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Chapter 1255: Another Way of Making a Living

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Once Sun Chao and Guo Yiyang were gone, Gu Ning walked to the side of the pond.

“Come out now.”

The jiao heard Gu Nings voice and it came out without delay.

“Master, the little thing has already been swallowed by me.”

The python indeed was merely a little thing compared with the jiao.

“Get those rock columns down to cover this pond.” Gu Ning pointed at several nearby large rock columns.

“Sure, master.” The jiao wrapped a rock column with its tail and easily pulled it down.

A single rock column definitely wasnt enough to fully cover the pond, so it went to move more rock columns.

Although the python was already dead, the pond was very strange, and nobody knew whether there would be another monster.

Even if several rock columns couldnt stop a powerful monster, it was a sign that this way didnt lead to the outside world.

Within several minutes, Gu Ning caught up to Sun Chao and Guo Yiyang.

They walked fast, but Gu Ning was faster than them.

About half an hour later, they finally reached the entrance of the cave.

Li Maosong and Zhao Jiangquan were both restless and they kept glancing into the cave.

It was torture to wait for those who they cared about.

Anyway, Gu Ning solved the problem much more efficiently than they thought possible and she only stayed inside for an hour.

They didnt know that Gu Ning had the jiaos help, and she also had a pair of Jade Eyes.

Nothing could make them feel happier than seeing Guo Yiyang coming out safely.

The second Li Maosong and Zhao Jiangquan saw Guo Yiyang, they burst into tears.

“Uncle Li, Jiangquan, Im so sorry that I worried you.” Guo Yiyang also cried and apologized to Li Maosong and Zhao Jiangquan.

“Were glad that youre fine.” Li Maosong and Zhao Jiangquan wiped their eyes.

After that, they thanked Gu Ning again.

“Alright, lets go to have dinner.

Im hungry,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, right, lets go back right now.” Li Maosong urged them to leave.

They then climbed down the mountain together.

“Miss Gu, this is a small village and there is no good restaurant.

The town is also far away.

Do you mind dining in my place” Li Maosong asked.

“Of course not,” Gu Ning said.

A dozen minutes later, they went back to Li Maosongs home, and Li Maosong cooked for them.

Li Maosongs parents passed away at an early age, so he learned to cook and take good care of himself.

He had cleaned his home when he came back, and there were many vegetables and meat in the fridge.

Although they dressed themselves like ordinary people, they were actually very rich.

They were successful grave-diggers after all, and each of them had over a hundred million yuan.

They didnt care much about clothing brands, but they were willing to spend money on food.

Therefore, they had many kinds of quality food ingredients.

Zhao Jiangquan helped Li Maosong cook, while Sun Chao and Guo Yiyang rested on the side because they had just been through a very dangerous situation.

Gu Ning went to the living room and waited for dinner.

When Sun Chao and Guo Yiyang went back to the living room, they began to chat with Gu Ning.

About 40 minutes later, dinner was ready and they started to enjoy it.

After dinner, Gu Ning asked them, “Do you plan to continue to be grave-diggers Have you ever considered changing your profession Grave-digging is illegal after all and its very dangerous.

You could be killed at any time.

I cant go with you every time either, so you wont be lucky forever.”

Hearing that, they were struck dumb for a second.

They indeed had the idea to find another way of making a living, but they didnt have a good idea yet.

If Gu Ning wasnt with them, they might lose their lives in the future.

Although they already had enough money, they were reluctant to live a boring life.

However, they honestly had no idea what else they could do.

“Well, we did have the idea to work in another industry.

Like you just said, grave-digging is illegal and dangerous.

We might lose our lives next time without your help, but we dont know what else we can do.”

“We dont know how to run a business, nor do we have other skills.

Were not interested in ordinary work either, so we have no idea what to do now,” Li Maosong said.


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