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“If you arent buying an apartment, why did you come in here” Saleswoman B said and she looked at Gu Ning with jealousy.

She was jealous of Gu Ning because Gu Ning was very stunning and there was an unusually handsome man standing beside her.

This saleswoman wasnt smart, nor did she have the correct opinion about herself.

If she was outstanding, she could have an excellent man as her boyfriend too.

“I didnt say that I wont buy an apartment.” Gu Ning argued.

“I just said that we want to look around by ourselves.

Maybe Ill buy one if I find a suitable one.”

“Can you really afford an apartment Do it to show us your ability!” Saleswoman C said in a provocative tone.

“Dont be so aggressive! Theyre our potential clients, and we should be polite to them.” Saleswoman A was annoyed, but she wasnt their leader, and her words didnt work.

“Its exactly because you dont know who can really afford an apartment, that you cant sell a single apartment,” Saleswoman B said with disdain.

“Great, Ill buy an apartment to show you whether she can sell an apartment,” Gu Ning sneered.

She was mad and she decided to teach the two stupid saleswomen a lesson.

Hearing that, Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C were both surprised.

However, they didnt think that it was a big deal.

“So what It has nothing to do with us!” Saleswoman B said.

“If I can afford an apartment here, you two should quit your job right away.

You arent qualified to work in Shenghua Real Estate,” Gu Ning said.

“Right, theyre rude and unprofessional!”

“We dont want to look at the apartments anymore if they still work here.” Several other people in the hall supported Gu Ning.

Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C were displeased, but they thought it was just a joke.

“Who do you think you are Why should we quit our job just because you can afford an apartment”

Saying that, they turned to the other people who just supported Gu Ning and said, “If you dont want to look at the apartments, you should leave now.

We wont force you to stay.”

“You…” Many people in the hall were furious and they wanted to walk out, but Gu Ning stopped them.

“Please stay here.

They should leave, instead of you.”

“Ridiculous!” Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C snorted with disdain.

Gu Ning put on a cold smile.

“Do you want to know who I am Youll know very soon.”

After that, Gu Ning said to Saleswoman A, “I need two houses, A-05 and A-06.”

These two houses had the best locations, and An Guangyao kept them for Gu Ning.

Saleswoman A, nevertheless, apologized to Gu Ning.

“Miss, Im sorry, both A-05 and A-06 are reserved for another client.

Would you please look at other houses”

“Its fine.

You can tell your manager to meet me, and see whether hell sell them to me,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

Although Saleswoman A didnt believe it, however, she couldnt handle this on her own, so she left to report it to her manager.

Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C, on the contrary, still had no idea that they were in big trouble now.

“Miss, even if your family is rich, I dont think that you can buy these two houses, because our boss kept them for a special client.”

They were talking about An Guangyao without doubt.

However, An Guangyao kept the two houses exactly for Gu Ning.

“Youll know later, and youre going to lose your job today,” Gu Ning said.

The two saleswomen now felt a little scared.

Gu Ning looked too confident, so they started to think that Gu Ning might really have the ability to make them lose their job.

Before long, their manager came.

The sales manager didnt know that Gu Ning was actually the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate, but he was aware that both A-05 and A-06 were reserved for her.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu!” The sales manager politely greeted Gu Ning.

An Guangyao had told him to treat Gu Ning as best as he could, which meant Gu Ning was a very important figure.

He had heard a lot about Gu Ning before, and he also knew that Gu Ning was the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

“Hi, I come here to see A-05 and A-06,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem, you can have a look at them first.

If youre satisfied, we can go fill out the forms,” the sales manager said.

Hearing that, all the saleswomen were shocked.

They finally realized that both A-05 and A-06 were reserved for Gu Ning.

Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C were frightened now.

“We dont need to rush,” Gu Ning said, then pointed at Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C.

“I dont think theyre qualified to work here, because theyre very rude to potential clients.”

The sales manager understood Gu Nings intention, so he said to Saleswoman B and Saleswoman C without delay, “You two are fired.”

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