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Chapter 1288: Let Her Have a Try

“Zhang Xiaoya, if you cant finish the scene, we have to replace you,” Lu Zhan said at this moment.

He had a high standard of his work, and he couldnt tolerate it when an actress kept making mistakes.

He had many other choices as the director.

“Director Lu, please give me another chance! I…” Zhang Xiaoya begged Lu Zhan.

However, even her voice was trembling now.

“Ive given you many chances, but your performance disappoints me,” Lu Zhan said.

“Alright, you can go now.

Ill tell the finance worker to pay you the remuneration you deserve.”

Zhang Xiaoya was reluctant to accept it, but she didnt know what to say now.

“Director Lu, let her have a try!” Gu Ning opened her mouth all of a sudden.

Many people heard her voice and turned to look at her.

The second they saw her, they were amazed by her beauty.

Zhang Xiaoya changed her face when Gu Ning recommended her friend to replace her.

The girl was surprised too, because she didnt know Gu Ning at all.

Many people who worked here had worked in the crew of Infinite Horror as well, so they recognized Gu Ning at once.

They were excited to see Gu Ning because Gu Ning was their idol and boss.

Lu Zhan didnt rush to greet Gu Ning right now in case Gu Ning didnt want to expose her real identity.

However, since it was Gu Nings recommendation, he couldnt turn her down.

“Fine, come here,” he said to the girl.

This role wasnt important, but he still needed to see the girls performance before he made the decision.

Lu Zhans response shocked everyone again, because they didnt know Gu Nings relationship with him.

The girl couldnt believe her ears and was full of excitement.

Zhang Xiaoya was totally shocked and hated the girl more than ever.

She could accept it if another girl replaced her, but she was unwilling to see her friend replace her.

“Miaojia, go!” The fat girl pushed the girl, whose name was Li Miaojia, forward.

It seemed that she was more excited than her friend.

She believed that Li Miaojia could get the role.

Li Miaojia thanked Gu Ning before she walked to Lu Zhan, and the fat girl followed her.

“Nice to see you, Director Lu.

My names Li Miaojia.

Thank you so much for giving me this chance,” Li Miaojia said to Lu Zhan.

“Go put on make-up and clothing now.

Whether you can get this role depends on you,” Lu Zhan said.

“I understand.” Li Miaojia smiled.

After that, she went to put on make-up and change clothing.

When Li Miaojia walked by Zhang Xiaoya, she stayed calm and said nothing.

Zhang Xiaoya, on the other hand, was full of hatred towards Li Miaojia.

Unfortunately, she could do nothing about it now.

She had been fired and replaced by Li Miaojia.

“What are you still doing here Go now!” Lu Zhan shouted at Zhang Xiaoya.

Zhang Xiaoya had to leave.

Gu Ning walked to Lu Zhan at this time.

“I just heard from the fat girl that Li Miaojia was the top one on the list for this role, but she had a bad stomach-ache and missed the chance.

I think she deserves a second chance.”

Gu Ning was telling Lu Zhan that Li Miaojia was merely a stranger to her, so Lu Zhan could make the decision without considering her influence.

“Well, lets see how her performance with the wire work is,” Lu Zhan said.

When other people saw Gu Ning talking with Lu Zhan, they realized that they were close to each other.

Lu Zhan asked Gu Ning later, “Did you come here as the investor or a visitor” He didnt know how to greet Gu Ning now.

Gu Ning smiled.

“As the investor.”

“Great.” Lu Zhan also smiled.

“Boss, do whatever you want, I need to go back to work now.”

“Sure,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left to see the leading actors.

All the leading actors had their own lounge which was also a make-up room.

When a make-up artist was about to put make-up on Li Miaojias face, Zhang Xiaoya walked over.

Yang Yang, who was the fat girl, gave her a cold glance, but said nothing.

Li Miaojia directly ignored Zhang Xiaoya.

Zhang Xiaoya was mad and dashed in front of Li Miaojia and questioned her.

“Li Miaojia, did you do it on purpose Why did you come here today Why did you compete against me for this role Are you getting revenge on me”

Other people in the make-up room were surprised and turned to look at them.

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