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Chapter 1269: Cant Help Wu Shaojie

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“What” Wu Shaojie was annoyed.

He understood that Qiang Ge refused to help him because of the two young girls, but he still didnt know who these two young girls were.

In fact, it was already very nice of Qiang Ge not to beat Wu Shaojie for Chu Peihan.

If Chu Peihan asked him to do that, he would do it without hesitation.

Qiang Ge had a good relationship with Wu Shaojies older brother, Wu Shaoming, and he got along well with Wu Shaojie afterwards.

In normal days, Wu Shaoming and Wu Shaojie had given him many benefits, so he was unwilling to ruin his relationship with them, but he had to give them up when he was forced to make a choice.

He absolutely couldnt annoy Chu Peihan.

Chu Xuanfeng was Situ Yes henchman, and he spoiled his only younger sister.

If he found out that Qiang Ge had treated his younger sister badly along with other people, Qiang Ge might lose his life.

Therefore, the only thing Qiang Ge could do now was to stay away from this mess.

“Very well.” Chu Peihan nodded with satisfaction.

She had no intention to make things difficult for him, because she was confident that she alone was able to beat up Wu Shaojie and his companions.

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun were simply strong boys, but she had learned many kung fu skills.

“Well, we dont want to bully you because we have more people than you do, so I can fight against the five of you by myself,” Chu Peihan said.

Since Chu Peihan said that, Gu Ning and the others moved aside and watched the drama.

Before Wu Shaojie and his companions could react, Chu Peihan punched them violently as if they were punching bags.

They finally realized that they had made a terrible mistake to cause Chu Peihan trouble.

Onlookers were all shocked when a girl easily beat up five young men by herself.

“Jesus, this girl is too unbelievable!”

“I cant believe my eyes.”

“Why are they fighting outside the Dihao Clubhouse”

Chu Peihan didnt use her full strength, but they werent lightly injured either.

After a while, Gu Ning told Chu Peihan to stop and Chu Peihan listened to her.

“If you dare to attack Hao Ran again, this is what youll get, probably more violent next time.” Chu Peihan warned Wu Shaojie.

Wu Shaojie said nothing, because he was too scared to say a word now.

He was surprised that Hao Ran had a close friend who was so excellent at martial arts.

Since Wu Shaojie already learned a lesson, Gu Ning and her friend went back to the private room.

It was still early, and they were unwilling to go home right now.

Gu Ning absolutely wouldnt let them have fun with injuries, so she took out two magical pills and gave them to Hao Ran and Qin Zixun.

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun took it, and they felt much better after a few minutes.

They were aware of how magical Gu Nings pills were, but they were still surprised by its great effect.

At this time, Qiang Ge sent Wu Shaojie to the hospital and called Wu Shaoming.

Qiang Ge didnt hide the truth from Wu Shaoming, and he told Wu Shaoming everything he knew.

Wu Shaoming understood that Qiang Ge was in a very difficult situation, so he didnt blame Qiang Ge for it.

As a result, Qiang Ge kept his good relationship with Wu Shaoming.

Gu Ning and her friends left the club at 11:30 pm, but they didnt go back home.

Instead, they went to have night snacks.

After having night snacks, it was already 1 am.

Su Anya called her family chauffeur to pick her up, and Chu Peihan also had a car, so they were responsible for driving their friends who lived in the same direction as them home.

Yu Mixi and An Yi sat in Gu Nings car, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun shared Chu Peihans, while Su Anya drove Mu Ke home.

Although Leng Shaoting drank a little, it was fine for him to drive a car.

However, Gu Ning still told him to take a magical pill, in case the traffic police stopped him.

When Yu Mixi arrived at her home, she reminded Gu Ning and An Yi to not forget to dine with her family at her new home in Jiahua Garden tomorrow afternoon.

Although Yu Mixis new home in Jiahua Garden was ready for a family to move in, Yu Mixis family wouldnt do that until tomorrow.

Because the apartments in Jiahua Garden were very popular, most of them were already reserved even before they were put on the market.

About 80% of the apartments in Jiahua Garden were sold out right after they were put on the market, and 30% of the buyers already moved in.

Although the occupancy rate wasnt high, it wasnt low either because Jiahua Garden was a new living area.

All in all, Jiahua Garden sold out its apartments at a very high speed.

Even though Fenghua Luxury Mansion was the most popular living block in this city, it was too expensive.

As a result, about 20% of its houses were still on sale.

After driving Yu Mixi home, Leng Shaoting needed to send An Yi home.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion when both Yu Mixi and An Yi were home.

Leng Shaoting stopped the car in the underground parking lot.

He turned off the light in the car, but neither Gu Ning nor him got out of it right away.

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