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Nevertheless, they couldnt do anything about it.

If they wanted to expose this secret, what had happened to Teng Xiaoyu would be revealed as well.

In that case, they might be disqualified from taking part in the finals.

Therefore, they had to tolerate it even though they were full of anger.

Unfortunately, not every member of the Bulls could stay calm and reasonable.

“Since youre familiar with each other, was this game a trap set for us” A member of the Bulls questioned the Warriors at once.

However, although he asked that question, he already had the answer.

The members of the Warriors was struck dumb for a second.

They were surprised that this secret was exposed so soon.

However, they didnt care about it at all.

Onlookers fell into silence after hearing the question and they looked confused.

They didnt understand why the Warriors would lay a trap for the Bulls.

“What exactly is going on here” The coach of the Warriors cocked his eyebrow.

In fact, he was also aware of what had happened to Teng Xiaoyu not too long ago, so he knew that the Warriors did it for Teng Xiaoyu.

He felt sorry for Teng Xiaoyu because he was still lying in a hospital bed.

“What do you mean We just know each other, but it doesnt mean that this game was a trap!” a member of the Warriors argued at once.

The other members of the Warriors all put on a calm face.

They were mentally prepared, so they didnt seem guilty at all.

“If this game wasnt a trap, why would you make that bet with us” The Bulls were mad.

“Because you disdained Miss Gu first.

That was witnessed by everyone here.

You cant deny it.

Besides, five members of your team failed to defeat Miss Gu on the court.

Its enough to show your ability.” the Warriors mocked the Bulls.

“Yeah, we witnessed that.”

“They challenged Miss Gu first.”

Other members of other basketball teams all agreed, because most of them disliked the Bulls.

The Bulls were notorious for their arrogance, and nobody liked their behavior.

“You…” The members of the Bulls didnt know what to say now.

“Alright, stop arguing with them.” Another member of the Bulls stopped him without delay.

“Since you lost the game, shouldnt you fulfill your promise” a member of the Warriors said.

“Promise What promise” The members of the Bulls played dumb all of a sudden.

They had agreed not to admit it earlier, so they pretended that it never happened.

Hearing that, everyone knew that the Bulls decided to deny it.

“Are you going to deny it” The members of the Warriors werent surprised, because they knew that the Bulls was a shameless team.

Although the Bulls refused to fulfill their promise, the Warriors still wanted to embarrass them in public.

“Were not, but you cant force us to do something we never promised to do!” The Bulls argued.

“What promise” The coaches of the other basketball teams were curious.

“It never existed,” the Bulls denied it at once.

“Well, the thing is…” other people who were aware of the agreement between the Bulls and the Warriors explained the whole story to those who werent aware of it without hesitation.

After knowing the whole story, everyone thought that the Bulls was a shameless team.

Since the Bulls were arrogant and took Gu Ning lightly, which caused their failure, they should do what they had promised to do.

“Bull**!” The Bulls still refused to admit it.

They thought that nobody could punish them as long as they kept on denying it.

“How could you be so shameless” The members of the Warriors were annoyed.

“So what Do you have any proof” The members of the Bulls wanted to leave.

“Stop there! We have a voice recording to prove it!” A member of the Warriors suddenly took out his phone.

“You…” The members of the Bulls panicked, and two of them ran to grab the phone at once.

However, the members of the Warriors dashed to stop them without delay.

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