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Gu Ning and Chu Peihan separated on the third floor.Most of the students stood at the door of the classroom and stared at Gu Ning with excitement.

“Come on, lets go into the classroom now.” Gu Ning smiled at them.

Her classmates moved aside at once to let her walk inside, then they followed her.

Wu Qingya and Yang Yulu, however, turned their heads away because they didnt dare to meet Gu Nings eyes.

Without Shao Feifeis support, neither Wu Qingya nor Yang Yulu dared to act against Gu Ning now.

After the morning reading class, Zhang Qiuhua went back to her office.

She picked up Tao Jiayis injury report and she was ready to go to Tao Jiayis school.

Gu Ning already had an agreement with Zhang Qiuhua, and she was going to help Zhang Qiuhua with it.

The principal allowed them to leave halfway through class because of Gu Nings influence.

Gu Ning then said to Yu Mixi, “Mixi, I need to deal with something, and I wont come back for the afternoon classes, but Ill dine with you at noon.”

“What Why” Yu Mixi was surprised.

Gu Ning just came for the morning reading class, and now she was leaving again.

Anyway, since Gu Ning needed to deal with something in person, Yu Mixi knew that it had to be important.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left with the other students staring at her back.

Without delay, she went to Zhang Qiuhuas office.

In the office, Wang Chengqi and Jiang Yuan were there too, and their eyes lit up when Gu Ning appeared.

“Good morning, Professor Wang and Professor Jiang.” Gu Ning politely greeted them.

“Good morning, Gu Ning!” Wang Chengqi and Jiang Yuan smiled at her.

Zhang Qiuhua quickly packed her stuff up and then they left together.

Once Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua were gone, Wang Chengqi and Jiang Yuan began to talk about them.

Both of them wished that Gu Ning was their student.

When Zhang Qiuhua and Gu Ning walked out together, many students turned to look at them, but none of the students dared to greet them.

However, although they didnt dare to greet Zhang Qiuhua and Gu Ning, they talked about them once they walked away.

“Hey, I just saw Gu Ning walking out with Professor Zhang.

Does anyone know what theyre going to do”

“Really Where did they go”

“No idea.”

“They must be leaving to deal with something together.”

“Yeah, it must be something important.”

“Do you know what theyre going to deal with”

“No idea.”


Yu Mixi didnt know that Gu Ning left with their head teacher until then, but she didnt know the reason either.

However, no matter what happened, Yu Mixi believed that Gu Ning was able to handle it well.

Zhang Qiuhua and Gu Ning went to the nearby parking lot, and they went straight to Tao Jiayis school.

When Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua set off, it was already 8:05 am.

About 20 minutes later, they finally arrived at the No.2 Middle School.

Gu Ning parked her car before she walked in with Zhang Qiuhua.

It was time for class, and outsiders werent allowed to go inside, but Zhang Qiuhua was the parent of a student who studied there, so she was permitted to enter the school.

Zhang Qiuhua called Tao Jiayis head teacher, whose surname was Yan, afterwards.


Yan had told Zhang Qiuhua to call her once they arrived, so Zhang Qiuhua did it without hesitation.


Yan then told them to meet her at the Office of Student Affairs.

At 8:40 am, Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua arrived at the Office of Student Affairs.

The dean, Ms.

Yan, and a man around 30 years old were in the office.

The man was Mr.

Wang, who was the head teacher of the girl who had bullied Tao Jiayi.

However, the girls parents hadnt shown up yet.

The dean was a slightly fat man in his early fifties who didnt look like a snobbish person.

Before Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua came, Ms.

Yan told the dean that Gu Ning had a good relationship with the director of the Central Hospital and that she believed that Gu Nings family was very powerful.

Accordingly, when Gu Ning and Zhang Qiuhua came, the dean had to be kind to them.

“Nice to see you, Professor Zhang and Miss Gu.”

“Nice to see you too, Mr.

Yang,” Zhang Qiuhua said and sat down, followed by Gu Ning.


Yang was the dean of this middle school.

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