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Other stuff was already delivered to the plane, so there was no need for them to carry anything on the way to the airport.

Before 1 pm, the Leng family was aboard.

At 1:40 pm, its private jet stood in line and was ready for the flight, and it began to take off at 2 pm.

Right at this moment, Jiang Yutongs mother received a call from the direct-sale store of Kouzi.

The 100 sets of Kouzi products had arrived and she could go to pick them up.

They had paid the deposit only two days ago and the goods were already delivered.

Jiang Yutongs mother was in a bad mood when she heard the news.

It wasnt a piece of good news to her.

Only this batch of products for Jiang Yutong was delivered, and other customers still needed to wait for a few days.

Gu Ning had actually deliberately prepared the batch of products for Jiang Yutong early on.

When it was about 4 pm, the Leng familys private jet landed at the international airport of City B.

And one of Leng Shaotings subordinates would come to pick them up.

Gu Ning didnt see the large pile of gifts Master Leng had prepared for the Tang family until they got off the plane.

She was greatly surprised and amused.

“Grandpa Leng, you didnt need to prepare so many gifts!”

“I dont think there are too many gifts.

I think theyre not enough!” Master Leng argued.

In order to show Gu Nings importance in the Leng family, Master Leng had spent a lot of time preparing the large pile of gifts.

If Leng Yuanzhen and his wife hadnt stopped Master Leng in time, he would have prepared more gifts.

“Fine.” Gu Ning didnt know what else she could say now.

Leng Shaoting arranged for a separate car to pack all of the gifts.

However, shortly after they left the plane, Gu Ning sensed that someone was looking at her with hostility.

She didnt turn to search for the person right away, but acted normally and used her Jade Eyes.

Before long, she found the man, who stood in a terminal far from them.

He was a foreigner and was staring at her with a telescope.

Although there was a distance between them, Gu Ning had a feeling that the man wasnt an ordinary man.

He was highly likely a killer, and Gu Ning was sure that she was his target.

Because he was a foreign man, Gu Ning thought of Aimee first.

The foreigner might have been sent here by Aimee, because Aimee hated her.

However, it was only Gu Nings suspicion, because she didnt know which country the foreigner came from.

Gu Ning was suspicious of Aimee because Aimee was the only foreigner she had a grudge against till now and Aimee had tried to attack her many times.

Even though the foreign man came here for her, Gu Ning moved along with Master Leng and other important members of the Leng family.

She was worried that they might be involved in trouble because of her.

Therefore, she had to separate herself from them.

Gu Ning couldnt tell Master Leng about what she found right now, but she could be honest with Leng Shaoting.

Without delay, Gu Ning pulled Leng Shaoting aside and said to him in a very low voice, “Shaoting, someone is following and spying on me.

Hes a foreigner, and he stood in terminal No.12.

I dont want Grandpa Leng and the others to get hurt, so I need to be alone in another car.

You must protect them well, alright”

Leng Shaoting frowned when he heard that.

He was mad at the foreigner who was following and spying on Gu Ning, and he was also worried about Gu Nings safety, but he had to listen to her given the current situation.

Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl, and she could protect herself.

Master Leng, on the other hand, was an old man who knew nothing about fighting, so Leng Shaoting needed to protect his family right now.

“Fine.” Leng Shaoting agreed.

There were three MPVs with seven seats each coming to pick them up.

Master Leng came to City B with Leng Yuanzhen and his wife and eight bodyguards.

Three bodyguards along with the gifts prepared by the Leng family sat in the first car.

Master Leng, Leng Yuanzhen and his wife, Leng Shaoting and a bodyguard sat in the second car.

Gu Ning should share the second car with them, but now she moved to sit in the third car together with other bodyguards.

Master Leng and the others were curious about why Gu Ning suddenly did that, but Gu Ning didnt tell them the reason.

Master Leng knew that it had to be something abnormal, because he saw Gu Ning pull Leng Shaoting aside earlier.

“Shaoting, what did Ningning just talk to you about Why isnt she sharing the same car with us” Master Leng asked Leng Shaoting the moment they were seated in the car.

Leng Shaoting understood that it was impossible for him to fool his grandfather, so he told the truth.

“Well, Ningning just noticed that someone is following and spying on her.

Shes afraid that you might be involved in danger because of her, so she told me to protect you.”

“What Why did you leave her alone since you know that shes in danger now What if something terrible happens to her” Master Leng was furious.

“She told me to protect you,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Grandpa, you dont need to be too worried.

Shes strong and smart.

She can deal with it on her own.”

“But…” Master Leng was still concerned.

“Its fine.

Shell be safe,” Leng Shaoting said with confidence.

Leng Yuanzhen and his wife remained silent.

Although they were worried about Gu Nings safety as well, Master Lengs safety was more important in their eyes.

They indeed liked Gu Ning, but Master Leng was more closely connected with them.

Therefore, it was better for Leng Shaoting to stay here and protect Master Leng.

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