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Chapter 1294: Jiang Yutong Loses the Bet

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At this time, Jiang Yutong was about to go shopping with her friends, but Jiang Jiamin stopped her.

“Hey, do you still remember the bet you made with Gu Ning the other day”

Jiang Yutong frowned, she didnt understand why Jiang Jiamin mentioned it right now.

She thought that Kouzi might really have released a make-up line within a month, but she was unwilling to accept it.

“So” Jiang Yutong cocked her eyebrow.

“Great, save some money for a hundred sets of Kouzi products,” Jiang Jiamin said and gloated over Jiang Yutongs failure.

“What do you mean” Jiang Yutong panicked.

She couldnt believe that Kouzi really released a make-up line within a month.

In that case, she would lose a lot of money!

“I think you know the answer.

Kouzi just had a news conference about its make-up products yesterday, you can check on its official website,” Jiang Jiamin said.

After that, she turned around and left.

Jiang Yutong took out her phone at once to watch Kouzis news conference.

After watching the video, she was shocked.

At the same time, she was also mad at Kouzi.

She blamed Kouzi for her failure, and she still had no idea that Kouzi actually was owned by Gu Ning.

Other women, on the contrary, were excited to see the make-up products from Kouzi.

Many of them ran to Kouzi counters, but it took about a week for cosmetic counters to get the new products.

Luckily, direct-sale stores of Kouzi told them that the new products would be delivered tomorrow.

That was the advantage of the direct-sale stores.

Although Kouzi only had two direct-sale stores right now, it still sold its products at cosmetic counters in large shopping malls.

And it was Ning Changkais job to make the arrangements.

In fact, not every cosmetic counter was directly managed by the brand, because there were too many shopping malls around the country.

Kouzi wasnt a very influential brand right now, so it only had a few cosmetic counters in some big shopping malls.

It wasnt easy for a brand to join a large shopping mall after all.

However, because Kouzi was becoming increasingly famous, more and more shopping malls were willing to work with it.

Therefore, Kouzi was still able to have a place in many well-known shopping malls in big cities.

Other than for the cosmetic counters, Kouzi also had more and more direct-sale stores.

Once some Kouzi fans heard that the new products would be delivered to its direct-sale stores tomorrow, they got excited.

However, they didnt leak the information to other people, in case they failed to get the new products.

A staff member of Kouzi told them that the amount of the first batch of Kouzi make-up products was limited, so nobody wanted to share it with other people.

The next day, many women went to wait at the door of Kouzi direct-sale stores in the early morning even before they were open.

They didnt know when the new products would be delivered, but they were reluctant to miss them.

Moreover, they were willing to wait a long time for the new products.

Actually, all the staff members were already busy putting the new products on shelves at midnight yesterday.

Kouzis direct-sale stores opened at 8:30 am, and staff began to work at 9 pm, so a staff member who came to open the door was surprised by the large group of Kouzi fans.

She soon realized that they came here for the new products.

Even though she was aware of Kouzis popularity, she was still amazed by the long line.

Because she was wearing her casual clothing, nobody knew that she was a staff member of Kouzi.

So when she tried to move through the large group of women to open the door, the women were furious and surrounded her.

The staff member was scared and explained that she came to open the door.

Knowing that, the large group of women were excited and allowed her to pass right away.

The staff member was amused by their attitude and opened the door at once.

She was also a woman, but she still couldnt understand the womens obsession with Kouzi.

Nevertheless, she loved to see them being so crazy about Kouzi, because she could get more commission.

Once the door was open, the large group of women swarmed inside.

It seemed like they were going to rob everything in their sight.

There were too many people running forward, and a short girl couldnt see anything.

She shouted all of a sudden, “I want a lipstick of each color, an eyeshadow palette of all color systems, and the whitest pressed powder…”

Kouzi lipstick had 12 colors in all.

The eyeshadow palette had three color systems, namely earth tone, peach bloom tone, and red-brown tone.

There were 12 colors on each eyeshadow palette.

And almost every girl had at least one pressed powder.

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