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Seeing that Gu Xiaoxiao was in trouble now, they couldnt help but gloat.

Besides, what Gu Xiaoxiao had done was literally unacceptable.

Gu Xiaoxiao knew that they were here for her.

She was scared.

Except for Zhang Tianping and Yu Mixi, she didnt dare to have bad blood with any of the rest.

She was trembling in terror, and was eager to escape back to her home, but, she couldnt.

Chu Peihan was the first one who ran to Gu Xiaoxiao slapping her across her face loudly.

Everyone was shocked.

Gu Xiaoxiao was in great pain and annoyed.

Although Gu Xiaoxiao was afraid of Chu Peihan, she didnt want to tolerate that.

She snapped at Chu Peihan, “Chu Peihan, why did you hit me”

Gu Xiaoxiaos aim was Gu Ning, not Chu Peihan.

Even though Chu Peihan and Gu Ning were close, she couldnt slap Gu Xiaoxiao for that.

Gu Xiaoxiao was mad about it.

Chu Peihan indeed wasnt Gu Xiaoxiaos aim, but she chose to stand up for Gu Ning.

She did it on purpose.

Meanwhile, Qin Zheng, who was Gu Xiaoxiaos boyfriend, stayed quiet.

He felt greatly disappointed by Gu Xiaoxiao, and he was also terrified of Chu Peihan and her friends.

If Chu Peihan was here alone, he probably would say something, but Hao Ran and his bros were here too.

If he helped Gu Xiaoxiao, he would be involved.

Qin Zheng didnt want to be beaten by them.

“Because you deserve it, Gu Xiaoxiao! How dare you hurt Gu Ning like that!” Chu Peihan raised her voice in anger.

Hao Ran and other boys stood still, because Chu Peihan alone could handle the situation.

Besides, they didnt want to hit a girl.

“I didnt…” Gu Xiaoxiao denied even though no one believed her.

She was so stupid to think that as long as she denied, she would be safe.

“You didnt We werent born yesterday!” Chu Peihan grabbed Gu Xiaoxiaos hair sneering.

“Let me go!” Gu Xiaoxiao struggled in pain, but the harder she struggled, the greater the pain she was in.

Her tears poured out.

“No way.”

After that, Chu Peihan slapped her once more with a loud sound.

Several slaps followed.

Gu Xiaoxiaos cheeks swelled.

She cried because of the pain.

Gu Xiaoxiao tried to struggle, but failed.

In front of Chu Peihan, who had been practicing kung fu since she had been a young girl, Gu Xiaoxiao could only suffer.

Qin Zheng felt disappointed in Gu Xiaoxiao, but he also didnt want to see her suffering.

He opened his mouth.

“Chu Peihan, enough!”

Chu Peihan stopped, but not because of Qin Zheng.

She thought it was time to stop for a while, but her hand was still grabbing Gu Xiaoxiaos hair.

Because Qin Zheng opened his mouth to stop Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and the boys were annoyed.

Chu Peihan shouted at Qin Zheng, “Qin Zheng, do you f*cking want to be beaten too If Gu Ning had been a weak girl, she would have been ruined already.

After that, she could have committed suicide too.

If so, Gu Xiaoxiao would be the killer!”

Qin Zheng was stunned.

Indeed, if something bad had ever happened to Gu Ning, Gu Xiaoxiao would have been the killer.

She could have ended up in jail too.

If Gu Ning had been the same weak girl that she had been before, she would have committed suicide.

“Qin Zheng, if Gu Xiaoxiao had done such an immoral thing to your friends, or your families, would you let her go” Mu Ke said.

“Dont think that because they have failed Gu Xiaoxiao can get away with it.

If Gu Ning calls the police, Gu Xiaoxiao could end up in jail for years,” Hao Ran said.

Hearing that, Gu Xiaoxiaos body shook in horror all of a sudden.

No, she didnt want to go to jail.

“No, it was not me.

Not me!” Once Gu Xiaoxiao opened her mouth, her swollen cheeks pulled.

She was in great pain, but insisted that she didnt do it.

“Jesus,” Chu Peihan sneered.

Gu Xiaoxiao was so shameless to deny the fact.

The bell rang, and it was time for the class, but Chu Peihan and other didnt have time to retreat yet.

Wang Chengqi, who was the head teacher of the first classroom, walked in.

He saw what was happening right before his eyes.

Wang Chengqi recognized Hao Ran and the others the minute he saw them.

He knew that something must be wrong.

After all, Hao Ran and the boys were notorious for causing trouble all day.

“What are you doing here” Wang Chengqi criticized them.

Hearing Wang Chengqis voice, all the students in the room sat back in their seats at once, except for Hao Ran and his friends.

They glanced at Wang Chengqi airily.

Before hearing the answer, Wang Chengqi noticed that Chu Peihan was grabbing Gu Xiaoxiaos hair.

The latters cheeks were red and swollen.

Gu Xiaoxiao was weeping and could barely speak a word.

Wang Chengqi was upset.

“Chu Peihan, let her go! Why did you beat her”

Chu Peihan loosened her hand, staring at Wang Chengqi.

She sneered.

“Because she deserves it! Please dont rush to blame me.

You should check the hottest news on our school forum first.”

Hearing that, Wang Chengqi knew that it was complicated.

He immediately pulled out his phone checking the school forum.

He read through the posts and videos.

He was shocked by Gu Nings extraordinary ability, then was mad at Gu Xiaoxiaos involvement.

Although he wasnt sure that Gu Xiaoxiao was behind all of this, he wasnt able to deny it either.

However, before solid proof was on the table, he tried his best to curb his anger.

He questioned Gu Xiaoxiao, “Gu Xiaoxiao, is it true”

If so, Gu Xiaoxiao would be too vicious.

What had Gu Ning done to Gu Xiaoxiao that made her be so cruel to Gu Ning

“No, its not true…” Gu Xiaoxiao insisted, but she wasnt skillful enough to hide her real feelings.

She panicked so obviously.

Wang Chengqi was annoyed as well as disappointed.

He had great anticipation for each one of his students in the first classroom.

He felt hurt now.


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