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The audience was shocked, because nobody believed that she would be able to score a basket from such a long distance.

She was several meters away from the three-point line after all.Even Tang Jiakai and the members of the Warriors were slightly worried.

However, even if the ball couldnt go into the hoop, Gu Ning wouldnt lose.

The members of the Bulls thought that it was impossible for Gu Ning to get a three-point field goal like that, so they ran forward trying to get the ball when it fell down.

However, the basketball didnt fall down without touching the hoop as they thought, but directly went into it.

The audience was stunned, then burst into thunderous applause.

“OMG, I cant believe my eyes!”

“Its so unbelievable.”

“Shes my goddess now.”

“I truly admire her.”


Many people, including those basketball coaches, were excited.

“This girl is really outstanding.

I dont think we could do the same thing.”

“No, I cant.”

“Well, I need to talk with her later.”

“It would be a shame if the womens national basketball team doesnt have her in it.”

“Right, shes much better than the current members of the womens national basketball team.”


Those basketball coaches kept complimenting Gu Ning.

The coach of the Bulls felt utterly embarrassed, but he had to admit that Gu Ning was indeed unbelievably good at playing basketball.

“Wow, Ningning is so incredible!” Tang Jiakai cheered with excitement.

“Jiakai, Im a fan of your younger cousin right now.”

“I think she can do anything.”

“Jiakai, your younger cousins skills are beyond my imagination!”

Tang Jiakais friends were all impressed by Gu Nings performance.

“Ha-ha, Im so proud of her!” Tang Jiakai beamed.

The members of the Bulls, instead, hated Gu Ning more than ever.

Gu Ning frowned when they glared at her.

The game continued, but they still couldnt have the ball for long, because Gu Ning always stole it away and threw it into the hoop.

During this time, Gu Ning secretly injured them with her magical power to punish them.

As time went by, they gradually felt weaker and tired, which affected their movement on the court.

They got angrier and became more aggressive.

“What are they doing”

“It seems that they want to hurt the girl.”

“How shameless are they!”

“Its unacceptable!”


The audience soon noticed the inappropriate behavior of the members of the Bulls.

Tang Jiakai and members of the Warriors were mad at them, but they could do nothing now.

Fortunately, Gu Ning looked fine when they bumped her.

On the contrary, they seemed to be hurt afterwards.

Those basketball coaches saw it as well, and they were confused.

Why did Gu Ning look fine when those tall strong men bumped her Was her body as tough as an iron wall

At the end, the five members of the Bulls were all injured by Gu Ning and they could barely continue to play the game.

The leader of the Bulls lost patience, and raised his fist to punch Gu Nings forehead.

Everyone was shocked by the scene, because it happened too fast and sudden.

Before the audience could shout out, the leaders fist stopped 30 centimeters away from Gu Nings face.

He didnt stop it himself, Gu Ning caught it.

Right after Gu Ning caught his fist, she used a lot of strength and broke his wrist.

The leader immediately screamed in pain and his face turned pale.

Gu Ning simply dislocated his wrist, so it wouldnt affect his future career as long as it was put back later.

The audience was shocked again, because Gu Ning was strong enough to break the leaders wrist.

“Are you alright” The leaders teammates surrounded him in an instant.

If their leader was injured, they would fail in the finals.

Those basketball coaches ran over in a hurry as well, especially the coach of the Bulls.

Tang Jiakai and the members of the Warriors, on the other hand, felt satisfied.

They knew that the leader of the Bulls was the mastermind behind the scheme which was designed to hurt Teng Xiaoyu.

And although the leader was already injured, Tang Jiakai was still mad at his sudden movement to hurt Gu Ning, so he went over together with the members of the Warriors to support Gu Ning.

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