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SWAT A realized he was right after reading the news about Gu Ning.“Hey, how can you grab the phone away.

Fine, Ill check it myself,” SWAT C said and took out his phone at once.

Several other SWATs did the same thing.

When they found out what Gu Ning had done with the help of the Internet, they were all shocked.

“Jesus, are these pieces of news real” SWAT C couldnt believe his eyes.

“Of course theyre real,” SWAT A said.

“Shes only 19, but shes unbelievably successful.”

“Shes still a high school student!”

“Wow, shes so amazing that she can beat so many people up in such a short time.”


All of them got excited and kept on reading more news about Gu Ning.

“She is a goddess!”

“She is.

Every Internet user calls her Goddess Gu.”

“Shes my goddess too now.”


At that moment a group of strong men became Gu Nings fans.

“I want to compete against her in fighting!” a SWAT said with anticipation.

However, his colleagues looked at him with disdain.

“Forget it, I dont think you can beat a bunch of security guards up alone.”

“Can you…”

While they were arguing with each other, Gu Ning and Li Zhongwei went to the office of Team No.1.

In their organisation, every team consisted of seven or eight people.

If it was a normal task, it required fewer people, so they only took action together when it was necessary and important.

This time, it was a very important task, so many SWATs worked together in order to catch their target.

Team No.1 was on the front line, so its members knew the situation better than others.

However, people who supported Team No.1 all had to listen to Li Zhongweis orders.

Team No.1 was the best team among SWAT teams, and it normally went to the front line when it was needed.

Other than Li Zhongwei, who was the team leader, there were five men and a woman in the team.

In the office room, all five male teammates were present but the female teammate was absent.

When they saw Gu Ning, they were surprised by her beautiful appearance.

“Where is Du” Li Zhongwei asked.

Du was the only female member in their team.

“I dont know.

She just left,” a SWAT replied.

Li Zhongwei didnt ask further and introduced Gu Ning to them.

“This is Gu Ning, Miss Gu, and shell be helping us sneak into the cruise.”


Everyone was surprised, because Gu Ning was a stranger.

Since Li Zhongwei found Gu Ning in person, they wouldnt doubt Gu Nings ability, but…

“Leader, isnt that Dus job” a SWAT said.

He thought that it wasnt fair for Du.

“Right!” Other people agreed.

Li Zhongwei turned to Gu Ning for help for a reason, but Du was very important in their team as well.

“Du isnt capable of completing the job properly, and Miss Gu is much better than her at martial arts.

If Miss Gu does this for us it raises the possibility that we can succeed to over 90%,” Li Zhongwei said.

He understood that the others were arguing for Du, but they had to make sure that the task would be successfully completed.

Hearing Li Zhongweis explanation, everyone was surprised again.

In order to make them believe in Gu Ning, Li Zhongwei added, “I just had a fight against Miss Gu, and Miss Gu was able to control me within just five minutes.

Du is excellent in our team, but she cant beat me.

Do you think she can defeat Miss Gu”

“Really” someone asked.

If their team leader couldnt win the fight against Gu Ning, Gu Ning must be much better than the rest of them.

However, it wasnt easy for them to believe it, because Gu Ning looked too young and she was slim.

“Why dont you try yourself if you have doubts” Li Zhongwei proposed.

He had talked about it with Gu Ning before they came here, and Gu Ning agreed.

“Let me have a try!” All of a sudden, a female voice sounded at the door.

That woman was precisely Du.

Dus full name was Du Jingtong, and she was 27 this year.

She was a cool girl with short hair wearing a SWAT uniform.

Du Jingtong was born in a police family.

Her father was a SWAT, and her mother was a civilian policewoman, so she had a special feeling for the police since childhood.

She made up her mind to become a policewoman when she grew up.

Du Jingtongs uncle was an important figure in a military region, so she grew up with all kinds of soldiers.

She had also joined the army for three years and she was always the most outstanding female soldier among her peers.

After she was discharged, she was directly assigned to the SWAT unit and became a member of Team No.1 within two years.

Du Jingtong was admired by many people in the SWAT unit.

She was also an ambitious person, and she was reluctant to be replaced by a stranger.

Even though her team leader told her that Gu Ning was much better than her, she was unwilling to give up without having a try.

This task was super dangerous and she wasnt fully confident that she could complete it without being hurt, but she wasnt afraid of danger as a SWAT.

“No problem,” Gu Ning said to Du Jingtong.

Li Zhongwei also agreed.

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