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Chapter 1280: Du Jingtong Is Stabbed

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Selfish people never thought that they were wrong, and they even refused to admit their faults.

Gu Ning ignored them and told Gao Yi to drive ahead.

She knew that they wouldnt attack her right now because they were in the city center.

They would probably take action when they moved to the expressway.

Gu Ning was right.

The car followed them to the expressway.

Actually, Gu Ning was able to lose them if she wanted to, but she had no intention to avoid them.

Since they followed her, she decided to face them.

The four young men had no idea that Gu Ning already found them, and they knew very little about Gu Ning.

Although they were Masaichi Yoshidas bodyguards, they listened to his fathers orders.

They would call his father whenever they were going to do something important.

Therefore, when Masaichi Yoshida told them to attack Gu Ning, they asked for his fathers permission first.

Masaichi Yoshida understood that his father wouldnt allow him to do it if he learned more detailed information about Gu Ning so he didnt tell him anything.

On the freeway, it was generally not allowed to park casually, unless you reached some places where drivers were allowed to stop their car.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi to stop the car a while later, it was time for them to deal with those bodyguards.

Masaichi Yoshidas bodyguards didnt know why Gu Ning suddenly stopped, but it was exactly what they wanted, so they didnt think further and blocked Gu Nings way.

It seemed that they appeared out of blue, but Gu Ning was already well-prepared.

Each of the four bodyguards had a steel stick in their hands, because they knew that Gu Ning had cut off Masaichi Yoshidas little finger by herself, which meant she wasnt weak at all.

Therefore, they carried steel sticks with them.

In fact, they had no intention to kill Gu Ning, they just wanted to injure her.

However, they were doomed to fail because their opponent was Gu Ning.

They went straight to Gu Ning once they got out of the car, and Gu Ning along with her two bodyguards waited for them in silence.

Even though they had steel sticks and more people than Gu Ning, they were still no match for her.

Gu Ning and her two bodyguards didnt have any weapons, but they still easily beat up those bodyguards within a few minutes.

After that, they used those bodyguards steel sticks to beat them.

A short while later, those bodyguards were all beaten on the ground.

Gu Ning and her two bodyguards only injured them severely, but left them alive.

The four bodyguards were shocked by Gu Nings strength and fighting skills.

“I know that you were sent here by Masaichi Yoshida.

Go back and tell him that Ill disable him if he dares to do this again,” Gu Ning said in a cold tone.

Afterwards, she got in her car and left.

Once she was gone, Masaichi Yoshidas bodyguards called him and told him that they failed to injure Gu Ning.

Masaichi Yoshida was furious, but felt scared of Gu Ning at the same time.

He knew that Gu Ning would really disable him if he dared to attack her next time.

Besides, he didnt know any fighting skills, and he was too weak compared with Gu Ning.

The four bodyguards were seriously injured, so they couldnt drive now, and Masaichi Yoshida had to send a car to pick them up.

When Lin Fei got home, Lin Zhenteng asked him with care, “Fei, hows your relationship with Gu Ning”

“We just got to know each other a few days ago, today is the second time that weve met,” Lin Fei said.

“Why did she help you since you just got to know each other” Lin Zhenteng asked.

“Because she cares about friendship and is a very nice girl,” Lin Fei said with admiration.

He became Gu Nings fan now.

Lin Zhenteng nodded and agreed with Lei Fei.

“This girl named Gu Ning is really unbelievable, you must forge a closer relationship with her.

Do you understand” Lin Zhenteng said.

“I know,” Lei Fei replied.

Even if Lin Zhenteng didnt remind him to do that, he would still do it of his own accord.

When Gu Ning was back in City F, she booked a plane ticket to City B for the next day.

The next noon, Gu Ning and her two bodyguards arrived back in City B.

After the National College Entrance Examination, Gu Ning needed to go back to her school to finish the college application.

She could tell someone else to do it for her, but it was very important for her future, so she decided to do it herself.

It was time for lunch when Gu Ning got back to City B, so she went to dine with her two bodyguards.

During lunch, Gu Ning heard other people talking about the latest news which happened the day before yesterday.

A female SWAT named Du Jingtong was stabbed by a criminal when she went to rescue a girl.

She had been in the emergency room for six hours, but her life was still in danger.

Everyone had sympathy and respect for her.

When Gu Ning heard it, she frowned with worry.

Although she didnt get along with Du Jingtong, it was undeniable that Du Jingtong was a very professional and responsible SWAT.

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