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Gu Ning believed that Le Zhengyu could handle it without her in the following days.“Thank you so much, Miss Gu.” Le Zhengyu thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

“My pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

She was willing to help Le Zhengyu for the sake of An Qian.

Le Zhengyu understood it too.

After hanging up the call with Le Zhengyu, Gu Ning received his message and she sent what she had found to his email box.

Although Gu Ning already told Le Zhengyu what she had found out, Le Zhengyu was still mad when he read the email.

Since he was aware of their purpose right now, he absolutely wouldnt allow them to fulfill it.

He wanted a promotion with a higher salary, but he had never thought to get it by dirty means.

The official announcement hadnt been made yet, but he had to be well-prepared in case they successfully trapped him.

After that, Le Zhengyu called An Qian.

At this time, An Qian was in her apartment thinking about what was happening to Le Zhengyu.

She knew that Gu Ning could help Le Zhengyu, but she was still worried about him.

Her phone was in her hand all the time, so she was able to pick up Le Zhengyus call the second he called her.

When she heard about the scheme, she was furious at those who schemed against Le Zhengyu behind his back.

Because the official announcement about his promotion hadnt been made yet, Le Zhengyu didnt tell An Qian that he could be the new director in their company.

The next day, Gu Ning got up early to go run.

Even though Gu Ning was improving her martial arts, she still needed to keep exercising.

Many kinds of monsters and ghosts had appeared in her life these days, and Gu Ning didnt know what she would encounter in the future.

In that case, she had to better herself in order to protect herself from danger.

After running in the morning, Gu Ning got back to her home and took a bath.

She then put on her school uniform and left for her school.

Gu Ning hadnt worn her school uniform for a long time, and she almost forgot that she was still a high school student.

She was going to meet Tao Jiayi at 9 am, so she would leave for her school at 8 am that morning.

Gu Ning drove her car to her school, because she needed it later.

Although many teachers had a car in their school, Gu Ning thought that it wasnt appropriate to often borrow a car from her teacher.

Besides, nobody was willing to lend his or her car to another person, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Gu Ning finished her breakfast on her way to the school.

Their school didnt allow random cars to enter it, so students had to park their cars in the nearby parking lot if they drove themselves to school.

Therefore, Gu Ning left her car in the nearby parking lot before she walked into her school.

However, once she showed up, many students recognized her.

“Jesus, isnt that Gu Ning”


“She finally came to school!”

“Im so excited to see her.”

“Shes the famous Goddess Gu.”

“Im a big fan of hers!”


They kept complimenting Gu Ning and even took photos of her.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, didnt pay much attention to them and walked ahead alone.

Coincidentally, Qin Zheng wasnt far away from her and was with his friends, Fu Mingliang and Zhang Yiming.

He heard the noise and turned to look at Gu Ning.

The moment Qin Zheng saw Gu Ning, he was struck dumb.

He was afraid to meet Gu Nings eyes, so he pulled Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang while walking away.

Gu Ning actually noticed them, but didnt think that it was a big deal.

Gu Xiaoxiao had been severely punished, but Qin Zheng hadnt, but she didnt care about it right now because she was too busy recently.

Qin Zheng kept a distance away from her anyway, so she didnt bother to waste time on him.

After they walked far away, Zhang Yiming said, “Change is the only constant, and the wheel of fortune turns.

She became a billionaire within just half a year! Its so unbelievable.”

“Yeah, I hope she wont pay us back for bullying her before,” Fu Mingliang said in fear.

They had hated and bullied Gu Ning before, but it was undeniable that they were scared of her and admired her right now.

“I dont think shell pay us back, because she could have done it a long time ago if she really wanted to do so,” Zhang Yiming said.

Qin Zheng had mixed emotions of fear and regret right now.

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