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“Of course!” Gu Ning said.

She then invited them to have a seat, “Please be seated!”

Zhou Zhenghong greeted them with great respect, “Its so nice to meet you, Master Bai, Master Yan and Master Fu.”

The order Zhou Zhenghong greeted them was opposite of Gu Nings, because Master Bai was the highest in rank among them.

Gu Ning didnt know that.

She only greeted them according to familiarity.

It was beyond Zhou Zhenghongs imagination that Gu Ning knew such influential men, especially Master Bai.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Zhou.” Master Fu and Master Yan knew Zhou Zhenghong, but they werent familiar with him.

Although they were curious about the relationship between Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong, they didnt ask, since it had nothing to do with them.

Zhou Zhenghong was thrilled to meet Master Yan and Master Fu.

“Are you really the woman we met yesterday” Master Bai looked at Gu Ning.

He was too surprised to believe it.

Master Bai had known it already, but wanted to make sure himself, because Gu Ning today was so different from yesterday.

“Yes! Otherwise I wouldnt know that youre Master Bai,” Gu Ning said with a smile on her face.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, youre right.

Youre really great to be so able at such a young age!” Master Bai complimented her plainly.

“Thank you so much,” Gu Ning replied.

“Please dont blame me for coming without an invitation,” Master Bai said.

“Of course not! It is my pleasure to have you here,” Gu Ning answered.

Although she didnt know Master Bais background, she knew that he must be very influential.

“Girl Gu, do be careful! Master Bai is here for a purpose,” Master Fu said like something bad was going to happen.

Hearing that, Master Bai was irritated.

“Master Fu, mind your words! Dont damage my reputation.”

“Then what are you doing here” Master Fu said with provocation in his eyes.

“Im here for Girl Gu.

I want to make a friend with her.

You can be her friends so I can too!” Master Bai argued.

Gu Ning couldnt help but snort with laughter.

She thought they were all lovely like adorable children, but it was time to order, so she interrupted them, “Alright, lets order first.”

They all knew that Gu Ning didnt lack money, so they didnt hesitate to order their favorites, but the dishes were all simple and good for health.

They werent expensive either.

“Girl Gu, what do you want Master Fu to help you with” Master Yan asked.

“Oh, Im going to open a jewelry company, and I need to settle the registration and some documents first.

I think itll be quicker if someone with power can help me in todays society.

Thus I hoped that grandpa Fu could help me,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt want to hide, because she needed their help too in the future.

“What Youre going to open a jewelry company” Both Master Yan and Master Bai were astonished and admired her as well.

She planned to run a start-up herself at such a young age.

She was indeed ambitious and determined!

“However, since Im a student now, I cant deal with everything myself.

Thus I hired Uncle Zhou to help me, and Ill be the boss behind the scene,” Gu Ning added.

Those masters all knew Zhou Zhenghong.

Although they werent familiar with him, they had heard that he was able to do that.

As for the reason why Zhoufu Jewelry suddenly had a different owner half a year ago, they also guessed correctly that it was because of Shao Ping.

They didnt know the relationship between Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong, and they had no intention to ask, but since Gu Ning let Zhou Zhenghong be in charge of the company, she must trust him very much.

This meant that they had to be close, so they didnt need to ask further.

However, if they had known that Gu Ning had only Zhou Zhenghong for a short time, they would have been shocked.

Not everyone could trust another person within a short time.

“My store will be opening soon.

Please come to attend my opening ceremony.

It will be of great help if you are all willing to come,” Gu Ning invited them.

“Sure, we will,” they answered without hesitation.

During the meal, the atmosphere was so harmonious that others would mistake them as a family! Other than Zhou Zhenghong; who was a little nervous.

Master Bai and other seniors were very influential after all.

Zhou Zhenghong felt slightly uneasy in front of them.

Master Fu would help them to inform the leader of the Industry and Commerce Bureau, but Zhou Zhenghong himself still needed to settle the documents.

However, with Master Fus help, it would be quick and smooth.

After that, Zhou Zhenghong only needed to invite them to a meal, and send them gifts.

With Master Fus influence, Zhou Zhenghong could skip those things.

However, he needed to build his network, so he still had to do those things.

After the meal, everyone was ready to leave.

The minute they left the restaurant, Master Yan said, “Girl Gu, please wait for a second.

Let me introduce a man to you.”

Gu Ning felt puzzled.

Meanwhile, Master Bai opened his mouth.

“Oh, your son is here as well!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning looked over.

She saw several middle-aged men talking ahead on the road, but at the same time, Gu Ning squinted suddenly with a coldness in her eyes.

A red spot was moving on a middle-aged mans face among them.

In the end, it stopped at the center of the mans eyebrows.

Without delay, Gu Ning dashed forwards.


Master Bai and others were surprised by Gu Nings sudden move.

What was wrong However, before they realized what was going on, the accident happened.

The middle-aged man was hit heavily by Gu Ning and fell down to one side.

The next second, the bullet, which was supposed to hit the man, missed him and hit a car behind him.

The sniper rifle had a silencer, so it didnt make a sound at all except for the sound when the bullet hit the car.

Normally the killer would retreat once he missed the first shot, but Gu Ning still looked in the direction of the bullet in case the killer tried a second time.

With her Jade Eyes, she was able to locate the killer accurately at once.

The killer was actually ready to leave, but he was frightened by a sudden cold look.

Although he couldnt see Gu Nings face clearly, he could judge that it must be a young girl.

He was surprised that the young girl was able to discover him.

She was also physically strong and mentally acute with a sharp look.

There was no more time for him.

The killer left right away.


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