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“As long as Ningning is unwilling to do it, they can do nothing about it,” Tang Haifeng said.Gu Ning definitely had no interest in basketball, and she needed to focus on her studies now.

When it was almost 5 pm, Tang Yunfan and Gu Man got home, followed by Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua.

They came back home to put on formal clothes for the birthday party.

The men were all in suits, while the women were in gowns.

It was a party among people from high society, so everyone had to show up in formal clothing.

Therefore, Gu Ning also went to put on a beautiful dress.

She had a room in the Tang family house.

Although she seldom stayed in the Tang family house, there were many female clothes prepared for her in the room.

Even if Gu Ning married into another family in the future, her room would still be there in the Tang familys house.

Gu Ning was a young beautiful girl with slim build, so she already looked very attractive in a simple white dress.

“Ningning, youre really pretty, and you look very attractive even in a random dress.” Tang Haifeng complimented Gu Ning with a broad smile.

Gu Ning didnt wear any make-up.

Because of her magical power, her skin was flawless so there was no need for her to put on make-up.

“Ha-ha, thats because I have a beautiful family!” Gu Ning smiled.

“Youre right!” Tang Haifeng nodded.

“Let me be honest with you, Im the most good-looking man in my school,” Tang Jiakai said.

“Youre too self-satisfied!” Jiang Lihua criticized Tang Jiakai, although she had to admit that her son was indeed handsome.

“I mean it, and Ningning is the witness.

She saw a large group of girls around me in my school, and theyre all my admirers.” Tang Jiakai argued.

Jiang Lihua laughed and dropped the topic.

After they were all prepared, they left together.

They sat in a MPV with a private car at the front and back.

There were bodyguards in the two private cars to protect them.

They were super-rich people in this city after all.

The birthday party was held in one of the Jiang familys high-end houses.

Normally, a rich family wouldnt split, and all the members would live together in a large house.

Jiang Guangming was the eldest son of Master Jiang, so he was welcoming their guests with his wife now.

Once the Tang familys car stopped at the gate of the house, the couple walked to welcome them with a warm smile.

“Hi, everyone, welcome!”

They were very familiar with each other.

“Nice to see you again,” Jiang Lihua said.

“Glad to be here,” Tang Jiakai said.

“Nice to see you all,” Tang Yunhang said.

Although the Jiang family wasnt as rich and influential as the Tang family, they got along with one another very well.

“Please come on in!” Jiang Guangming said to them.

When the Tang family arrived, all the invited guests were almost present.

There werent many people at the party; overall there were only 45 invited guests in all.

And all of them were close to the Jiang family.

The party was a buffet, and everyone enjoyed it.

Other guests all moved forward to greet the members of the Tang family, because it was the most powerful family in the room tonight.

Members of the Tang family were very kind and they wore a smile all the time.

However, the Tang familys social status was much higher than other guests, so other guests still felt a little pressure.

“Jiakai, Miss Gu, if you feel bored chatting with the older generation in the hall, you can go to the backyard to have fun with Jiamin and Minhong,” Mrs.

Jiang said to Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning already joined the Tang family, she kept her name as Gu Ning, so other people still called her Miss Gu.

“Sure,” Tang Jiakai said.

Although he disliked Jiang Yutong, he got along with Jiang Minhong and Jiang Jiamin.

Gu Ning also agreed.

After that, they went to the backyard.

There was a tea pavilion in the backyard, and the younger generation were enjoying themselves at this time.

Nevertheless, Jiang Yutong and Jiang Jiamin argued with each other again.

Jiang Yutong accidentally knocked Jiang Jiamins wine glass over and the wine was splashed on Jiang Jiamin, but Jiang Yutong refused to apologize and even blamed Jiang Jiamin for it.

Jiang Jiamin was very angry and poured a glass of wine on Jiang Yutong, then they began to argue with one another.

When they were arguing loudly, Jiang Minhong sat still and told other people to keep on drinking and eating, because he knew that his older sister wasnt weak at all.

However, if Jiang Jiamin couldnt win, he would definitely stand up and help her.

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