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Gu Ning also told Han Wenling why she wanted to catch Zhuang Chuanhao before the police left to arrest him.

After knowing the reason, Han Wenling agreed without hesitation and called the police for Gu Ning at once.

Given Han Wenlings social status, the Public Security Bureau took action right away to deal with it.

In addition, the person Han Wenling asked them to arrest had indeed broken the law.

Han Wenling told the police to arrest Zhuang Chuanhao after Gu Ning sent out the post on Weibo.

Zhuang Chuanhao knew that it was useless for him to struggle, so he didnt struggle at all and left with the police.

On the Internet, many Internet users were still discussing it.

Most of them were impressed by Kouzis response, but someone felt it looked very familiar.

“Why do I think this way of dealing with trouble looks very familiar.

I must have seen it somewhere before.”

“Why Dont others handle things like this”

“I dont know, but I think not everyone can collect all the important evidence within such a short time.”

“I think Goddess Gu often uses this way to solve problems!”

“Oh, right! It has happened before.”

“Could Goddess Gu also be the boss of Kouzi”

“Although I agree that Goddess Gu is really outstanding, I dont think that only she is able to deal with things in such an efficient way.”

“Its a little annoying when her name is repeatedly mentioned.”

Many people agreed with this opinion, but a lot of Gu Nings loyal fans got angry.

“Annoying I think youre simply being jealous.”

“Its just a guess.

No one said that it is definitely Goddess Gu.”

“If you dont like to read positive comments about Goddess Gu, you can directly ignore them.”


There were many of Gu Nings loyal fans, so nobody dared to leave negative comments on Gu Ning anymore.

Someone, however, couldnt stand it and argued back.

“I do hate to see your Goddess Gu on Weibo all the time.

Shes causing a sensation almost every day.

You only focus on her advantages.

How about her shortcomings”

Once Gu Nings fans saw this comment, they began to retort.

“There is nothing wrong with the fact that were Goddess Gus loyal fans and we love to talk about her on the Internet.

Its none of your business!”

“Goddess Gu isnt causing a sensation every day.

Shes very kind and gentle, and shes the victim every time! Dont you know that outstanding people will easily attract jealousy”

Many Internet users @(mentioned ) Gu Ning on Weibo and asked her whether Kouzi was owned by her.

Although it was a little inappropriate to ask that question on the Internet, they were too curious about it.

In fact, someone had asked Gu Ning the same question before, but Gu Ning had ignored it last time.

However, this time was different, and it was necessary for Gu Ning to explain it now.

Gu Ning chose to tell those Internet users the truth, but not because she thought that nobody would dare to scheme against Kouzi again after knowing that she was the boss of Kouzi.

No matter how successful a businessman was, he always had enemies.

Even the Tang familys business group had encountered many unfair competitions.

Nevertheless, a business with powerful support was still different from one without support.

Given Gu Nings current influence, ordinary businesses were unwilling to have conflict with her.

If Zhuang Chuanhao had known that Kouzi was owned by Gu Ning, he wouldnt have done what he did.

Gu Ning was much more influential than Zhuang Chuanhao after all.

However, it was too late now.

Because Gu Ning had no intention to keep it a secret any longer, she replied when she saw her fans question.

Gu Ning: Many people have @(mentioned) me on Weibo and asked me whether Kouzi is one of my companies.

I think I need to give an official answer right now.

The answer is yes.

Kouzi is owned by me and is a subsidiary of Colaine.

I have to say that I felt terrible when the fake Kouzi event happened.

I didnt want to make it a serious problem and Ive talked with those who planned this scheme.

I hoped that they could stop, but they didnt, so I had to take action to protect my company and the innocent customers.

Colaine and Kouzi will never produce unsafe or unqualified products.

Please buy our products from legal ways.

You can talk to me if you find any problems with our products.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt produce fake products, she was worried that her staff members might be bribed by her business enemies again, so she had to take the production seriously.

The second Gu Ning gave the explanation on Weibo, it became one of the hottest topics.

To everyones surprise, Kouzi was really one of Gu Nings companies.

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