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The National College Entrance Examination was around the corner now, so they all focused on their studies once the class began.Although Gu Ning was the top one student in her grade, she hadnt had classes for a long time, so she also needed to review for the exam.

Gu Ning had an unbelievable memory, but it would only give her a big advantage after she read her textbooks.

Zhang Qiuhua knew that Gu Ning was an excellent student, but she was worried about Gu Nings studies too, given that Gu Ning had been absent from classes for such a long time.

Accordingly, she kept asking Gu Ning to answer her questions during the class.

To her surprise, Gu Ning could alway give her perfect answers.

Gu Nings classmates were impressed too.

Even though Gu Ning was as outstanding as usual, none of her classmates was jealous of her.

Instead, they all admired her.

After the class, Gu Ning and Yu Mixi left the classroom and went to meet Mu Ke and Chu Peihan.

They gathered together with their friends and left for the canteen.

When other students saw them along the way, they were envious of their close relationship with Gu Ning.

“Oh, Ningning, my family is going to move into a new apartment after the National College Entrance Examination, so my mother told me to invite you all to share a meal together at my new home,” Yu Mixi said to Gu Ning.

Apartments in Jiahua Garden were available on the market now, but it took time for the decoration and furnishing.

Although An Guangyao had finished the furnishing and decoration for Yu Mixis family, it still needed another three months to air the apartment.

Therefore, they couldnt move in until June.

“Sure!” Gu Ning said.

“How about your relatives Have they caused your family more trouble these days” Gu Ning asked Yu Mixi.

“Nope, theyre very quiet,” Yu Mixi said.

“Glad to know that!” Gu Ning smiled.

Yu Mixis relatives were a heavy burden on her family.

“Dont worry.

If they dare to cause your family trouble again, we can help you and teach them an unforgettable lesson,” Mu Ke said.

“Exactly!” Hao Ran and the others agreed.

On their way to the canteen, Gu Ning and her friends heard many students talking about her.

“Isnt she Gu Ning Ive heard a lot about her, but I cant believe it.

I dont think shes able to be so successful at such an early age without playing some dirty tricks.”

It was a girl who was bad-mouthing Gu Ning.

She was impressed by Gu Ning in some aspects, but she refused to believe the other things achieved by Gu Ning.

It was not only Gu Ning who heard it, but also Chu Peihan and the others, and they were mad at once.

They were very familiar with Gu Nings personality, and they knew that Gu Ning was an independent and strong girl.

The girl was scared by Chu Peihans angry look and closed her mouth, but she still believed what she chose to believe.

“Its fine.” Gu Ning stopped her friends from arguing with the girl.

“Is she an idiot or something” Qin Zixun said in anger.

Actually, Gu Ning indeed had something other people didnt have to help her succeed.

It was the telepathic eye space, which was Gu Nings secret.

However, the girl obviously attacked Gu Ning because she thought that Gu Ning had sold her body for money or fame.

“How could someone be so dumb in todays society If anyone doesnt know how to behave themselves, we can teach them if they need a lesson,” Mu Ke said loudly so that everyone around them was able to hear him.

He meant to let other students know that Gu Ning had their support and that Gu Ning wasnt weak at all now.

Other students around them agreed with him.

No matter what Gu Ning had done to gain her success today, she had become successful as she wanted.

The girl who had bad-mouthed Gu Ning behind Gu Nings back felt frightened and quickly walked away.

She probably wasnt clear about Gu Nings family background, but Gu Nings friends couldnt be clearer about it now.

Gu Ning was Master Tangs biological granddaughter and her boyfriend was the famous Lord Leng in the capital.

Nobody in this country wanted to mess with her.

A few minutes later, Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the canteen.

At the same time in City B.

Jiang Ze planned to see Zhao Fulin personally, but he thought that Zhao Fulin wouldnt be willing to see him, and he didnt want Zhang Yanni to know about it.

Therefore, Jiang Ze made an excuse and refused to dine with Zhang Yanni that afternoon before he asked one of his acquaintances to call Zhao Fulin to go out and meet in the woods.

The acquaintance didnt know what had happened between Zhao Fulin and Jiang Ze, so he agreed.

Since he called Zhao Fulin to talk about something with her, Zhao Fulin didnt think further and agreed to see him.

However, when she walked to the appointed place and saw Jiang Ze, she realized what was happening and turned around to leave without hesitation.

Jiang Ze ran to stop her at once.

“Move!” Zhao Fulin sounded very cold.

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