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Gu Ning walked to the bed and saw the man lying on it from a short distance.Although she already had seen him with the help of her Jade Eyes, she still pretended to be shocked.

“What the hell He has fangs, and his eyeballs were green.

Hes like a wolf!”

“I dont know why either.

At one oclock this morning, I went back to the Earth Nightclub from outside, but I was attacked by this man in the parking lot.

He was unusually good at fighting, and it wasnt easy for the three of us to get control of him.

Now he is under anesthetic, but strangely the anesthetics fail within a few minutes.

We have to inject a large amount of anesthetic into his body every five minutes,” Qi Tianlin said.

“Because hes always in a crazy condition, I dont know how to find out why hes like this.

Will your medicine be effective on him”

“Have you done any research on the Internet” Gu Ning asked.

“Yeah, but I only found some ridiculous answers, like he could be a werewolf, a mutant, or something like that.

I dont believe those things exist in this world!” Qi Tianlin said.

Qi Tianlin only felt that those answers were ridiculous, but actually it was quite possible for those answers to be true.

The man couldnt be a normal human being after all.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, believed in those unbelievable creatures.

A werewolf or a mutant were merely the same.

No matter what, they had to figure out what kind of creature this man was as soon as possible for the safety of their society.

“I need to have a look first,” Gu Ning said and went closer to size him up.

There were dense pinholes on the mans neck, which were obviously left by frequent injections and it made Gu Ning think of mutants.

Gu Ning had watched movies about mutants.

Although it couldnt be true in other peoples eyes, it could be used as a useful reference for Gu Ning.

The mutated person in the movie was a result of long-term injections of certain drugs and the blood of a certain murderous animal, who then slowly mutated in a special radiation environment for a long time.

After the mutation was successful, the appearance of the person would have the features of that animal.

Moreover, the mutants not only surpassed ordinary people in physical strength, but also in self-healing ability, because their bodies would form a cuticle under the pustule on the skin after radiation, which greatly increased its defense ability.

Even if they were injured, they would soon recover.

However, their brains were also damaged by radiation, so their IQ wasnt high and they felt no pain at all.

They werent afraid of death, and only knew to obey commands.

These hadnt been confirmed yet, and they were all guesses, so Gu Ning needed further verification to determine them.

She then took out a snickersnee[1] from her backpack.

Qi Tianlin didnt feel strange at all when she did that.

Gu Ning had a gun with her, so it wasnt surprising that she had a snickersnee too.

The next second, Gu Ning cut the mans arm with it and gray-black blood flowed out at once.

Nevertheless, within 10 seconds, the blood stopped flowing and the wound healed quickly, which was even faster than what Gu Nings magical power could do.

Gu Ning was sure now that this man was a mutant.

Although she believed in those unusual creatures, she was still astonished when she saw it in real life.

She had a feeling that this world was getting increasingly dangerous.

Qi Tianlin, however, rounded his eyes in shock.


“Maybe its hard for you to believe it, but I still need to tell you that this man is a mutant,” Gu Ning said with a serious expression.

Qi Tianlin already saw this mutant, so it was impossible to hide this secret from him.


Qi Tianlin couldnt believe his ears.

He was shocked that mutants really existed.

“Are you sure” Qi Tianlin asked.

“Why do you think hes a mutant”

“Mutants are different from ordinary human beings, and theyre better than us in both physical strength and self-healing ability.

I just cut his skin deeply, but it healed within seconds,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, if you doubt that, I dont know what else I can say.”

Qi Tianlin still thought that it was unbelievable, but he chose to trust Gu Ning.

“Im surprised that mutants really exist,” he said.

“There are all kinds of creatures in this world, and youll probably meet more of them in the future,” Gu Ning said.

All of a sudden, Qi Tianlin thought of something and asked Gu Ning, “Have you always believed in such creatures Why arent you surprised at all”

“If I tell you that Ive met ghosts before, will you believe it” Gu Ning asked Qi Tianlin, half joking.

Even though Gu Ning was half joking, Qi Tianlin felt that she meant it and his body stiffened a little.

He had never seen ghosts before.

“Well, I didnt believe it, and would have thought that it was ridiculous if someone told me that, but now I think I should change my mind,” Qi Tianlin said.

Qi Tianlin still had doubts, but tended to believe that it was possible that ghosts and monsters really existed in this world.

“What should we do now” he asked later.

They had to figure out a good way to deal with this mutant.

Qi Tianlin had no idea what they should do, so he could only ask Gu Ning.

The moment Qi Tianlin finished that, the mutant suddenly broke all the ropes and the anesthetic wasnt working, so he got his strength back.

The next second, the mutant jumped up and attacked Qi Tianlin without delay.

It was obvious that his target was Qi Tianlin.

No wonder he appeared out of the blue and attacked Qi Tianlin in the underground parking lot.

[1] A snickersnee is a large knife, designed for use as a thrusting and cutting weapon.

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