people running in the night, so her behavior wasnt strange at all and wouldnt attract peoples attention.

When Gu Ning made sure where Leng Shaojia was leaving for, she stopped a taxi and gave them the name of a city block.

Leng Shaojias apartment was in that block, and Gu Ning had found out about it a long time ago.

Gu Ning wanted to arrive at the block earlier than Leng Shaojia, so she told the taxi driver to drive faster.

The taxi driver listened to her and soon overtook the taxi that Leng Shaojia was in.

Therefore Gu Ning entered the living area before Leng Shaojia.

There were many small living areas in that block, so cars from outside were allowed to drive in.

Gu Ning got off the taxi at the area where Leng Shaojia lived.

However, only the residents were allowed to walk into the building, so Gu Ning had to wait outside.

Nevertheless, because Gu Ning already disguised herself as another person, she didnt bother to hide.

About two minutes later, Leng Shaojia arrived and took out a key while walking towards the door.

However, Gu Ning dashed to her all of a sudden, then punched and slapped her with great force.

Leng Shaojia had no idea what was happening and had to tolerate it.

People around them were scared by the scene, but nobody dared to stop Gu Ning.

Security guards in that living area found out about it at once, and ran over without delay.

Gu Ning finished quickly, because she didnt want other people to interfere.

She wouldnt completely disable Leng Shaojia, but seriously injured her.

Leng Shaojia would have to lie in a hospital bed for months.

After punching Leng Shaojia for a while, Gu Ning stepped on Leng Shaojias waist and secretly put her magical power into Leng Shaojias body.

In that case, Leng Shaojias waist would be painful for a long time.

Before the security guards came, Gu Ning left.

She disappeared in seconds, so those security guards failed to catch her.


Leng Shaojia knelt on her knees on the ground with her hair in a mess.

She couldnt move at all, because she felt sharp pain once she moved.

She could only cry and moan in pain.

Because Leng Shaojia had offended many people in her life, she didnt think of Gu Ning right away.

Besides, she didnt think that Gu Ning would attack her in ambush because Gu Ning wasnt afraid of her at all.

She thought that Gu Ning would attack her face to face if Gu Ning really wanted to hurt her.

Only those who were scared of her would attack her in ambush, but either way, Leng Shaojia didnt have any proof.

“Jesus, what grudge do they have against each other It looks so serious.”

“Who knows Maybe this woman has stolen another womans boyfriend or husband.”

“It often happens.”

“I hate mistresses, and they deserve a lesson.”

“Right, maybe a married man bought her an apartment here.”

“If she can afford an apartment here, she doesnt need to be a mistress.”



Every onlooker believed that Leng Shaojia was a mistress, which annoyed her, but she could do nothing about it now.

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