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“Why Dont you know the reason yourself” Zhao Fulin sneered.

“Jiang Ze, I dont know what Ive done wrong for you to team up with Zhang Yanni to make fun of me.

If you dislike me, you can directly tell me.

I wont annoy you even if you reject me.

I almost gave up on you, but you gave me hope, then joked about my life.

If I hadnt been lucky, I would have died already.”“You…” Jiang Ze rounded his eyes in shock.

He couldnt believe that Zhao Fulin already found out their dirty secret.

At this moment, Zhang Yanni came.

When she saw Jiang Ze talking with Zhao Fulin, she was annoyed.

However, before she could say anything, Jiang Ze questioned her.

“Did you tell her”

He knew that he and Zhang Yanni had indeed done something terrible to Zhao Fulin, but he had no thoughts to let Zhao Fulin know about it, especially after knowing that Zhao Fulins family could be very rich.

To his astonishment, Zhao Fulin was aware of everything now.

“What” Zhang Yanni just arrived, so she didnt understand what Jiang Ze was asking her.

“Neither of you told me; I found out myself,” Zhao Fulin said.

“I am probably slow on the uptake, but Im not dumb.”

Actually, Zhao Fulin should thank Gu Ning.

If it hadnt been for Gu Nings kind advice, she wouldnt have found out the truth.

“Fulin, its a misunderstanding.

I had no intention to make fun of you!” Jiang Ze was anxious.

“You clearly know what you did.

Both of you should stay away from me from now on!” Jiang Ze said and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Jiang Ze.

“Jiang Ze!” Zhang Yanni was mad seeing that.

Since Zhao Fulin already found out, there was no need for them to explain it, unless Jiang Ze was attracted to Zhao Fulin again.

Thinking of that, Zhang Yanni was furious, but she blamed Zhao Fulin for it.

Even though Jiang Ze was actually interested in Zhao Fulins family, Zhang Yanni still believed that it was Zhao Fulins fault.

Because Zhang Yanni was so deeply in love with Jiang Ze, she lost her reason.

“Let me go!” Zhao Fulin was angry and shrugged Jiang Zes hand away.

“Fulin!” Jiang Ze panicked.

“Jiang Ze, Im not as shameless as you.

Youre the ones going to be embarrassed if it becomes a sensation,” Zhao Fulin said in a cold tone and left.

Jiang Ze didnt dare to stop her this time, in case it became a sensation.

However, he wouldnt give up, and he was determined to find out more details about Zhao Fulins family background.

If Zhao Fulins family was better than Zhang Yannis, he would put the blame on Zhang Yanni to gain Zhao Fulins forgiveness.

In other words, Jiang Ze would get whatever he wanted by hook or by crook.

“Jiang Ze, what do you mean She already found out, so why do you still want to explain it Do you regret it now” Zhang Yanni questioned Jiang Ze after Zhao Fulin was gone.

“No, dont misunderstand me.

Didnt you tell me that she isnt a good girl and likes defaming other people Im afraid shell say something terrible about us to damage our reputation.” Jiang Ze argued.

Before he was sure that Zhao Fulins family was better than Zhang Yannis, he had to maintain a good relationship with Zhang Yanni.

That way, if he found out that Zhao Fulins family wasnt better than Zhang Yannis, he would still be together with Zhang Yanni.

“Really” Zhang Yanni asked Jiang Ze, although she already believed his words.

“I mean it,” Jiang Ze said.

Since he said that, Zhang Yanni closed her mouth, and they went to dine together.

Gu Ning and her bodyguards arrived at City F when it was about 1 pm, so they took a taxi to have lunch.

It was Monday, and Gu Ning had decided to go to her classes tomorrow.

Since Gu Ning was back in City F now, she decided to invite her friends to dine together and she mentioned(@) them in their WeChat group later.

Gu Ning seldom showed up in the WeChat group, so her friends got excited seeing her message.

Although the National College Entrance Examination was around the corner, they still needed time to relax.

They told Gu Ning that they wanted to have seafood in a famous five-star hotel, and Gu Ning agreed.

Anyway, she didnt lack money at all.

Speaking of seafood, Gu Ning suddenly remembered that there was a giant yellow croaker in her telepathic eye space now.

It was a very rare and expensive fish, so Gu Ning wouldnt take it out right now.

She decided to take it out when Master Leng visited the Tang family, because it would be a big surprise for them.

After lunch, Gu Ning and her bodyguards went back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

Once they arrived, Gu Ning told Gao Yi to clean her car, because she needed it later.

The Land Rover was parked in the garage for a long time, so there was a thick layer of dirt over it.

Gu Ning felt sleepy when she walked into her home, so she decided to have a nap in her bedroom.

Gao Yi, on the other hand, didnt go back to his apartment, and left to clean Gu Nings car.

Half an hour later, Gu Ning got up and left her home.

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