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Chapter 1208 – Catch the Suspect

The jiao easily moved Gu Ning up to the third floor with its body.

Gu Ning then stepped on the balcony without making any noise.

She then put the jiao back into the telepathic eye space and fastened the miniature camera to her wrist with a rope, then turned it on.

At this time, Li Zhongwei and his teammates were already waiting in the parking lot of No.7 wharf.

Li Zhongwei didnt have much hope, but he was still surprised when the screen of the miniature camera started to work.

The others in the car were also astonished.

“No way, she successfully brought the miniature camera in!”

“Jesus, shes so amazing.”

“I feel guilty now for what I said to her.”


Du Jingtong felt utterly embarrassed watching the video sent from the miniature camera on the screen.

Gu Ning took out her phone and sent Li Zhongwei a message at once.

Li Zhongwei gave Gu Ning his phonenumber before they came, but he didnt have Gu Nings phone number.

Therefore, Gu Ning told him her name when she sent the message.

Gu Ning: Im Gu Ning.

Can you see the video Is everything working normally Im going to take action now.

After that, Gu Ning turned the camera to her face.

Li Zhongwei received Gu Nings message the next second, and he was shocked that Gu Ning also brought her phone inside.

Although he was curious to know how Gu Ning managed to do that, it wasnt the right time to talk about it right now.

He sent a message back to Gu Ning without delay and told her everything was ready.

Afterwards, he informed his teammates by walkie talkie and told them to be prepared.

Gu Ning put her phone back into the telepathic eye space, then got into the room through the window.

When she jumped into the room, she attracted the attention of everyone in it.

Her sudden appearance stunned them, and Gu Ning ran straight to her target.

They soon took out their guns, but Gu Ning already caught the target person and pointed a gun against his head.

It happened so fast that everyone rounded their eyes in shock.

In fact, the suspect was good at fighting, but he had no time to fight back facing Gu Nings attack.

Those bodyguards pointed their guns at Gu Ning, but they didnt dare to shoot in case they injured their boss.

Li Zhongwei and his teammates clearly saw that their target was in Gu Nings hands right now.

Without hesitation, Li Zhongwei gave an order and told his teammates to take action.

It was five minutes to 8 pm, so the cruise hadnt started yet, and they could directly dash inside.

“Who are you” the suspect asked.

“The person who needs to catch you,” Gu Ning said.

“Who sent you here” the suspect asked again.

He had too many enemies, and he didnt know who sent Gu Ning to catch him.

However, no matter who did it, he was furious.

As long as he could survive today, he was determined to pay the person back.

“Follow me out and youll know it,” Gu Ning said and pushed the suspect out the door.

Because there was a gun pointed against his head, the suspect had no choice but to move forward.

His bodyguards followed them the whole way.

The two bodyguards were shocked and scared when their boss was pushed out by a woman.

They also pulled out their guns to point at Gu Ning, but they didnt dare to shoot.

“My people are all around here.

Arent you afraid youll be killed” The suspect threatened Gu Ning.

“I dont think they can do it faster than me,” Gu Ning sneered.

She wasnt afraid of these bodyguards at all.

The suspect was struck dumb for a second.

Since Gu Ning was able to catch him like lightning when everyone was still in shock, it proved that she could kill him whenever she wanted.

“All of you, walk ahead of us,” Gu Ning said to the bodyguards.

She didnt want to be surrounded by them.

Those bodyguards hesitated for a while, so the suspect gave an order at once.

“Do what she said!”

He was unwilling to risk his own life.

Since he said that, his bodyguards had to obey his order.

All the bodyguards walked backwards together to the hall on the first floor, and Gu Ning moved slowly with the suspect in her hands.

The relaxed atmosphere in the hall was instantly interrupted by the bunch of bodyguards.

When they saw the guns held in their hands, they were all frightened and hid in the corners.

“Jesus, isnt she Ai Li”

“Whats she doing”

“Didnt you tell me that Id know who sent you once were out” the suspect asked.

He ached to find out who sent Gu Ning to catch him.

“Dont worry, youll see him soon,” Gu Ning said.

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