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Chapter 1273: Masaichi Yoshida

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When it was only 10 minutes away from 2 pm, the exchange student from Country R finally showed up, and he came with four of his schoolmates.

The four of his schoolmates were actually his brown-nosers.

“His names Masaichi Yoshida, and its said that his family is very rich and powerful in Country R, so hes quite arrogant.

The four men are his schoolmates and brown-nosers,” Lin Fei said to Gu Ning.

Lin Fei hated the four brown-nosers.

Gu Ning simply gave them a glance and said nothing.

When they approached Lin Fei, they stared at him with an unkind look, but they were amazed by Gu Nings beauty once they saw her face.

Masaichi Yoshida even leered at Gu Ning, making her feel disgusted.

She made up her mind to teach him a lesson today.

“Alright, since were all here, lets go to pick a race car now,” one of them said.

“Well, I was trapped and injured yesterday, so I cant drive today.

Miss Gu will race with Masaichi Yoshida on my behalf.

Would you mind” Lin Fei turned to look at Masaichi Yoshida.

Lin Fei clearly knew that the trap was set by them, but he didnt have evidence so he couldnt question them.

It wasnt difficult for him to find the evidence, but he didnt want to worry his family.

He had no intention to swallow the humiliation either, and was determined to pay Masaichi Yoshida back.

Masaichi Yoshida and his brown-nosers panicked a little when Lin Fei said that he was trapped.

Actually, the four men didnt dare to hurt Lin Fei because of Lin Feis family background, but Masaichi Yoshida forced them to do it.

They couldnt act against Masaichi Yoshida, so they paid a bunch of hoodlums to do it for them.

However, because of Lin Feis family background, they only injured his hand so that he couldnt drive.

“I dont mind if this miss races with me, but there is one condition,” Masaichi Yoshida said.

“If I win, you need to sleep with me for a night,” Masaichi Yoshida said.

He didnt bother to hide his desire at all.

He had domestic servants and thought about sex all the time.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised.

Lin Fei, on the contrary, was furious.

When he was about to argue with Masaichi Yoshida, Gu Ning stopped him.

“Its fine.

Trust me, it wont happen.”

Hearing that, Lin Fei calmed down a little.

He trusted Gu Ning, but wouldnt allow other people to humiliate her like that.

Gu Ning stared straight at Masaichi Yoshida and said, “What if you lose I need to cut one of your fingers.

Do you agree”

Since he was shameless, she wouldnt be polite.

Moreover, Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl at all, and it was impossible for him to take advantage of her.

Masaichi Yoshida was struck dumb for a second.

“Masaichi Yoshida is an exchange student.

How can you set such a condition” One of Masaichi Yoshidas schoolmates defended him.

His argument amused everyone.

“What Do you think that Masaichi Yoshida is doomed to fail” Gu Ning said with disdain.

“If so, I dont think you should have the game with me.”

Hearing that, Masaichi Yoshida was displeased.

“Nonsense, I didnt say that!” the man denied it without delay.

“Since you didnt say that, you better be quiet now.

Masaichi Yoshida can make the decision on his own, right” Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow.

“Dont you know that youre annoying and noisy” Gu Ning lost her patience.

“Shut your mouth now,” Lin Fei said to support Gu Ning at once.

“You…” The man was full of anger, but he didnt know what to say now.

He was too weak in front of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning rolled her eyes at him, then turned to look at Masaichi Yoshida.

“Masaichi Yoshida, do you accept it or not” she asked.

“No problem.” Masaichi Yoshida looked confident.

Although he knew that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl since she came here to have the race on behalf of Lin Fei, he didnt think that he was going to lose.

He was determined to win the race.

In addition, he was attracted by Gu Nings beauty.

It was very exciting for him to subjugate her.

“Great, we can go to pick a car right now,” Gu Ning said.

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