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Gu Ning probably wouldnt be happy about it, but he was left no choice and he could only be as cautious as possible.

Although Zhuang Chuanhao and the other guilty people were already arrested, Gu Ning, as the victim, still needed to go to the Public Security Bureau to deal with it.

Therefore, Gu Ning stayed in City Q for the time being.

She needed to sue Zhuang Chuanhao in person.

That morning, Gu Ning was busy preparing all kinds of documents and evidence.

As for her lawyer, Gu Ning gave Chen Cangyi a call, so the lawyer of the Shengning Organization would fly to City Q in the earliest flight.

She could hire a local lawyer, but she preferred to use her own lawyer who was more reliable.

It cost a lot to hire a good lawyer after all.

Her lawyer arrived at 11 am after which they went to the Public Security Bureau together.

The Public Security Bureau was already aware of Gu Nings background, so all the policemen were very polite to her.

Actually, they were her fans.

They had read a lot of news about Gu Ning on the Internet, and they knew that she was a billionaire.

Not many people could be so successful at such an early age.

When those policemen greeted Gu Ning, she kindly smiled at them.

Although Gu Ning was very kind and gentle, they still could sense her air of power.

Gu Ning was the founder of a large business group after all, so she had to show her influence.

If she didnt show her influence, other people might think lightly of her.

However, she couldnt do it too much, or other people might have a bad impression of her.

She didnt want others to be scared of her, but she must be held in awe.

Gu Ning met the policeman who was in charge of the case and handed over the documentary evidence before she left.

Once she was gone, those policemen began to talk about her.

“No wonder people call her Goddess Gu.

Shes as beautiful as she is outstanding.”

“Right, both she and her parents have my admiration.

I wonder how her parents have educated her to be so outstanding.”

“My kid only knows how to play games all day long.”

“I think shes very excellent herself.”

“Her parents must be super proud of her.”

“I wish my son could be as half outstanding as her.”


Gu Nings lawyer stayed to deal with it, while she left for the capital.

It was already 3 pm, so she had missed the release conference of Battle in the Sky.

The release conference of Battle in the Sky would be held at 2 pm, and many Internet users began to download it once it was available on its official website.

However, because too many people were downloading it at the same time, the website almost broke down.

“The connection speed is too slow.”

“There are too many people downloading it at the same time.”

“Ive succeeded in downloading it.”

“Im jealous of you.”

“Me too.”


Many Internet users were complaining and cheering on Weibo.

High-speed Tech was very happy to see that its new game was so popular, but other game companies were displeased, especially Tianhe Technology.

Tianhe Technology just released a new game at the beginning of that year, and although it didnt cause a sensation, it was getting more and more attention from game players, but Battle in the Sky suddenly showed up.

Games which had been released for a long time normally had loyal players, and players with high ranks in the game wouldnt be willing to abandon it.

Unfortunately, Tianhe Technology still needed more time.

In the development department of Tianhe Technology, the project manager was angry and hit a table with great force.

“Why was Battle in the Sky launched right now Our game has just gained some attention, but were in a very dangerous situation now.” The project manager clenched his teeth in anger.

“Battle in the Sky is very popular at the early stage, but we dont know what will happen in the future,” a game designer said.

They sensed a great crisis, because Battle in the Sky was attractive and addictive.

Even they couldnt wait to play it.

“I want to hack into their system to ruin the game program, but Im afraid that theyre at a higher level than us, and I dont want to be exposed,” the manager said.

Actually, he had always had that idea since he learned that High-speed Tech was going to release Battle in the Sky, but he didnt dare to take action.

“Its not a good idea, but do we have to accept this result” another game designer asked.

“What else can we do now” A teammate was in a very bad mood.

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