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Chapter 1331: Han Wenlings Jealousy Towards Gu Ning

Even though many Internet users thought that Kouzi might be owned by Gu Ning, it was only a guess.

There was nothing about Gu Ning in this news after all.

In addition, not only Gu Ning could deal with things efficiently.

Therefore, although many people had the idea that Kouzi was owned by Gu Ning, they werent very sure about it.

When Gu Ning admitted it on Weibo, they were all shocked.

“No way, Kouzi is indeed owned by Goddess Gu!”

“OMG, Im so excited now.”

“Since Kouzi is also Goddess Gus company, its products must be of high quality.”

“I knew it! Only Goddess Gu is able to collect so much useful evidence within such a short time.”

“Where are those people who scolded us for talking about Goddess Gu every time”

“Its true that Kouzi is one of Goddess Gus companies.”

“I feel so proud of my idol!”

“Why are you all talking about Kouzi How about Colaine Its medicines are very popular too.”

“Oh, right! I almost forgot about Colaine.

My family loves this brand so much, because its medicines are very effective.”

“Both of them are owned by Goddess Gu, so they have to be very good.”

“I think Goddess Gu probably has more companies than we already know about.”

“Goddess Gu is so awesome!”

“I wish I could be as half successful as her.”

“I agree that Goddess Gu has more companies that we dont know about yet.”

“Im so curious now.”

“Me too!”

“I wonder whether High-speed Tech is also one of Goddess Gus companies.”

“Probably, but Goddess Gu isnt willing to talk about it.”

“Speaking of High-speed Tech, isnt tomorrow the release conference of Battle in the Sky”

“I cant wait for it.”

“Im curious to know Goddess Gus ID in the game.”

“Ill go download it once its released.”

“Me too!”

They still focused on Gu Ning when they talked about the news.

There was no need for K to play a trick to make Gu Ning and Kouzi become one of the hottest topics on Weibo in a few hours.

Han Wenling paid a lot of attention to this news once she knew that Gu Ning had given a response.

She wanted to see what evidence Gu Ning had found.

Although she was aware that Gu Ning already had evidence in her hands, she was still surprised when she saw Gu Nings post.

To be honest, even she couldnt promise that she would be able to collect so much evidence within such a short time.

It would probably take her at least a whole week.

Gu Ning definitely didnt collect all the evidence on her own, because K had helped her a lot.

And not many people could do what K was able to do.

There were many hackers in this world, but K was among the top 10 in his country.

Moreover, Gu Ning also had help from Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, who were extraordinary at martial arts.

Han Wenling also had many skilled helpers, but she lacked the kind of subordinates that Gu Ning had.

Zhao Wei and Du Gang were also arrested by the police.

The police took Wang Zhonghang away too.

To be specific, Wang Zhonghang was sent to the Public Security Bureau by someone.

Since Gu Ning already knew that Wang Zhonghang was the betrayer, she wouldnt let him get away with it, so she had arranged for someone to follow him.

Once the scandal broke, Wang Zhonghang was taken under control and sent to the Public Security Bureau.

Han Wenling called Gu Ning later and complimented her on her efficiency.

Han Wenling admired Gu Ning, and was also a little jealous of Gu Ning, but she had no intention to become Gu Nings enemy.

Instead, she wanted to learn from Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning was much younger than her, she didnt judge a person by age.

She knew that Gu Ning couldnt have overcome the crisis without other peoples help, but it was very normal.

A successful person must have outstanding abilities and the awareness of teamwork.

Leadership skills were very important on ones path to success.

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