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“Fine, do whatever you want,” the young teacher said.After that, they went to check Tao Jiayis injuries.

Although Tao Jiayis teacher was a little snobbish, she still was a responsible teacher and she didnt leave Tao Jiayi alone.

On their way to register, Gu Ning ran into An Guangming.

“Hi, Miss Gu, been a while!” An Guangmings eyes lit up at once.

“Miss Gu, what happened” An Guangmings sight fell on injured Tao Jiayi.

“Director An, nice to see you.” Gu Ning greeted An Guangming.

“Well, this girl is my head-teachers daughter, and she was injured by her schoolmates.

We need to do an injury check right now.”

An Guangming nodded.

When Gu Ning mentioned the injury check, he understood what she was going to do.

However, Tao Jiayis teacher was astonished when Gu Ning called An Guangming Director An.

She couldnt believe that Gu Ning was able to know the director of this hospital, and they seemed familiar with each other.

It seemed that Gu Ning was from a powerful family too.

Thinking of that, the teacher believed that it was highly possible, or Gu Ning wouldnt insist on punishing those bullies.

“Miss Gu, please follow me this way,” An Guangming said, which meant there was no need for them to register.

Hearing that, Tao Jiayis teacher was surprised again.

“Thank you so much, Director An,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, they followed An Guangming to the VIP section to check Tao Jiayi.

A few minutes later, the report was out.

Tao Jiayi had a slight concussion and her wounds needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

“Will it affect her life and study” Zhang Qiuhua was nervous.

“Normally its fine, but she needs to stay at home for at least a week.

If she feels uncomfortable, she must come here for a further check,” the doctor said.

Actually, Gu Ning could help Tao Jiayi to have a full recovery, but she couldnt tell Zhang Qiuhua right now.

After that, the doctor went to deal with Tao Jiayis wounds.

During this time, Gu Ning asked An Guangming, “Director An, is An Qian on duty today”

“Yes,” An Guangming said.

“Great, we havent seen each other for a long time, and shes about to get off work now.

I thought we could share a meal together,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning hadnt thought of An Qian before she came here, but she wanted to invite her to have dinner together.

If An Qian knew that she came here but didnt tell her, she would be mad.

“Oh, shes in a bad mood these days, but shes unwilling to tell me the reason.

If its possible, please help me comfort her,” An Guangming said.

He looked worried.

An Qian didnt have many friends, and he knew that Gu Ning was a very kind girl.

Gu Ning agreed, and she thought that maybe An Qian wasnt happy because of a romantic relationship.

An Qian lived a good life at her age, and Gu Ning couldnt think of another reason why she would be unhappy all of a sudden.

“Sure, Ill ask her later,” Gu Ning said.

After Tao Jiayis wounds were treated, Gu Ning told the doctor to write a bill, then she gave it to Zhang Qiuhua.

“Professor Zhang, you can go to pay the bill right now, and we can go to ask for medical expenses and compensation for mental damage later,” Gu Ning said to Zhang Qiuhua.

An Guangming understood that the bill was useful for Gu Ning, so he didnt pay it for her.

“Sure,” Zhang Qiuhua said and left.

Gu Ning didnt go with her and stayed in the room.

After knowing that Gu Ning was familiar with An Guangming, Tao Jiayis teacher was very sure that Gu Ning was from a powerful family now.

She also changed her attitude towards Gu Ning.

Although the girl who bullied Tao Jiayi was from a powerful family as well, the girls parents were not as influential as An Guangming.

Therefore, Tao Jiayis teacher thought that the girl was certainly going to be punished.

When Zhang Qiuhua left to pay the bill, Gu Ning called An Qian and told her that she was in the Central Hospital now.

Gu Ning also invited her to dine with her and her schoolmates.

An Qian had been in a bad mood recently, but she was delighted to see Gu Ning.

Afterwards, Gu Ning sent a message to their WeChat group and said that they would meet them later.

Since Gu Ning decided to help Zhang Qiuhua, she thought that she should drive them home too.

“Professor Zhang, if youre willing to trust me, I need to tell you my idea,” Gu Ning said to Zhang Qiuhua when Zhang Qiuhua came back.

“Sure,” Zhang Qiuhua said.

“I hope that the girls parents, especially her father, can go to the school at 9 am tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

Tao Jiayis teacher understood that Gu Ning took it very seriously.

Gu Ning continued, “Professor Zhang, you need to ask for leave for a day, and well meet them at the Academic affairs office with the injury report.”

“Sure, I can call the girls teacher now, and the girls teacher will contact her parents,” Tao Jiayis teacher said.

“Great,” Gu Ning said, and Tao Jiayis teacher went to make the call.

When Tao Jiayis teacher was absent, Gu Ning had some questions to ask Tao Jiayi.

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