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Leng Shaoting didnt go back to the Leng family after he was back in the capital, because he was afraid that he might lose control of himself and beat Leng Shaojia.

At 10 pm, when most people were having fun on the Internet, the scandal about Kouzi broke again.

It was Wang Zhonghang who made the news about Kouzi one of the hottest topics on Weibo.

He recorded a video with his phone and posted it on Weibo.

In the video, he admitted that there was indeed a quality problem with Kouzis products because Kouzi wanted to make more money and didnt care about the quality.

He said that Kouzi made a different packaging for the fake products so that it could blame surrogate shoppers if the dirty secret was exposed.

Wang Zhonghang said that he couldnt stand it, so he chose to expose it.

He was nobody on Weibo, but he @(mentioned) several great influencers.

With Zhuang Chuanhaos support, he soon got a lot of attention on Weibo.

Since he worked for Kouzi, most people chose to believe his words.

“Didnt Kouzi just post an official explanation Is it a lie I cant believe it!”

“I feel heart-broken now.

I supported Kouzi last time.”

“Its undeniable that real Kouzi products are really effective, but I disdain the way Kouzi makes money.

Its crazy!”

“I wont buy Kouzi anymore.”

“Me too!”


At the same time, some people still kept their reason.

“Its just his words, and nobody knows the truth yet.

I wonder whether he really works for Kouzi.”

“Even if he really works for Kouzi, he could have betrayed Kouzi.”

“Business competition is cruel and complicated.

Anything is possible.”


However, the majority lost confidence in Kouzi this time.

Seeing more and more people began to criticize Kouzi, Gu Ning wasnt worried at all.

Instead, she watched it as if she wasnt involved in it at all.

The official Weibo account of Kouzi also stayed silent, which made more people think that Kouzi felt guilty.

Wang Zhonghang chose to expose it at this time because most people were off work now, so it was more convenient for them to make big news.

What they didnt know was that Gu Ning already had control of the official Weibo account of Kouzi.

She could post anything whenever she wanted.

Ning Changkai was focusing on the news about Kouzi all the time, so he was aware of it once it became a hot topic on Weibo.

Although he was mentally-prepared for it, he was still full of anger.

He didnt know whether Gu Ning noticed the news or not, so he called her at once.

Gu Ning told Ning Changkai to relax and watch the drama.

She didnt think that it had gained enough attention, so she called K and told him to make it more noticeable on the Internet.

Since Gu Ning had spent days on the investigation, she was determined to cause a sensation.

At 11 pm, Kouzi was on the top of the list of the hottest topics on Weibo.

Zhuang Chuanhao was very satisfied with it, and he believed that Kouzi was doomed to fail this time.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning logged in the official Weibo account of Kouzi, then sent out a post.

Kouzi: Wang Zhonghang is indeed a staff member of our company, but he has been bribed by someone who aims to attack our company.

Weve already warned the mastermind behind this scheme and given them a chance to stop it, but they refused to accept it.

The truth will come out in 10 minutes.

Actually, it was a lie that Gu Ning had given Corydalis Makeup a chance to stop the scheme, because she was determined to take revenge.

However, this post failed to change the majoritys attitude.

Most people still thought that it was an act.

When Zhuang Chuanhao and Zhao Wei read the post, they talked with each other about it at once.

They didnt believe that Kouzi could punish them.

However, they were also worried about what Kouzi had found out about Corydalis Makeup.

Anyway, they also needed to wait for 10 minutes.

“Is Wang Zhonghang reliable Will he betray you” Zhuang Chuanhao asked Zhao Wei.

Although Zhao Wei had made a promise that Wang Zhonghang was reliable, Zhao Wei was still worried.

“Relax, Wang Zhonghang already left City B when he posted the video on Weibo.

Kouzi cant catch him,” Zhao Wei said with confidence.

However, did things really unfold in the way he wanted

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