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“Wow, Im surprised that Zhao Fulin has a group of so many successful friends,” Jiang Ze said.Hearing that, Zhang Yanni panicked a little and said with disdain on purpose, “Shes lucky, but not kind.

As long as Gu Ning knows more about her, she will be abandoned.”

Zhang Yanni wasnt confident about herself, so she did everything to keep Jiang Ze by her side.

However, she didnt know that Jiang Ze was actually snobbish.

One of the reasons why he chased Zhang Yanni was that Zhang Yanni was a local citizen in City B.

Zhang Yannis family was involved in business, and her family bought a bachelor-style apartment for her.

Jiang Ze, on the other hand, was from a small city and his family wasnt rich, so he couldnt afford a bachelor-style apartment in City B.

Therefore, even though Jiang Ze couldnt afford a house in City B, he hoped that Zhang Yanni could help him.

Zhang Yanni only had a bachelor-style apartment, but she was much richer than those young people who had no place to live at all.

In addition, Zhang Yanni was the only daughter in her family, and her familys wealth would be hers in the future.

Jiang Ze also understood that he wasnt outstanding among his peers in City B, so he didnt dare to chase a girl of much higher social position than him.

“It seems that theyre at a luxurious party from the background of the photos.

Normally, only either rich or powerful people could attend a party like this.

What does Zhao Fulins family do for a living” Jiang Ze asked all of a sudden.

Hearing that, Zhang Yanni got nervous.

“I dont know, but she was very jealous of me after knowing that I have my own apartment,” Zhang Yanni said.

It meant that Zhao Fulins family couldnt afford an apartment.

It definitely wasnt the truth, and Zhang Yanni deliberately said it to stop Jiang Ze from getting interested in Zhao Fulin.

In fact, Zhao Fulins family was much richer than Zhang Yannis family.

Besides, Zhao Fulins parents already bought a large downtown house for her.

She also had a winery which was worth millions of yuan along with an expensive car under her name.

Therefore, Zhang Yanni was super jealous of Zhao Fulin.

However, Zhao Fulin didnt want to live alone, and the house was too big for her, so she always wanted a smaller apartment.

She was still a college student, and her parents thought that a house was enough for her, so she decided to buy an apartment on her own in the future when she had a job.

Although Zhang Yanni said that, Jiang Ze still felt it wasnt right.

“Really The gown shes wearing in the pictures is a designer brand, and it costs at least 10 thousand yuan.”

Zhang Yanni was displeased.

“Who knows It could be fake and cost just hundreds of yuan.”

Jiang Ze closed his mouth and dropped the topic, but he still had doubts in his mind.

He decided to find out the truth later.

Even though Zhang Yanni was Jiang Zes girlfriend now, Jiang Ze didnt want to miss the chance to rise to a higher social position.

He didnt care about Zhao Fulins behavior as long as he could benefit from their relationship.

Gu Ning didnt go back with Tang Haifeng, and instead took a taxi home.

Her family members knew that she wasnt a weak girl, so they agreed to let her go back home alone.

At the same time, they still reminded her to be careful.

Gu Ning then went to the river and put the jiao back into the telepathic eye space before she went home.

It had been a long day.

Jiang Ze was also back in his dorm room and he called Zhao Fulin without delay.

At this moment, Zhao Fulin was drying her hair after taking a bath.

Seeing Jiang Zes call, Zhao Fulin remembered that she hadnt blacklisted his number yet, and she did it right away.

Although she still felt sad and disappointed because she really had liked Jiang Ze, her dignity was more important in her eyes.

Jiang Ze was annoyed when Zhao Fulin refused to answer his call.

He kept calling her again and again, but he couldnt get through to her, then he found out that Zhao Fulin just blacklisted his number.

Why would she do that

Jiang Ze didnt understand it.

Since Zhao Fulin refused to answer his calls, he started to send her messages on WeChat.

Jiang Ze: Why are you refusing to answer my calls

He was questioning her.

However, the message failed to send to Zhao Fulin because Zhao Fulin had already deleted him from her friend list.

Jiang Ze was furious, and almost smashed his phone on the ground.

The next morning, several of Zhao Fulins classmates surrounded her once she showed up at the classroom.

They had all seen the photos Zhao Fulin posted on her WeChat moments, and they were envious of her.

Zhang Yanni was full of jealousy now that Zhao Fulin was the focus of peoples attention.

“Hi, Fulin, I saw the photos you posted yesterday.

Are you a friend of Gu Nings” Zhang Yanni couldnt help but ask Zhao Fulin.

“Yeah, we met at a party yesterday,” Zhao Fulin said under the anticipation of their classmates.

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