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Chapter 1216 Jiang Dina Punches Cao Wenxin

Gu Ning was free that morning, and she planned to dine with her family in the Tang familys house that afternoon before she left for City F the next morning.

She had stayed in City B for several days, and suddenly remembered that she hadnt seen Cao Wenxin for a long time.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning called Cao Wenxin.

“Hi, Ningning, where are you now” Cao Wenxin picked up the call and said with excitement.

“Im in my apartment in the Huafu Hills right now.

Where are you” Gu Ning asked.

“Im outside now, and Im going bungee jumping later with my friends.

Why dont you join us” Cao Wenxin said.

Gu Ning got interested and said, “Sure! Where is it Im coming.”

She had bungee jumped before in her previous incarnation, and she thought that it was very exciting.

After her rebirth, she had a lot of things to deal with and gradually forgot about it.

However, she was free today, so she would definitely go have fun with her friends.

“Great, see you then,” Cao Wenxin said, then sent Gu Ning the address.

Gu Ning then changed her clothing and left her house with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

The place they were going to go bungee jumping was far from the city center.

Because Cao Wenxin and her friends set off earlier than Gu Ning, Gu Ning arrived there 20 minutes later than them.

However, before Gu Ning showed up, they went to play in the other recreational facilities in the amusement park and they ended up getting into trouble.

They didnt cause any trouble themselves, instead other people caused them trouble.

As soon as Cao Wenxin and her friends came to a shooting place, she ran into some of her acquaintances and one of them challenged her.

“Hey, Cao Wenxin, do you dare to have a round with me”

It was a girl who was the same age as Cao Wenxin.

She was tall and beautiful, but Cao Wenxin was still prettier than her.

With her were two men and a woman, and they were all her friends.

Cao Wenxin and her friends were displeased to see them.

She didnt want to talk to the girl, but the girl wouldnt let her go.

“What Are you afraid that youll lose” the girl said with obvious disdain.

Her name was Jiang Dina, and her father was also an important figure in a military region.

She grew up with Cao Wenxin and Gao Chengyun, but her father ranked higher than Cao Ruihua and Gao Chengyuns father, so she always thought that she was better than Cao Wenxin and Gao Chengyun.

What was worse, Jiang Dina also hung around with many brown-nosers in the military region, and they always bullied the kids they disliked.

Cao Wenxin and Gao Chengyun refused to listen to Jiang Dina, so there were two groups of kids in the military region and they often fought against each other.

Now, even though they already grew up, they still hated one another as usual.

In fact, Cao Wenxin never bothered to pay much attention to Jiang Dina, but Jiang Dina started trouble every time because she was jealous of Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin wasnt as good as Jiang Dina at shooting and martial arts, and she lost to Jiang Dina every time.

However, Cao Wenxin was much prettier than Jiang Dina and her performance in school was also more outstanding than Jiang Dina.

As a result, Cao Wenxin was very popular among the boys, and their parents had a good impression of her too.

“I know youre better than me at shooting, but I dont think youre as charming as me, because you have a bad temper,” Cao Wenxin said.

Jiang Dina was actually good-looking as well, and she had many admirers, but her bad temper scared many men away from her.

Cao Wenxins words annoyed Jiang Dina and she shouted, “Cao Wenxin, how dare you say that to my face!”

Cao Wenxin ignored Jiang Dinas anger and continued, “Jiang Dina, youll know how happy a woman with good temper can be once you have a boyfriend one day.”

She purposely said that to irritate Jiang Dina, because she had a loving boyfriend now.

The happier Cao Wenxin was, the angrier Jiang Dina was.

Jiang Dina was impulsive and raised her fist to punch Cao Wenxin without hesitation.

Cao Wenxin was used to Jiang Dinas bad temper, so she could normally protect herself well.

However, she was distracted when she thought of Xin Bei, so she failed to avoid Jiang Dinas fist.

Gao Chengyun who stood by Cao Wenxins side went ahead to protect Cao Wenxin at once, but he was stopped by one of Jiang Dinas male friends.

The man was Qin Zifeng, and his father was a senior colonel in the military.

They all grew up together in the same military region, so they all had learned many fighting skills.

Because of Qin Zifeng, Gao Chengyun wasnt able to protect Cao Wenxin.

Jiang Zezheng, An Ran, and Zhu Yuanzhen hadnt practiced kung fu before, so they were all stunned and stood still.

The next second, Jiang Dina directly punched Cao Wenxin in the face.

Cao Wenxin felt great pain and there was blood flowing out from her nose.

“Wenxin!” Cao Wenxins friends were shocked, and Jiang Zezheng ran forward without delay because he was a man.

Unfortunately, Jiang Dina easily threw him over her shoulder and he fell to the ground.

Even though Jiang Zezheng was a man, he was no match for Jiang Dina.

Cao Wenxin was ablaze with fury and attacked Jiang Dina at once.

“Zezheng!” Zhu Yuanzhen felt like crying and ran to help Jiang Zezheng get back to his feet.

Zhu Yuanzhen and Jiang Zezheng were like a couple now, but they werent really together yet.

They still needed more time.

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