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Chapter 1306: Dont You Want to Be Famous

Gu Ning ran into Zhang Xiaoya this time.

Zhang Xiaoya was the unimportant actress replaced by Li Miaojia at the filming set of An Empress of Military Blood last time.

There were two men with Zhang Xiaoya in the hall.

One was a fat, middle-aged man with a plain face, while the other was young, tall and slim.

It seemed that the young man was the fat mans secretary.

Gu Ning had no interest in them.

Zhang Xiaoya, on the other hand, was embarrassed the moment she saw Gu Ning, but next second, she was stunned by Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was the most handsome man she had ever seen before!

Although she was just an unimportant actress in the entertainment industry, she had played in many TV shows before, so she had seen a lot of good-looking actors, but they werent comparable to Leng Shaoting.

She was curious to know what Leng Shaotings relationship with Gu Ning was.

The fat, middle-aged man followed Zhang Xiaoyas gaze and looked around.

He was also amazed by Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings outstanding appearances.

If he was able to have them work for him, he could easily make a lot of money with their faces.

Thinking of that, he walked to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting at once.

“Hi, sorry to bother you.

My names Zheng Dingkai, the general manager of Zhaoyang Entertainment.

Do you have interest in becoming stars Given your outstanding appearances, you can easily become famous with my help.”

“Sorry, Im not interested.” Gu Ning directly turned him down.

Zheng Dingkai, however, was unwilling to give up, because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were too attractive.

“Miss, wait a second.

Dont you want to be famous If…”

Before he could finish, Gu Ning interrupted him.

“Manager Zheng, Im sorry, I own an entertainment company so I can be famous whenever I want.”

After that, Gu Ning left Zheng Dingkai behind and walked away with Leng Shaoting.

Zheng Dingkai felt embarrassed when Gu Ning told him that she owned an entertainment company.

He didnt know whether it was true or not, but he knew that he shouldnt bother them again.

He only felt that it was a shame that he couldnt have them working for his company.

Zheng Dingkai turned around, but he caught Zhang Xiaoya fixing her gaze on Leng Shaotings back, and he was mad at once.

“Zhang Xiaoya, dont forget that youre my mistress right now!”

His voice was low, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were still able to hear it.

Gu Ning realized that Zhang Xiaoya had a sexual relationship with the fat man.

The man must be her sugar-daddy.

Gu Ning grimaced and left.

Zhang Xiaoya moved her eyes away from Leng Shaoting the second Zheng Dingkai warned her and she explained in a hurry.

“Please dont misunderstand me.

I was looking at the girl.

Shes the boss of Fenghua Entertainment, and she let Li Miaojia replace me.”

Zheng Dingkai was aware of Zhang Xiaoyas dismissal, but Zhang Xiaoya didnt tell him the truth.

If she told Zheng Dingkai that she was dismissed because of her bad acting, she would be abandoned.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaoya only told him that she was replaced by Li Miaojia under the order of the boss of Fenghua.

Zhang Xiaoya was picked by Zheng Dingkai because she was beautiful and not very bad at acting.

Most importantly, Zhang Xiaoya accepted the unspoken rules, so he decided to spend money on her.

Zheng Dingkai wouldnt sleep with every unimportant actress, only with those who begged him for help.

Zhang Xiaoya came to him of her own accord, and agreed to be his mistress.

He also promised to give her several roles to see whether she could become popular.

If she couldnt become popular, he would dump her whenever he wanted.

If she became popular, he could make money as well.

Gu Ning was different, because Gu Ning was unusually beautiful and Zheng Dingkai only wanted to bring fame to her instead of forcing her to sleep with him.

Only the most outstanding people could say no to unspoken rules, because they didnt lack chances.

When Zheng Dingkai heard that Gu Ning was the boss of Fenghua, he was greatly surprised.

It turned out that it was true that she really owned an entertainment company.

To his astonishment, her entertainment company was Fenghua.

Fenghua Entertainment gained a lot of attention in the industry, and it made a lot of money within a short time.

The very first film produced by Fenghua Entertainment was a huge box office success.

Zheng Dingkai was envious of Fenghuas development.

Given Fenghuas ability, he believed that An Empress of Military Blood would be popular and profitable too.

Zheng Ding was distracted by Zhang Xiaoyas excuse, and forgot that she had fixed her eyes on Leng Shaoting just then.

However, he still felt utterly embarrassed upon thinking about what he had said to Gu Ning.

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