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Tao Jiayis father was on a business trip yesterday, but he came back today and stayed home with Tao Jiayi.

Therefore, Tao Jiayi told her father that they would have several guests.Gu Ning and Xiao Mingshan stopped their cars under the building where Zhang Qiuhuas family lived.

When Xiao Mingshan got out of his car, he opened the trunk and took out many boxes of expensive gifts.


Wang had told him that Tao Jiayi had powerful support behind her, so he had prepared many gifts to show his sincerity.

It proved that he did the right thing.

Xiao Mingshan wasnt dumb, and he knew what he should do to get himself an advantage.

“Chairman Xiao, you didnt need to do that.” Zhang Qiuhua was surprised the second she saw the gifts in Xiao Mingshans hands.

She didnt know when Xiao Mingshan had prepared so many gifts in his car, but soon figured it out.

It must have been Mr.

Wang who had told him to be well-prepared.

Xiao Mingshan was a successful businessman after all.


Tao, its nothing,” Xiao Mingshan said with a smile.

Zhang Qiuhua then said nothing.

After that, she guided Gu Ning, Xiao Mingshan, and Xiao Beibei to her home.

Tao Jiayis father welcomed them once they showed up.

Zhang Qiuhua already told her husband that Xiao Mingshan was very kind and polite, so her husband didnt seem mad.

Although Xiao Mingshan behaved politely because of Gu Ning, Zhang Qiuhua was still satisfied with his attitude.

After they were all seated, Xiao Mingshan apologized to Tao Jiayis father again.

Without delay, he brought Xiao Beibei to apologize to Tao Jiayi in Tao Jiayis room.

Because Xiao Beibei had bullied Tao Jiayi, Tao Jiayi looked scared when she saw Xiao Beibei.

However, Xiao Beibei didnt dare to bully her again from now on.

At the beginning, Xiao Beibei hesitated to apologize to Tao Jiayi, but Xiao Mingshan gave her a warning look, which scared her.

“Im sorry, Tao Jiayi.

I shouldnt have bullied you, and its my fault.

Could you please forgive me this time” she said.

Xiao Mingshan taught Xiao Beibei to say that in case Xiao Beibei didnt know how to apologize.

Although Xiao Beibei sounded reluctant, nobody paid much attention to it.

“Sure,” Tao Jiayi said.

Afterwards, Xiao Mingshan took out an envelope and gave it to Tao Jiayis father.


Tao, there is thirty thousand yuan inside, which is Jiayis medical fee and mental damage compensation.

I also put my name card in it.

If you need my help, please feel free to contact me.”

Thirty thousand yuan was a lot, and it was more than enough to pay Tao Jiayis medical fee.

Tao Jiayi had a slight concussion, but it wasnt a serious problem.

As for the mental damage compensation, ten thousand yuan was actually enough.

Xiao Mingshan gave them thirty thousand yuan for the sake of Gu Ning.

Nevertheless, nobody was aware that Gu Nings magical pills were much more expensive.

A single magical pill cost at least a million yuan!

Gu Ning gave Tao Jiayi a magical pill for free, because she knew that Tao Jiayis family couldnt afford it.

“Thanks.” Tao Jiayis father took the envelope, because his family needed it.

Xiao Mingshan was a busy businessman, so he didnt stay in Tao Jiayis home for long.

After paying the fee, he left with Xiao Beibei.

Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua also went back to their school.

Before Gu Ning left, Tao Jiayis father repeatedly thanked her.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, this problem wouldnt have been solved so smoothly.

Because it went smoothly, it didnt take Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua very long.

When they got back to their school, all the students were in the middle of the third class.

Gu Ning was unwilling to interrupt her teacher and classmates, so she went to have a rest in Zhang Qiuhuas office.

Only Gu Ning dared to do that, because other students all stayed far away from their head teachers.

Gu Ning went back to the classroom once the third class was over.

The moment Gu Ning showed up in the classroom, her classmates turned to ask her with concern.

“Hey, Gu Ning, we saw you walking out with our head teacher.

What did you leave to do”

“Why did you leave together with our head teacher”

Gu Ning understood that they cared about her, so she explained.

“We left to deal with something together, but its already done.”

She didnt bother to tell them details, and the other students didnt ask further either.

No matter what it was, it was done now.

Even though Gu Ning didnt want to talk about her relationship with their head teacher, her classmates refused to leave, and they surrounded Gu Ning to compliment her.

As Gu Nings desk-mate, Yu Mixi almost went crazy.

Gu Ning also felt a little annoyed, but she knew that her classmates were kind people, so she said nothing about it.

Luckily, the next class soon began and they left at once.

“Ningning, my eardrums almost broke!” Yu Mixi complained.

Gu Ning felt embarrassed and touched her nose.

“Sorry, Ill tell them not to do that again.”

She couldnt tolerate it either.

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