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Although they couldnt be a couple, they could still be friends.

“What a coincidence! Come here, lets share a table,” Jiang Ruiqin said with a broad smile.

“Why not, your treat!” Xu Qinyin said.

Gu Ning didnt mind either.

“No problem!” Jiang Ruiqin agreed.

“Where is Ba Tianyang” Gu Ning asked Tang Qingyang because Ba Tianyang was absent.

“Oh, I asked him to deal with something for me; hell be here later,” Tang Qingyang said.

Gu Ning nodded.

A while later, Leng Shaojia came.

She came with several of her friends.

When Gu Ning saw Leng Shaojia, she squinted but soon went back to normal.

She enjoyed her drink and ignored Leng Shaojia.

Gu Ning didnt want to interact with Leng Shaojia, but Leng Shaojia had a different idea.

The second Leng Shaojia noticed Jiang Ruiqin, her eyes lit up, but her expression changed when her sight fell on Gu Ning, who sat across Jiang Ruiqin.

She couldnt believe that Gu Ning was still fine.

The killer she hired was supposed to have taken action by now.

Leng Shaojia didnt know that the killers name was Luca, so she only called him “the killer”.

And what she didnt know was that Luca was already dead.

Even though Leng Shaojia hated Gu Ning, she didnt dare to do anything now because of Jiang Ruiqins presence, so she walked away with her friends and went to another table.

It wasnt a secret that Gu Ning never got along with Leng Shaojia, so her friends understood why she looked annoyed.

Although Leng Shaojia walked away, she still glanced at them once in a while.

Her sight fell on Gu Ning, then moved to Jiang Ruiqin.

“Ruiqin, it seems that Leng Shaojia likes you, because shes looking at you all the time,” Gu Ning said.

Jiang Ruiqin put on a wry smile.

He was aware of it, but he disliked Leng Shaojia.

“I dont care.

Its her own business,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“Leng Shaojia is too mean and unkind.

I dont think she deserves Ruiqin,” Xu Qinyin said with obvious hatred towards Leng Shaojia.

They didnt want to pay attention to Leng Shaojia, so they soon dropped the topic.

After drinking for a while, Gu Ning stood up and walked to the ladies room, and Leng Shaojia followed Gu Ning.

Therefore, when Gu Ning walked out of the ladies room, she saw Leng Shaojia glaring at her.

It was obvious that Leng Shaojia stood in her way on purpose.

Gu Ning squinted at Leng Shaojia and remained silent.

It wasnt time for her to teach Leng Shaojia a lesson yet, so Gu Ning did nothing and wanted to leave.

However, Leng Shaojia stopped her.

“Gu Ning, since youre going to marry into the Leng family, you should stop playing around outside.

Dont bring shame to the Leng family.”

Leng Shaojia criticized Gu Ning as if Gu Nings behavior had humiliated the Leng family.

“Play around” Gu Ning sneered.

“Did you see me doing anything inappropriate Can I not have male friends after I started dating Shaoting Who do you think you are”

“I was born in the Leng family, but you werent.

Youre still an outsider even if you can marry into the Leng family,” Leng Shaojia said with disdain.

Gu Ning sneered.

She wouldnt regard Leng Shaojia as her family member.

There was only hatred between them.

“Leng Shaojia, you should be smart and stay away from me.

You have no right to judge me, understand” Gu Ning said coldly.

“You…” Leng Shaojia was furious and ached to slap Gu Ning.

“You better think twice if you want to attack me.

Youre no match for me,” Gu Ning said, staring straight at Leng Shaojia.

“You…” Leng Shaojia clenched her teeth.

It was true that she was no match for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was a kung fu master, while she was too weak.

Leng Shaojia didnt think that Gu Ning would hesitate to beat her, even for the sake of the Leng family, after so many things had happened.

Gu Ning lost her patience in the end and walked out.

Leng Shaojia didnt dare to stop Gu Ning again and watched her leave.

If looks could kill, Leng Shaojia would have killed Gu Ning right then and there.

At the same time, Leng Shaojia was also confused about why the killer hadnt taken action yet.

The killer would send her a message to tell her the result if he had already taken action.

Leng Shaojia wanted to ask the killer, but her other phone was left in her home.

Nevertheless, she could ask Smith for the answer.

Therefore, once Gu Ning was gone, Leng Shaojia took out her phone and called Smith.

“Honey, are you missing me” Smith flirted with her the second he picked up her call.

“Im in no mood for a joke! I left my other phone in my home.

Help me ask the killer about the progress.

Why hasnt he taken action yet I just saw Gu Ning in a bar,” Leng Shaojia said.

She knew it took time, but she couldnt wait now.

As long as Gu Ning was fine, she felt uncomfortable.

“Relax, let me ask him for you,” Smith said.

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