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However, Gu Ning didnt think that Leng Shaoting had special feelings towards her, because she couldnt see any fondness in his eyes.

Actually, Leng Shaoting hadnt figured out what fondness was yet.

He only felt that Gu Ning was pleasant to get along with, even though she didnt seem elegant while she was eating.

After Gu Nings reminder, Leng Shaoting stopped staring at her.

Gu Ning continued to eating without feeling uneasy.

Although Gu Ning ate a lot, she still wasnt able to finish all the dishes.

She had ordered for two, but Leng Shaoting didnt eat at all.

Thus half of the dishes were left on the table.

Leng Shaoting would be paying the bill after all, so Gu Ning didnt need to worry about that.

After the meal, Gu Ning took out the gun handing it to Leng Shaoting.

“Its yours now.

Dont follow me anymore.”

Leng Shaoting looked at the gun, but he didnt take it back at once.

Instead, he felt a little disappointed when Gu Ning told him not to follow her anymore.

Suddenly, he was reluctant to take the gun back.

What was happening to him

“Do you want it or not If you dont take it, Ill regret now.” Seeing that Leng Shaoting stayed still, Gu Ning lost her patience.

She didnt know what was on his mind.

He was the one who urged her to give the gun back to him, but now he wouldnt take it himself.

“Do you really like this gun” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Yeah, will you give it to me because I like it” Gu Ning asked, but she didnt believe it.

If he would give it to her because she liked it, he wouldnt spend so much effort on chasing it back.

Never the less, why did he ask the question

Thinking about how Chen Meng hadnt defeated Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting blurted it out, “Ill give you a chance.

If you can persist for at least 10 minutes in a fight with me, Ill give it to you.”

Leng Shaoting didnt realize what he had just said until he said it.

However, he didnt regret it.

Somehow, he believed that Gu Ning wouldnt do any illegal things with the gun.

Most importantly, he wasnt willing to see her being unhappy.


Hearing that, Gu Ning felt puzzled instead of happy.

To persist for at least 10 minutes in a fight with him, and he would give the gun to her However, he was the one who had said that it was illegal to hold a gun secretly as an ordinary citizen.

Now he promised to give her a chance.

What was wrong with him

Besides, Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was better than Chen Meng.

She wasnt confident in being able to defeat him.

All of sudden, even Gu Ning, who had an agile mind, failed to understand.

Leng Shaoting was dissatisfied to see Gu Nings reaction.

Didnt she want this gun badly

Noticing Leng Shaotings face, Gu Ning immediately got her mind back.

No matter what Leng Shaoting meant, she certainly wanted the gun.

She answered without hesitation, “No problem.

Where should we have the fight”

Leng Shaoting was relieved to receive an affirmative answer.

He said, “Fenghua Luxury Mansion, the gym in C zone.”

Then, Gu Ning followed Leng Shaoting to leave for Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

They parked the car in the underground parking lot before heading to the gym in C zone.

Xu Jinchen had a card in this gym and Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen had come here several times these days.

Thus the boss knew them, and agreed to lend Leng Shaoting the place for 10 minutes.

It was the dinner time, so there werent many people inside.

Several men who were working out stopped to watch at once, when they heard that Leng Shaoting was going to have a fight with Gu Ning.

A tall, strong man versus a slim, young teenager.

No one believed that Gu Ning could win, but they also knew that they were competing for fun.

The two were ready, and the game began.

In the beginning, Gu Ning didnt use her full force, while Leng Shaoting apparently didnt want to hurt her.

Therefore, it was even.

Those onlookers were all surprised to see Gu Ning wasnt weak at all.

Appearance did lie.

As the time went by, both of them started to hit heavily, but obviously, Gu Ning couldnt beat Leng Shaoting.

No matter how hard she hit, Leng Shaoting was always able to do better than her.

Gu Ning actually had no ambition to defeat Leng Shaoting.

She only hoped that she could still stand after 10 minutes.

Thus whenever she felt that she was out of strength, she used her power to enhance her ability.

Therefore, it was also difficult for Leng Shaoting to beat her down.

Accordingly, Leng Shaoting was astonished, Gu Ning was even better than he had believed.

Leng Shaoting didnt want to defeat Gu Ning.

He didnt use his full force either.

He only controlled Gu Ning secretly and prevented her from winning.

Gu Ning wasnt dumb.

She knew what Leng Shaoting was doing, but she was confused by why he would do that.

She couldnt help thinking that Leng Shaoting liked her, so he pretended to be weak.

Ten minutes passed quickly.

Gu Ning didnt lose, so the gun was hers now.

A round of applause sounded.

Everyone looked at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning with admiration.

They didnt know that Leng Shaoting had pretended to be weak, and allowed Gu Ning to take advantage of it.

They had enjoyed the fight.

It was like a Hollywood action movie! And they had fought against each other face to face, while those movies all relied on special effects.

“Why did you pretend to be weak” Gu Ning walked to Leng Shaoting and asked him.

Leng Shaoting panicked a little.

He didnt answer her question, but warned, “If I ever find out that you used the gun to hurt innocent people, Ill get you myself.”

After that, Leng Shaoting ignored Gu Ning, stepping away directly.

Gu Ning was aware that he panicked.

Did he really like her Gu Ning wasnt sure, but if it was really that, she wouldnt reject.

She thought it was funny instead.

Maybe because she appreciated his handsome appearance, or because she had good opinions towards military officers.

In Gu Nings eyes, Leng Shaoting almost escaped away.

Indeed, Leng Shaoting left so fast because he panicked.

Gu Ning didnt go back home, but instead went to school.

She had only asked for a leave for this afternoon.

When she got to school, it was 10 minutes away from the evening class.

Gu Ning went straight to the head teachers office.

She planned to propose not attending the evening class from now on.

In the beginning, the head teacher disagreed.

It wouldnt be good for Gu Nings study, but Gu Ning promised that she would keep on studying hard, so the head teacher agreed in the end.


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