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When Du Jingtong saw Gu Nings face, she was stunned by her beauty and got jealous of her.

Not only was Gu Ning beautiful, but Gu Ning was also good at martial arts.

Gu Ning even stole her job, so she disliked Gu Ning.

Seeing Du Jingtongs expression, Li Zhongwei understood that she didnt like Gu Ning, but he wasnt worried that she might hurt Gu Ning because she didnt have the ability to do that.

“Alright, lets go outside now,” Li Zhongwei said.

After that, they walked out together.

Although the office room was large, it wasnt a good place to compete in fighting.

Therefore they went to the playground and many SWATs surrounded them at once.

It was a secret that Du Jingtong was going to be the undercover agent this time, but it was fine to let other people watch the competition.

“Hi, Goddess Gu!” SWAT A shouted with excitement.

Hearing the way he called her, Gu Ning knew that he must have found out what she had done before from the Internet.

She kindly smiled at them and said nothing.

Except for Du Jingtong, only Gu Ning was a female there, so other men understood that SWAT A just greeted Gu Ning.

However, he called her his goddess.

Even though Gu Ning was very beautiful, there were a lot of more beautiful women in this world.

“Move a little,” Li Zhongwei said to them and told them to walk away so that Gu Ning and Du Jingtong had enough space.

SWAT A didnt know what they were going to do, but he still stepped away with his colleagues.

In the center of the crowd, Gu Ning stood across from Du Jingtong facing her.

SWAT A and his colleagues soon realized that Gu Ning and Du Jingtong were going to have a competition of fighting skills.

“Who do you think will win” SWAT D asked.

“Goddess Gu will win!” SWAT A said with certainty.

Du Jingtong was indeed very outstanding in the SWAT unit, but she couldnt be better than Gu Ning, who had beat a bunch of security guards up alone.

Even they couldnt do what Gu Ning had done, let alone Du Jingtong.

People who had read the news about Gu Ning all believed that she could win, while Du Jingtongs teammates held a totally different idea.

They hoped that Du Jingtong could win.

Because they were teammates, they sided with her without any doubt.

Du Jingtong stared at Gu Ning with obvious dislike.

She knew their task was more important than personal affairs, but she still hated Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt mind at all.

“Alright, the match begins!” Li Zhongwei made the announcement and Gu Ning along with Du Jingtong started to attack each other.

Although it was just a competition of fighting skills for fun, its result was related to tonights task, so Gu Ning used her full strength.

As soon as she made a move, Gu Ning directly threw Du Jingtong over her shoulder.

Du Jingtong entirely fell down to the ground, but she was already used to it, so it wasnt very painful.

However, the moment she fell on the ground, Gu Ning caught her hands and pressed them against her back.

At the same time, Gu Ning forced her to stay still with knees pressed against her legs.

After a series of quick movements, Gu Ning controlled Du Jingtong within seconds, shocking everyone who wanted to watch an exciting show.

Even Li Zhongwei, who knew Gu Ning was excellent at fighting, was astonished.

It looked super easy for Gu Ning to win the competition given her unbelievable speed and skills.

Du Jingtong couldnt believe it either, and refused to accept that she lost the match within seconds.

After being shocked for a short while, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

“Jesus, I cant believe my eyes!” SWAT A said.

“Did she just force Du Jingtong onto the ground within seconds” SWAT C exclaimed.

“Yes and yes! I told you Goddess Gu would win!” SWAT A said with pride.

“Maybe Du Jingtong isnt prepared yet,” someone argued for Du Jingtong.

“Not prepared yet Ridiculous.

She could be killed if it were a real fight,” another person said.

“She failed and thats the truth.

Just admit it,” another man said.

Although Du Jingtongs teammates wanted to defend her, they werent dumb.

Du Jingtong wasnt unprepared, she was just no match for Gu Ning.

“No, I cant believe it.

We should do this once again!” Du Jingtong said in annoyance.

She felt humiliated.

“Sure, I can give you another chance,” Gu Ning said, and let Du Jingtong go.

Du Jingtong stood up at once.

Although she was just thrown over Gu Nings shoulder and fell to the ground, she protected herself well and didnt feel much pain.

She patted her clothing to get rid of dirt, then glared at Gu Ning again.

Gu Ning still didnt mind.

For Li Zhongweis sake, she didnt bother to have conflict with Du Jingtong.

Gu Ning wasnt someone Du Jingtong could mess with after all.

Even though Du Jingtong indeed lost the job because of her, it wasnt her fault because it was Li Zhongwei who turned to her for help.

She agreed to help them out of kindness, and she didnt know that the job was assigned to Du Jingtong before her.

Therefore, it was unreasonable for Du Jingtong to blame her for it.

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