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They werent very familiar with Gu Ning, so they looked at Gu Ning as if they were staring at another woman.

After being shocked for a long while, they finally got their mind back.

“Wow, I cant believe my eyes.

You look totally different now,” Li Zhongwei said with surprise.

“Why do I think your face type also changed” a SWAT said.

“It indeed changed.

Goddess Gu, how did you make it happen” another SWAT asked.

Even Du Jingtong was impressed by Gu Nings skills of using making up.

As a result, Du Jingtong was getting increasingly jealous of Gu Ning.

It seemed Gu Ning was able to do everything better than her.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “Well, I dont want other people to recognize me, so I disguised myself as another woman with make-up and the help of molding prosthetics.”

Men knew little about make-up, but they admired Gu Nings skills.

“Oh, this is the photo of our target tonight.

You better remember his face.” Li Zhongwei took out a photo and gave it to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning simply glanced at it, then bore the mans face in her mind.

“Hes one of the leaders of the drug gang, and he is holding this party today in order to threaten his guests to do something, but we dont know what it is yet.

We aim to catch him instead of killing him, because we need to find out who his partners are.

Its fine if you injure or even disable him as long as he stays alive,” Li Zhongwei said.

After a second, he added, “You have to do the security check before you get on the cruise, so you cant bring any weapons or electronic equipment with you.

Well lose touch with you once youre aboard, so we can only make the judgment that youve succeeded when the cruise goes back to the shore.”

They werent sure where their target would show up, and they didnt know whether they would be able to spot him right away.

Since they couldnt see him, there was no way for them to catch him.

“You can give me a miniature camera that is connected to you.

I can bring it in,” Gu Ning said with confidence.


Everyone was surprised.

“Can you bring a miniature camera inside” Du Jingtong didnt believe it.

During the security check, anything that wasnt allowed to be brought inside could easily be detected even if it was hidden in someones mouth.

It was impossible for Gu Ning to swallow a miniature camera.

The others also couldnt believe it.

“Are you sure” Li Zhongwei asked with doubts.

“Im sure,” Gu Ning said.

In order to persuade Li Zhongwei to believe it, Gu Ning made a promise.

“If it causes any problems, Ill take responsibility.”

“They have guns.

Do you think you can survive if they find you have a camera If youre caught, our task will be ruined and well be punished too.

Can you take responsibility for that as well” Du Jingtong criticized.

“Jingtong!” Li Zhongwei stopped her at once.

Although Du Jingtong said nothing wrong, her tone was too unkind.

It was true that Li Zhongwei and his teammates would be in trouble if Gu Ning failed this time.

Li Zhongwei might lose his job because he was the one who turned to Gu Ning for help.

Gu Ning was a little displeased, but she stayed calm.

She understood that they had to be very cautious.

They were ordinary people, so it was understandable that they didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to bring a camera inside without being caught.

However, Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary person, and she had telepathic eye space! She could bring anything inside as long as the telepathic eye space could accommodate it.

“Im afraid I cant tell you more details, but I can promise that Im able to bring it in as long as you trust me,” Gu Ning said, staring at Li Zhongwei.

“If Im really caught by them, Ill directly dash inside to catch the target person.

If I fail, you can do whatever you want to punish me.”

Li Zhongwei didnt say anything, but thought about Gu Nings words carefully.

“Leader, do you really think she can do that” Du Jingtong was annoyed.

If Li Zhongwei wasnt married, she would be suspicious of his behavior and attitude towards Gu Ning.

She didnt understand why he indulged Gu Ning.

Du Jingtong disliked Gu Ning, so she tended to think badly about Gu Ning.

“Leader, I think you should consider it seriously.”

“If Miss Gu fails, her life could be in danger.”


Even though they admired Gu Ning, they couldnt side with her this time.

Gu Ning wasnt mad, and didnt bother to explain it again.

If they disagreed, she wouldnt force them to agree with her.

She could figure out another way by then.

“I choose to trust Miss Gu.” Li Zhongwei made his decision in the end.

He thought that Gu Ning wasnt a naive girl, and her success was equal to her ability.

He believed that Gu Ning must have a good way to bring a camera inside.

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