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Gu Ning ordered a pot of tea for them after they sat down.“May I know your relationship with the girl and the boy” Gu Ning asked Zhao Fulin.

“The girl is my classmate, and the boy is a grade senior to us,” Zhao Fulin said.

“Well, Im probably going to tell you something you may not want to hear.

The girl isnt really kind to you.

At least I have that feeling.

The boy isnt a good man either.

I dont know why you came here with them to do such a dangerous activity, but I saw his face filled with obvious disdain after you went into shock,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Zhao Fulin was shocked.

She couldnt believe that Jiang Ze didnt care about her at all.

Gu Ning continued, “Whether you believe it or not, Im saying this for your own good, and thats all I can say.

You should protect yourself well.”

Zhao Fulin wasnt mad because of what Gu Ning said to her.

Instead, she was lost in thought.

She was simple-minded, but wasnt dumb and she was able to realize the truth as long as someone helped her point it out.

Therefore, Zhao Fulin began to notice many problems she couldnt notice before.

She had confessed her affection to Jiang Ze before, and he told her that he only liked brave girls.

He liked roller coasters, bungee jumping, and other extreme sports, and he hoped his girlfriend could do that with him.

If she could do that, he might consider accepting her.

Zhao Fulin had acrophobia, so she gave up back then.

Zhang Yanni, her classmate, however, encouraged her to accept the challenge, and even told her bungee jumping wasnt as scary as she thought, and since she liked Jiang Ze, she should fight for Jiang Zes love.

Under Zhang Yannis encouragement, Zhao Fulin agreed.

Although she had agreed to do it, she now realized that it was simply Zhang Yannis scheme.

Other than that, Zhang Yanni had done many things behind Zhao Fulins back to compete for Jiang Ze.

There must be something wrong.

Zhao Fulin was mad thinking of what Zhang Yanni had done to her.

At this moment, Zhang Yanni was about to bungee jump on the launching pad.

She had done it several times before, so she wasnt scared of it anymore, and she thought that it was very exciting.

Gu Ning knew that Zhao Fulin found out the truth after seeing her expression, so she stood up and was ready to leave.

“You can have a good rest here, and I already paid the bill.”

“Wait a second.” Zhao Fulin stopped Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much for your help.

If it hadnt been for you, I would have been dead already.”

Zhao Fulin was still very young, and she was unwilling to die.

“Oh, thank you for your kind suggestion as well, and I should return your favor and kindness.

I feel embarrassed that you even paid the bill for me.”

Although the tea cost very little in Gu Nings eyes, Zhao Fulin thought that she shouldnt let Gu Ning pay the bill for her.

“Its fine, I dont mind,” Gu Ning said, and left.

Zhao Fulin wanted to say something again, but Gu Ning was already gone.

Gu Ning walked outside and went straight to the bungee jumping facility.

As soon as she walked into the elevator, she noticed Zhang Yanni moving back to the shore after jumping down and Jiang Ze was waiting for her at the shore.

When Zhang Yanni stepped to the shore, Jiang Ze immediately reached out his arm to help her, and it was obvious that there was chemistry between them.

Luckily, Zhao Fulin realized it now.

“Where is Zhao Fulin” Zhang Yanni asked Jiang Ze at once.

If Zhao Fulin just passed out, Jiang Ze would think that it was funny and even gloat over her failure, but he wasnt in the mood to do that right now.

“Zhao Fulin suffered shock, and a girl saved her life.

Shes having a rest in the teahouse right now,” Jiang Ze said.

“What Really” Zhang Yanni was scared too.

Although she planned to make fun of Zhao Fulin, she had no intention to kill Zhao Fulin.

If Zhao Fulin died, she would be blamed.

Zhang Yanni schemed against Zhao Fulin because Zhao Fulin fell in love with the man she admired.

It was true that Zhao Fulin liked Jiang Ze, but Zhang Yanni also admired Jiang Ze, however, Zhang Yanni wasnt aware of it.

As a result, Zhao Fulin became Zhang Yannis competitor in love.

Zhao Fulin was prettier and better than her at studying, so she was jealous of Zhao Fulin.

When they saw Jiang Ze together, Jiang Ze always paid more attention to Zhao Fulin, which made her even more jealous of Zhao Fulin.

Therefore, she played some tricks to attract Jiang Zes attention and defamed Zhao Fulin.

Zhang Yanni was good at acting, so Jiang Ze gradually believed her and had a bad impression of Zhao Fulin.

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