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“Ha-ha, I know.” Gu Ning smiled.“Is there anything you cant do” Jiang Zezheng said.

“Well, Ningning is good at everything in my eyes!” Cao Wenxin joined their conversation.

“I feel so blessed and lucky to have Ningning as my family member.”

“Not only you; I also feel so lucky to be Miss Gus friend,” Jiang Zezheng said.

They laughed together with joy.

Once Gu Ning and her friends were gone, Qin Zifeng called his mother.

“Mom, does Master Tang have a biological granddaughter” Qin Zifeng asked.

“A biological daughter” Qin Zifengs mother was struck dumb for a second, then said, “Oh, right, her names Gu Ning.

Tang Yunfan just had a wedding not a long time ago, and the bride was his girlfriend from about 19 years ago.

Tang Yunfan had disappeared for a year back then, and fell in love with the woman at that time.

They had a daughter and the girl is a member of the Tang family right now.”

“Theyve been apart for 19 years Is the girl really his biological daughter” Qin Zifeng asked again.

He refused to believe that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans biological daughter, because he hated her.

Although he wasnt injured, Jiang Dina was heavily injured, and he wanted to get revenge for Jiang Dina.

Actually, he loved Jiang Dina deeply.

Even if Jiang Dina had a bad temper, he was willing to tolerate her.

However, he knew that Jiang Dina had no affection towards him, and Jiang Dina only took him as her good friend.

In order to stay by Jiang Dinas side, Qin Zifeng gave up the idea of becoming her boyfriend.

“They closely resemble each other, so they must be father and daughter,” Qin Zifengs mother said.

“Why do you ask”

“Nothing, Im just curious,” Qin Zifeng said.

“Dont lie to me.

Did you cause trouble again” Qin Zifengs mother said.

“No, I didnt.” Qin Zifeng denied it at once.

“I met Cao Wenxin today, and heard her talking about the Tang familys biological granddaughter and I just got curious about it.”

Qin Zifengs mother warned him then.

“No matter what you think of the girl, you better not annoy her.

Gu Ning is a really outstanding young girl and she has companies with assets of over a billion yuan at this point.

The Tang family likes her very much.”

Knowing that, Qin Zifeng was shocked.

He couldnt believe that Gu Ning was able to be so successful at such a young age.

In addition, she was loved and cared for in the Tang family.

In that case, he had to be careful if he planned to pay her back.

Gu Ning and her friends soon reached the place where they were about to bungee jump, and heard people screaming once they walked near.

“Wow, its so exciting!” Gao Chengyun said.

Gao Chengyun had bungee jumped several times before, so he wasnt scared of it.

However, he was still nervous because it was indeed frightening when you jumped down from a great height.

“Oh my, I have goosebumps now,” An Ran said, looking scared.

“Me too.” Zhu Yuanzhen agreed.

An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen wouldnt jump this time, because they had acrophobia[1].

“Although I have already done it once, Im still nervous this time,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Ningning, have you done it before Are you nervous”

“Yeah, but Im fine now,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre really mentally-strong,” Cao Wenxin said.

Actually, Cao Wenxin almost cried the first time.

However, she still wanted to do it again.

“All of you have done it at least once before, but Ive never tried it,” Jiang Zezheng said.

He almost wanted to escape right now.

Nevertheless, he was afraid that his friends might laugh at him, so he had to summon up his courage to do it.

Because An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen wouldnt jump, they stayed under the launching pad.

“Will you jump” Gu Ning asked Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya exchanged a glance of interest with each other, and Gu Ning noticed it, so she said, “Great, you two can join us.”

They used to be professional killers, so they were very interested in extreme sports.

“Ill pay the bill today, and no one should compete against me for it!” Cao Wenxin said.

“Nobody will!” Gao Chengyun laughed.

“Are you laughing at me” Cao Wenxin pretended to be mad.

“Im not.

Im just joking,” Gao Chengyun said.

Cao Wenxin snorted and closed her mouth.

There were the fewest people waiting to bungee jump at this amusement park.

Bungee jumping was one of the extreme sports, but it was safe.

However, it was also very dangerous in the aspect of medical issues.

[1] The fear of heights.

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