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Chapter 1284:Have a Competition with Brave Eagle

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She didnt understand why Gu Ning was still willing to help her after they had such a strong disagreement.

She had to admit that Gu Ning was very generous.

At the same time, she was also amazed by Gu Nings ability, because her life was still in danger before Gu Ning came to see her.

Du Jingtong began to admire Gu Ning now.

Gu Ning left for the capital after staying in City B for a few days.

Although Leng Shaoting wasnt in the capital, she still called Master Leng and invited him to dine together.

She also didnt forget to call Jiang Zhongyu and Master Xu.

They were happy to hear from Gu Ning, and agreed at once.

They were going to meet at the same old place.

It was only 2 pm, so Gu Ning went to the Shengning Organization first.

Because Gao Yi and Qiao Ya stayed by her side, she didnt stay in Leng Shaotings house this time, and instead stayed in the house Chen Cangyi prepared for her.

She also asked for a car.

Gu Ning thought that her Lamborghini was too noticeable, so she was reluctant to drive it.

She preferred an off-road vehicle, which had more space and was more comfortable.

After Gu Ning arrived at the capital, she went to pick up the car.

She didnt rush to see Chen Cangyi when she walked into the headquarters of Shengning Organization.

Instead, she planned to tour it.

Fenghua Entertainment already moved into this building.

It was on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor of Shengning Tower.

Gu Ning directly went to the 9th floor where the staff of Fenghua stayed.

It was working hours when Gu Ning came, so everyone was busy with their work. An Empress of Military Blood was being filmed, and all the actors were at the movie set now.

As the boss of Fenghua Entertainment, Gu Ning thought that she should visit them so she decided to do that the next day.

The leading male role in An Empress of Military Blood was a famous and skilled actor, Qiao Hanchen.

Gu Ning heard from Lu Zhan that Qiao Hanchen had been set up by his friend once before and his reputation had been badly damaged.

He had been arrested by the police and kept in the prison for several months.

Qiao Hanchen wasnt able to work again until he left the entertainment company he worked for.

After that, he didnt sign an agreement with another entertainment company, and worked alone.

Luckily, Lu Zhan didnt care about Qiao Hanchens past, and liked his acting skills and appearance.

Gu Ning supported Lu Zhan and she thought that it wasnt a bad idea to hire Qiao Hanchen.

When the news that Qiao Hanchen became the leading role of An Empress of Military Blood went abroad, his fans definitely felt happy for him, but there were also many other people attacking him on the Internet.

Gu Ning walked around Fenghua Entertainment for a while, then went to meet Chen Cangyi on the 17th floor.

She got the car key and was about to leave.

However, a man stopped her in the hall.

“Hi, boss, nice to meet you, Im Brave Eagle.”

Brave Eagle was the killer K hired not a long time ago.

He always wanted to see Gu Ning, and finally ran into her today.

“Brave Eagle Nice to see you, and welcome for joining us!” Gu Ning smiled at him and shook hands with him.

Although Brave Eagle worked for her, he was an outstanding worker, so Gu Ning paid more attention to him.

Brave Eagle was surprised that Gu Ning was so nice to him.

“Boss, do you have time now Can we have a competition of fighting skills for fun” Brave Eagle said.

He had asked K for permission, and K said that Gu Ning agreed, so he didnt want to miss the chance today.

“Sure, lets go to the dance room!” Gu Ning nodded.

Since she already agreed, she wouldnt turn him down.

She was free now anyway.

Hearing that, Brave Eagle was excited.

After that, they went to the 7th floor together.

There were several dance rooms on the 7th floor.

Some of them had a mat on the floor, so they chose a dance room with a mat to have the competition.

Once they were ready, the competition began.

Gu Ning was trying to make Brave Eagle believe that she was qualified to be his leader, so she wouldnt hesitate to use her full strength.

Brave Eagle understood that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl after watching many videos of her on the Internet.

He didnt think that he was able to do the same things as her.

In the first half minute, they seemed to be at the same level, but Gu Ning soon got control of the competition a few seconds later.

Brave Eagle was a little surprised, but he felt it was very exciting to have this competition against a kung fu master like Gu Ning.

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