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“Fulin, could you please listen to me” Jiang Ze said in a hurry.“Why I already told you that there is nothing to talk about between us.

Please stay away from me,” Zhang Yanni coldly said.

When she wanted to walk away from Jiang Ze, Jiang Ze stopped her again.

“Fulin, youre my real love but Zhang Yanni kept bad-mouthing you behind your back.

I believed her words back then, so I had a bad impression of you.”

“I later found out that she was lying to me on purpose.

Youre totally not the kind of person she described.

Can you give me another chance”

Jiang Ze said that to Zhao Fulin because he wasnt afraid that Zhao Fulin might tell Zhang Yanni.

If Zhao Fulin believed him and accepted him again, it wouldnt matter even if Zhang Yanni found out.

If Zhao Fulin still refused to accept him, he would deny what he had said to her.

Jiang Ze was really a selfish man.

Zhao Fulin was surprised when Jiang Ze told her that.

She knew that there was a secret relationship between Zhang Yanni and Jiang Ze, but she didnt know why Zhang Yanni had betrayed her.

To her astonishment, Zhang Yanni had criticized her like that in front of Jiang Ze.

However, given what Jiang Ze had done to her before, she wasnt sure whether she should trust him right now.

No matter what, it was meaningless in her eyes because she already gave them up.

“Jiang Ze, I dont care whether its true or not, because its meaningless in my eyes now.

I wont tell Zhang Yanni anything about our conversation.

You didnt seize the chance to be my boyfriend and so be it,” Zhang Yanni said and continued to walk ahead.

“Fulin, do you have to be so cold-blooded” Jiang Ze seemed hurt and stopped Zhao Fulin once more.

He felt sad, not because Zhao Fulin refused to accept him, but because he might lose a lot if Zhao Fulin didnt give him another chance.

In his eyes, Zhao Fulins family wealth could be his one day if he could marry Zhao Fulin.

Unfortunately, he lost this great chance to become rich and successful because of Zhang Yanni.

Even though he blamed Zhang Yanni for everything, he didnt dare to argue with her right now.

Jiang Ze was simply a freeloader.

“Im cold-blooded How could you say that Were merely schoolmates from the beginning to the end,” Zhao Fulin said.

“Jiang Ze, if you keep insulting me, Ill call the police.”

Hearing that, Jiang Ze was scared and let Zhao Fulin walk away without stopping her again.

Zhao Fulin rolled her eyes at him and left at once.

Jiang Ze was reluctant to give up, but he could do nothing about it right now.

In City F, Gu Ning and her friends walked together to the woods after lunch to cool themselves down because of the hot weather.

During these days, Gu Ning went to school like every other student and she sometimes talked with Leng Shaoting on the phone.

Leng Shaoting was very busy recently, so he didnt have much time to contact Gu Ning.

The National College Entrance Examination was about four days later.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning received Li Maosongs call on her way to the canteen.

“Hi, Uncle Li,” Gu Ning said.

“M-Miss Gu, help, help!” Li Maosong sounded terrified on the phone.

“What happened” Gu Ning got anxious.

“Im in Xiaoli Village, a small village in County X, City G right now, and there is a large cave.

We encountered a python in it and Guo Yiyang was bitten by it.

Jiangquan and I have successfully escaped, but Guo Yiyang and Sun Chao are still missing.

I dont know whether theyre still alive, so I have to turn to you for help…” Saying that, Li Maosong almost cried.

It seemed to be an emergency.

Guo Yiyang and Sun Chao were his close brothers, and he was worried about their safety.

Gu Ning was able to kill a zombie, so it couldnt be difficult for her to deal with a python, so Li Maosong called Gu Ning as soon as possible.

“Ill be right there, but Im in City F now.

I cant take a plane, because its too slow, so Ill drive myself.

I think I can arrive at City G in about two hours,” Gu Ning said.

She was willing to help them out.

Li Maosong and the other men had risked their lives with her before, so she couldnt abandon them when they were in danger.

Even though the National College Entrance Examination was only a few days away, she believed that she could handle it well.

It only took an hour to get to City G from City F by plane, but she wasnt sure whether she could get the earliest plane ticket right away.

Even if she could, she had to spend at least half an hour on the way to the airport.

And she would probably have to spend more time waiting for the earliest flight.

Anyway, she would rather drive a car on her own.

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