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Gu Ning and her friends soon left.Only she and Hao Ran drove here, so they had two cars, but they could accommodate them.

The girls all sat in Gu Nings car, while the boys shared Hao Rans.

After that, they headed to a KTV bar.

On the way, Gu Ning asked An Qian, “Is Zhengyu busy today”

“Yeah,” An Qian said.

Because Le Zhengyu was the general manager, he was always occupied by work, especially these days.

“Is he going to meet the people whore responsible for the promo video” Gu Ning asked.

An Qian understood what Gu Ning meant, and she said, “No, he isnt.”

That night, they enjoyed themselves.

However, because they needed to attend classes tomorrow, they didnt stay out very late and went home at 11 pm.

Gu Ning drove An Qian home with her car.

When they were alone, Gu Ning said to An Qian, “I already found out Zhu Yinyins dirty secret.”

Hearing that, An Qian got excited and asked in a hurry, “What have you found out”

Gu Ning then told An Qian the rough situation, because she hadnt found out many details yet.

An Qian felt disgusted after knowing that Zhu Yinyin had an affair with her own boss.

“Since shes already her bosss mistress, why cant she leave Zhengyu alone Why would her boss allow her to do that” An Qian asked with confusion.

“I think that her boss probably doesnt care about it, or they must be doing it for a certain purpose.

I need to talk to Zhengyu about it first,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning wasnt an impulsive person, and she wouldnt threaten Zhu Yinyin once she got evidence, because she didnt know whether Le Zhengyu had realized that there was something wrong with Zhu Yinyin.

If Le Zhengyu was aware of the reason why Zhu Yinyin kept bothering him and still stayed in touch with her, he must have his own plan.

She might ruin Le Zhengyus plan if she went to see Zhu Yinyin without his permission.

An Qian nodded and agreed.

“Should we meet Zhengyu now”

“Yes, call him right now,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” An Qian said and took out her phone.

When she was about to call Le Zhengyu, Le Zhengyu called her first and she picked it up at once.

“Hi, Zhengyu, are you free now”

“Yes, I just walked my client out,” Le Zhengyu said.

“How about you Are you home yet Do you need me to pick you up”

He knew that An Qian left with Gu Ning.

“Im on my way home.

Since youre free now, can we meet each other right now Gu Ning has something to tell you,” An Qian said.

“No problem, where are you now” Le Zhengyu asked.

“We can meet outside the block where you live,” Gu Ning said when An Qian turned to look at her for the answer.

They had almost reached An Qians home now.

An Qian then said to Le Zhengyu on the phone, “We can meet outside my home.”

“No problem,” Le Zhengyu said, then told his secretary to drive him to the block where An Qian lived.

Because Le Zhengyu drank tonight, he couldnt drive himself.

Five minutes later, Gu Ning and An Qian arrived at the appointed place, and Le Zhengyu came about three minutes later.

Gu Ning told An Qian to call Le Zhengyu to tell him to get in her car.

Le Zhengyu soon found Gu Nings car and got in it.

“Hi, Miss Gu, whats wrong” Le Zhengyu asked Gu Ning the second he closed the car door.

“Well, An Qian just told me that theres a woman named Zhu Yinyin who wont leave you alone, and I wanted to help An Qian deal with the woman, then I found out about her affair with her boss through amorous photos.

Its abnormal that her boss would allow her to chase another man when shes his mistress, so I thought there must be something wrong with it.

You should be careful,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Le Zhengyu was shocked.

He didnt expect that Zhu Yinyin would have an affair with her own boss.

He felt disgusted afterwards.

“I havent found anything wrong with Zhu Yinyin yet, but I do think its abnormal that our company suddenly let me be in charge of this ad.

It should be Manager Qians work, but our director gave the job to me without giving me a persuasive reason,” Le Zhengyu said.

“I also have a suspicion that theyre scheming something.”

After all, business was a battlefield.

Le Zhengyu was also a manager in their company, and he had many bitter conflicts with Manager Qian.

They had often argued with each other in the company before.

Manager Qian was supposed to be responsible for this ad, but the director suddenly gave this job to Le Zhengyu, which made him feel quite strange.

However, he failed to find out the truth, so he had to focus on his work.

“I think this project could be very complicated,” Gu Ning said with a serious face.

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